Types of Direct Mail

One of the easiest and most classic ways to interact with members is through direct mail. Sending someone a letter or any type of physical mail directly to their home is a sure way to know that they will receive the information you need to share. direct mail can be a great marketing strategy because communication between your members seems more intimate, unlike mass emailing. Since there are different types of direct mail, you’re more likely to see a difference in response rates, and you can even test which type of direct mail is most effective for your members.

the different types of direct mail

classic package

The most popular type of direct mail is the classic package. the classic package involves the standard envelope enclosed with a letter and a response form, such as a donation form, for example. classic packages can also include additional mailing pieces, such as brochures, flyers, or advertisements. With classic packs, you can personalize the letter inside the pack using variable data printing. You can customize the letter and any additional mailing pieces within the package to match the preferences of your members and donors.

Classic packages are often considered one of the most effective types of direct mail.


Another type of direct mail is a newsletter. Newsletters are most effective with existing members and donors, as they keep your followers up to date with what’s happening with your organization. Newsletters can contain a variety of content, from your organization’s latest achievements to new missions your organization is working on or developing. Newsletters can provide the latest news on issues important to your organization combined with your organization’s current efforts. Compared to other types of mail, newsletters are fairly inexpensive to produce.

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Unlike classic packages, autoships are a type of direct mail that is sent without the envelope. autoships are usually inexpensive and usually involve a large sheet of paper that is folded down to a smaller or “envelope-like” size. As with classic packages, you can also use variable data printing to personalize mail-in pieces. There are a variety of styles you can choose from when creating an autoship piece, but of course it’s more effective to design your autoships in a way that appeals to your members.


Another profitable type of direct mail is a postcard. postcards vary in size, but are generally small, allowing for cheap postage rates (unless you request larger sizes). postcards are visually appealing and can contain brief, personalized messages, photos, and graphics. again, you can use variable data printing on your postcards to make them unique to each recipient. postcards are great for intriguing new members and keeping current members engaged in and supportive of your organization.


When it comes to acquiring more donations or donors for your organization, catalogs can be an effective type of direct mail. You can create printed gift catalogs, which allow donors to fund causes specific to your organization. Although the initial printing of small brochures containing a specific number of pages can be expensive, in the end, catalogs can be a great fundraiser for your organization and important causes. You can include images and text in your catalog to show your members exactly where their donations will go and how their donations help. Catalogs are a great way to acquire new members and maintain the support of existing members.

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how valtim can help with direct mail

Whether it’s a postcard, auto-delivery, letter or dimensional mailing, valtim is your one-stop shop for direct mail in quantities of 5,000 – 5,000,000. We make sure each piece of mail has a personalized feel and features specific content that will attract your members. We also personalize and print specific postcards for our clients’ members. You can count on your direct mail pieces to be uniquely designed, no matter what type of direct mail you choose. Contact valtim for more information on your direct mail options.

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