How to Reset Your Gmail Password on Desktop or Mobile

  • To reset your gmail password, you will need to select the “forgot my password” option on the login screen.
  • Once you click this option, you will be prompted to provide google with your recovery phone number or email; a link to reset your password will be sent to you.
  • once you reset your gmail password, you will need to create a new one.

so you just found out your gmail password doesn’t work. In the moment of panic that follows, he’s probably wondering if he got hacked or if he just can’t remember what the password was.

The good news is that you probably haven’t been hacked: Google sends notifications and warnings every time someone logs in to a new device or changes your password, so unless you’ve been offline for a while, it’s little likely.

Still, it’s a pain not being able to access your email, and you’ll probably want to remedy this as quickly as possible. Fortunately, it’s very easy to reset your gmail password from your computer or your phone, as long as you set up any recovery method from scratch: a backup email or phone number.

Here’s how to reset your gmail password, both from your phone and from your computer.

how to reset your gmail password and create a new one

1. Go to the gmail login screen on your device and type the name of the account you need to recover.

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2. When prompted to enter your password, press the phrase “forgot your password?” in blue below.

3. If you can, type the last password you remember using with your gmail account. gmail does this in case you haven’t forgotten your password.

if the password you enter is actually your current password, you’ll be redirected to gmail and won’t have to worry about the rest of these steps.

If the password you enter is an old password or one you’ve never used, gmail will automatically take you to step four.

4. depending on whether you have a phone connected to your google account, google may automatically send a notification to your phone; By pressing “yes” on this notification, google will reset your password.

if you don’t get this notification or want to try another way, click “try another way” at the bottom of the screen.

5. If you’ve set up a recovery phone number with this account or another account attached to it, gmail will give you the option to text or call that number that contains a code you can use to confirm your identity.

If you have your phone with you, select your preferred method of communication, then skip to step six.

If you don’t have your phone with you, or you prefer not to have gmail contact you this way, click “I don’t have my phone” at the bottom and continue to step five.

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6. If you have another email associated with this as your recovery email, Google will give you the option to send a recovery code to that email. if that method agrees with you, click “submit”, then proceed to step six.

If for some reason you don’t have access to the recovery email account, you’ll need to click “try another way”, after which gmail will ask you for an email address that you have access to. they will take the time to assess your issue individually and determine if they can help you get your account back on track. however, there is no guarantee that you will be able to recover your account this way.

7. Enter the code that was sent to your recovery phone or email address.

Note that it is not necessary to enter the “g -” at the beginning; the input field is filled in for you. enter only the numbers.

8. gmail will now ask you to select a new password. try to choose something that you won’t forget easily, or write it in a safe place so you can see it next time and avoid this hassle.

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