How to blacklist senders in gmail

Gmail is the number one and most trusted mail service operated by the global tech giant Google. It has over 5-7 billion+ registered users around the world. Since it is a common platkhung for communication, you may get promotional emails now và then. Generally, users will blochồng those users lớn avoid getting emails from them. If you have sầu blocked someone on Gmail by mistake, you can unblock them easily in few minutes.

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You can unblock a user if you feel they are trusted và secured. You can also follow this method to unblock your friends, families, và any Gmail contacts that you blocked.

Directly from inboxUsing Gmail settings

How lớn Unblock Someone on Gmail Directly From Inbox

1. Go khổng lồ the Inbox or Spam thư mục and select the mail from the blocked sender.

2. xuất hiện the tin nhắn and you might see a notification to Unbloông chồng sender.

3. Tap the Unblochồng sender button and refresh your inbox.


4. Now, the tương tác will be unblocked from your Gmail.

Through Gmail Settings

1. Open your Gmail inbox & clichồng on settings icon in the upper right corner.

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4. Select the contacts & cliông chồng the Unblochồng selected addresses button.

5. To confirm, tap Unbloông chồng in the popup window.


6. Now, the select contact will be unblocked from the menu.

These are the methods available khổng lồ unblochồng someone on Gmail. Currently, the unblocking ability is only accessible on web browsers on computers. If you are a smartphone user, there is no way to unbloông xã people on the Gmail tiện ích. However, you can use a browser on Android or iPhone to lớn follow the above sầu procedure.

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