7 Best Email Clients for Chromebook

if you’re a chromebook user and want to check your email and send messages from your device, you need an email client.

unlike windows and mac operating systems, which have a wide range of email clients, choosing the right one for chromeos can be confusing. The default gmail offers a clean interface and can be accessed from anywhere, but it’s not the only web-based email client for chromebook.

We’ve listed a few other options with different features for accessing your mail from your regular email address along with notifications and security.

best chromebook email clients

If you want a different approach to managing your email on chromebook without relying on gmail, take a look at the best email clients available to you.

1. outlook.com

Microsoft’s Outlook email service is a free email client with a robust, easy-to-use interface.

The service is easily surpassed by gmail, as it is very intuitive. you can simply right-click an email for more options, such as moving or deleting emails and searching for emails from a particular sender.

Outlook also supports email rules, which means you can set new messages to be automatically moved to specific folders, flagged, categorized, or forwarded after certain conditions are met. Additionally, you can connect to Skype directly through your email and use plugins like DocuSign to insert signatures in Google Docs or sign PDFs and other documents.

If your chromebook uses the chrome web store, you can also install office mobile apps and use office for the web in your browser, create files, edit, and collaborate with others from your device.

2. blue mail

blue mail is a free chromebook email client that works with various email providers including gmail, outlook, yahoo mail, aol and more.

The well-designed email app also supports pop3, imap, and exchange, plus a ton of great features, including dark mode, configurable rich text signatures, and android wear support.

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In addition, Blue Mail offers easy-to-use email filters, automatic configuration, customizable email display actions, and a slide-out menu for easy email management. If you don’t have time to go through all your messages, you can flag them for later handling and set reminders so nothing gets lost in your inbox.

blue mail is the easiest email client to set up on your chromebook, but it can be buggy, especially after an update. in such cases, you may need to uninstall and reinstall it to fix errors and restore functionality.

3. thunder bird

thunderbird is another full featured, capable and secure email client for chromebook.

You can handle your mail efficiently with this chrome extension as it not only supports different mail accounts like gmail, imap and pop but also has advanced search, spam filter, indexing capabilities , labels and virtual folders to organize your emails.

thunderbird has an email account setup wizard, a tabbed user interface, and an address book. You can filter your messages or group them to manage them more easily, and then set gmail-like labels to find your messages quickly and easily.

And, the system also uses tabbed browsing, spam filtering, and supports chat integration with services like twitter and google so you can have a real-time conversation with your contacts.

While thunderbird is no longer in active development, you will continue to receive security updates, a powerful email suite, and a streamlined interface for accessing and managing your emails on chromebook.

4. water mail

If you need a chromebook email client with extended functionality, aqua mail is worth considering. The email app is easy to set up, customizable, and you can connect it to multiple email services, including Gmail, Microsoft 365, and Outlook.

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Not only that, but aqua mail also integrates with third-party plugins, making it the best option for extending the functionality and ease of use of the service, especially for newer chromebooks that support android apps. .

The email client keeps the amount of history you tell it to and has a familiar interface so you don’t have to struggle to learn how it works. you can easily select multiple emails and use color-coded labels to easily organize your messages.

You can also add customizable signatures with stylized images and text, and use customizable themes to change the look to your liking.

The main drawbacks of aqua mail are that it lacks calendar integration and the free version includes ads.

5. rain loop

rainloop is a simple, modern and fast browser-based email client with a gmail-like interface and comes with features like filtering and autocomplete support.

The service processes html emails better than other email clients and integrates with dropbox and facebook among other online services for a more connected experience.

rainloop is easy to install and update, and you can extend it using additional plugins via the admin panel. The email client also offers sieve scripting such as filters and vacation messages, supports imap and smtp protocols, and easy folder management.

6. horde

horde is a full-featured browser-based email client that comes with web applications that you can use to read, send and organize your emails, manage and share contacts, calendars, notes, bookmarks and tasks.

The email client has a great user interface on both desktop and mobile platforms, which means you’ll enjoy the same on your chromebook. you can view your conversations in a thread and download the attachments in a zip file.

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in addition, horde offers a number of features you’ll find in other mail clients, such as message filtering and searching, html message composition, native attachment viewers, and support for pop3 and imap protocols.

however, horde doesn’t provide a server, so you can run your own or get a mail host. If you want, you can extend horde using different applications, including a file manager and a book manager.

7. round cube

roundcube is a free and open source webmail service with a simple and easy to use desktop interface.

The email client runs on a standard lampp server and its modern yet snappy interface offers a host of features including spell check, address book integration and drag-and-drop message management.

The roundcube interface has a three-column view and is available in more than 80 languages. Plus, you can search for messages and contacts, preview your attachments, and customize the skin to your liking.

The email client supports pgp encryption and provides protection against brute force login attacks or xss attacks. For your peace of mind, RoundCube has sophisticated privacy protection measures in place so you don’t have to worry about data leaks.

save all your emails on your chromebook

Regardless of the type of office software package you use, email remains essential for business-to-business communication. for this reason, the best email clients should go beyond sending emails and offer integration with other applications and software.

While gmail is the default email client for most chromebook users, our seven picks have a lot more to offer, including customizable skins, strong security, more control over your emails, and whether third parties can access them. them or not.

do you have a favorite chromebook email client? tell us in a comment.

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