Error: too many messages to download

I have an email account in Office 365 that I want to transfer into my Gmail account. Unfortunately, the only way to do it would be to use POP (it doesn”t seem like Gmail in the web interface allows to download mail using IMAP) and the problem is that there are many emails on the account.

Watching: Error: too many messages to download

I get the error:

Error: Too many messages to download

I don”t want to transfer all messages anyway, just the ones from a certain date, but I just don”t know how to do that in Gmail or if it is possible. Is my only solution to delete email on the POP server? I would rather not do that.

Just to perhaps help, the POP server is an Office 365 account, so maybe there is another workaround to forward email from this service to my Gmail account.

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You could use a desktop email client like Outlook.

For already received emails, configure Outlook to connect to both accounts by using IMAP, the “move” or “copy” the messages from one account to the other.

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For new messages configure your Office 365 account to forward the new incoming messages to you email account.

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