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First things first, Home Alone is the perfect Christmas movie and if you disagree, you’re wrong and I’m sorry.

That said, there’s still such a thing as too much mcallister. too much harry, too much marv, and too much reconciliation with the sad truth that kevin never ate that delicious plate of mac and cheese he prayed over. (which is just one of the reasons we know he grew up to be a criminal sociopath). that’s why we’ve put together this list of “holiday” movies he can indulge in when he needs to keep traditional options at bay.

sorry, buzz and friends.

1. die hard (1988)

It’s the Christmas movie where Alan Rickman’s character doesn’t cheat on Emma Thompson. (actually I love it, never forget it). Instead, Rickman plays a German terrorist named Hans Gruber who takes the wife of Bruce Willis (John McClane) hostage, along with others, at a Christmas party, making this evening far worse than anything else. that your company has. ever thrown. the good news? Bruce Willis’ reputation as an action hero lives on. the best? “yippee ki yay, motherfucker.”

2. Promethean (2012)

No matter what happens at your family’s Christmas this year, remember that it’s not as bad as what happens when a team of explorers lands on an alien planet on Christmas Day and subsequently must defend the future of humanity as we know it. . however, bonus points for a scene where idris elba decorates a small tree alone on the ship. charlie brown would be proud.

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3. silver linings playbook (2012)

It’s true, the silver linings playbook takes place over the course of a few months, but the catalyst comes at christmas, when pat (bradley cooper) and tiffany (jennifer lawrence) perform in a hotel dance competition. festively decorated. (and that’s all I’m going to tell you).

4. Edward Scissorhands (1990)

look. not to spoil a movie you’ve had 24 years to watch, but in addition to the scenes filled with christmas imagery (lights, trees, and tinsel), we learn that the reason it snows every christmas is because edward (johnny depp) once made snow – and an ice sculpture – for the woman he loved (winona ryder) to dance to, and he kept doing it, even though they couldn’t be together. (no, I’m not crying, you’re crying. don’t look at me).

5. eyes wide shut (1999)

If you like traditional Christmas movies, you’ve found the perfect reason not to watch this one. Set at Christmas time, Kubrick’s tale of marriage and (in)fidelity is accompanied by traditional trees and lights, creating a stark contrast between the beauty of the season and the film’s dark hallways, capes, masks and dead. (The last scene will also change the way you look at Christmas shopping, forever.)

6. trading places (1983)

But enough of the grim: Trading Places offers the hilarious cautionary tale of what happens when two greedy and evil bankers choose to ruin the life of a stockbroker (Dan Aykroyd). Okay, the movie isn’t completely set around Christmas, but we do have a scene where Akroyd eats salmon while wearing a Santa suit which, as far as I’m concerned, is the gift he keeps on giving.

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7. just friends (2005)

ryan reynolds represents the best and worst of us as chris brander, a boy whose life was miserable in high school, and whose rejection at the hands of his best friend jamie palamino (amy smart) “turned” him into a womanizer in his adult years. Unfortunately, when he comes home for Christmas, disaster strikes, especially since most of us know that our hometowns will never allow us to escape who we once were.

8. kiss kiss bang bang (2005)

Michelle Monaghan’s Christmas ensemble may be one of the only giveaways that this Robert Downey Jr/Val Kilmer vehicle is a Christmas movie, but that’s why we’re all here anyway, right? Enter: A hugely underrated noir film that sees a thief, actress, private detective, and partridge in a pear tree (just kidding) forced to solve a murder mystery. as she taught us the Christmas story.

9. you have mail (1998)

It’s true that you have an email that takes place from October to spring, but what matters most is that the most compelling scenes in the film: when joe fox (tom hanks) discovers that kathleen kelly (meg ryan) is a shop assistant, when They’re having coffee, when Kathleen realizes she’s probably going to lose her store (and again, no, I’m not crying) – it happens during the best time of the year™. This is also the second time Nora Ephron has put out Christmas catalysts: In 1993 Sleepless in Seattle, Tom Hanks’ Sam Baldwin calls the radio station for the first time on Christmas, just as Meg Ryan’s Annie Reed tunes in. And that’s why all other Christmas movies, and other movies in general, are garbage.

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10. batman returns (1992)

why does batman returns take place on christmas? easy: so that batman, catwoman, the penguin and max can fight underneath and using various decorations. Because snow adds a bit of magic to Gotham’s gloomy cityscape. because otherwise we would not know that mistletoe is poisonous. Also, because this was directed by Tim Burton, and now we know the only thing he loves more than Halloween is spooky Christmas. much better than bane’s sheepskin coat from the dark knight rises. (sorry, christopher nolan.)

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