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By all accounts, the housing market in the United States is on the rise. predictions show that it should continue to grow over the next several years, meaning more consumers and businesses will actively seek out mortgages. Additionally, current homeowners, landlords, and property owners are likely to be interested and open to refinancing opportunities.

This is an incredible advantage for your mortgage company, especially if you are prepared to take on more clients. however, it is imperative to capture the emerging market before your competitors with direct mail.

mail shark has developed a turnkey marketing program suitable for mortgage companies who want to be successful. our marketing campaigns are targeted, consistent, and affordable, no matter what your marketing budget.

To learn more about mail shark’s marketing solutions and how you can get free, high-quality marketing materials, please fill out the contact form. one of our expert account specialists will be in touch very soon to discuss your options.

direct mail can benefit your mortgage company

Virtually every person and organization has a physical mailbox, which makes mortgage company direct mail a great and logical choice for when you want to get ahead and increase inbound leads. Direct mail is essentially your personalized door-to-door sales team, allowing you to focus on what you do best without making as many cold calls.

Why do so many mortgage companies prefer direct mail to other types of marketing?

  • direct mail is targeted. You can target your core audience members with brochures, postcards, and flyers written directly for their eyes. Not only does this create an instant relationship between you and potential customers, but it also allows you to be incredibly personalized with your content and calls to action.
  • Direct mail is trackable. When you work with Mail Shark on a direct mail campaign for your mortgage company, you’ll see trackable returns every time your marketing materials “go down.” over time, this gives you the ability to have a predictable stream of incoming leads.
  • direct mail is cheap. Because your direct mail includes so many options, like flood blasting, direct mail to all doors™, and targeted mailings using specific list sources, you can maximize your marketing budget. get more momentum and enjoy the results.
  • direct mail encourages brand building. Another beneficial element of mortgage company direct mail is its natural ability to build brand recognition. Your prospects may not need your services right away, but they will in the future. by communicating with them consistently, you increase the chances that your mortgage company will be the first one they call for information.
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postal mail from the shark mortgage company

Commercials are any type of marketing material that is sent directly through the us. uu. postal service to your potential customers. For most mortgage company providers, we recommend one or more of the following types of mail:

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