How to sort gmail messages by size

We are going to show you how you can sort your Gmail by size. We will also show you so other nice tricks that you can use to manage your busy inbox.

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Gmail happens to be of the most feature-rich free email service there is. Home users love the integration between Gmail and Google Drive which makes it easy for them to share media and manage attachments. Businesses can also take advantage of this feature along with using Google Slides, Sheets and Docs which provides them with a great alternative to Microsoft Office.

How do you use the search feature of Gmail?

Google knows its search well. It is smart enough to identify good content and bad content. That is why the spam filter on google is so good.

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Gmail has a pretty good search feature as well. Having a subject or not does not make a difference The search feature is smart enough to look beyond just the subject, sender or date. There are some basic parameters that Gmail supports for search. There is also one which can be used for filtering by mail size. Here is how it works:

Sort Gmail by Size – Looking for large emails

You probably will not remember the size of the email(s) you are looking for. We can safely assume though that the emails that have attachments are going to take up more space than the ones without attachments. You only need to have a rough idea of how big the email may be.

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You need to provide with Gmail with the minimum size in order to search for large mails. Type:



This will give you all the emails that are 5MB or larger. This parameter can also be used in combination with other parameters like sender name. In order to combine these two type this:

sender name>size:size in MB


To find the emails that are larger than a certain size, use: larger:size in MB

Sort Combinations

The search box in Gmail will also accept size in bytes. For instance, if you enter 500000 after the word larger, Gmail will return all emails that are larger than 0.5MB.

You can even find emails that fall between two size bounds. You can do this by using a combination of larger and smaller. For instance, you may want to find emails that are larger than 1MB but smaller 5 MB, you would use the following syntax:

larger:1MB smaller:5MB

You can find emails that were sent over one year ago by using older_than, for example, if you are looking for emails older than one year, you would use:


This can also be used in combination with other parameters. For example, to find all emails more then 1 year old which were more 5MB in size, you would use:

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larger:5MB older_than:1y


So, this was a short tour to help you figure out how to sort gmail by size using their search options. That is all for now folks, hope you find this Gmail tricks handy!

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