How to add an animated gif to a gmail email

Gmail has created its image among mỏi people as a professional emailing service. So, you might be surprised to lớn know that you can skết thúc animated GIFs via tin nhắn. Until now, you may have sầu only used Gmail emails for sharing documents or images with a funny subject or message. But, after reading this article, you can skết thúc animated GIFs with your attachments in gmail.

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Possibly, you have sầu used GIFs on Facebook, Instagram, or other social truyền thông media sites. They are images that move. You have sầu multiple methods to insert GIFs inkhổng lồ an tin nhắn on Gmail. The simplest and most convenient way is using the GIF’s URL address khổng lồ insert it into an email. This method could be a little longer but gives you the freedom khổng lồ tóm tắt any kind of GIFs from any website directly. You can upload a GIF from your device storage too.

Note: The GIFs sent through Gmail will only work or display as animations on the Gmail mobile ứng dụng. However, animated GIFs cannot be sent from the Gmail Mobile tiện ích.

Here is how lớn insert and skết thúc animated GIFs in emails on Gmail

Adding GIFs khổng lồ an email on Gmail

1. Start a browser. If you don’t have sầu GIFs on your computer, then you’ll need to lớn browse và copy its URL address or save the GIF. If you giới thiệu the GIFs stored in your computer, then start from Step 6.

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2. Search for the GIFs you want to add khổng lồ email with “gif” word at the over, for example, Cat GIFs. In the search result, you’ll see various GIFs images.

3. Clichồng on the ‘Images’ tab khổng lồ filter the tìm kiếm result. You can also open a GIFs website from the website results.

4. Cliông xã on the gif you want khổng lồ use lớn open its page. Then again cliông chồng on the gif lớn open it.

5. Now, cliông chồng the URL bar at the top & copy the link of the page. While copying makes sure to select the complete address. Some GIFs website, such as Giphy, provides a separate option ‘Copy Link’ or ‘GIF link’ to lớn copy the actual links of the gif. Once you sure about the gif link you copied is correct, go ahead.

6. Open a new tab, and go khổng lồ ‘https://www.tin nhắ’ to visit Gmail. If you’ve sầu logged in earlier in the browser, then you’ll see your Gmail inbox. If not, then sign in with your Gmail tài khoản credentials.

7. Now, clichồng on ‘Compose’ button at the top in the left column. This opens a new message window on the screen.

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8. Cliông chồng the ‘To’ field và enter the complete email address of the person with whom you want to nội dung gif. You can add multiple people by entering their tin nhắn address to skết thúc the message to all at once.

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9. Now, cliông xã on the ‘Insert Images’ button in the bottom thực đơn of the new message window. Clicking it will open the image browsing window. If you’re uploading gif saved in your computer, then you can attach it directly to lớn your gmail by dragging & dropping in the new message window from its location.

10. Select ‘Web Address (URL)’ from the top options in the Insert Photos window.

11. Now, right-cliông chồng on the field next khổng lồ ‘Paste image URL’ & select ‘Paste.’ This will fill the area with the gif address you’ve sầu copied from the trang web.

12. Click the ‘Insert’ button lớn add the gif khổng lồ your email.

13. Add a message, subject, or any other items you want khổng lồ add to lớn the message.

14. Clichồng the ‘Send’ button to send the tin nhắn.

Your Gmail tin nhắn has been sent to lớn people you’ve sầu chosen. Now, when they open your message lớn read, your GIF will animate.

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