A Simple Guide on How to Clean up Your Gmail Inbox in 2022

Google’s Gmail is one of the most popular email services on the market, but it can feel overwhelming at times. With so many emails cluttering up your inbox on a daily basis, it’s important to know how to keep your inbox clean.

4 quick tips to clean gmail

Inbox cleaning isn’t just a way to make your email look neater. it can also help you stay organized and avoid irrelevant emails. here are some quick steps:

1. reduce storage: Google provides a default storage space of 15 GB, which can be increased with a paid account. this can fill up over time, but deleting old messages will free up space.

2. Eliminate the noise: If your inbox is full of messages that don’t matter, it may not be easy to find the message you’re looking for when searching gmail. cleaning your inbox removes this noise and lets you focus on the work that matters.

3. minimize incoming spam: Part of your gmail cleanup exercise will focus on minimizing the amount of incoming spam you receive from unwanted or unimportant sources. this includes blocking emails so you don’t get distracted by notifications throughout the day.

4. review messages that have been overlooked: Cleaning your inbox is also a great opportunity to find important messages that you may have missed. Are there any people you forgot to reply to or threads that were closed prematurely?

how does the cleanup process work?

gmail has a ton of built-in tools to help you get your inbox under control. Let’s go over the steps to get started with this program.

gmail app for ios is one of the best email apps because it allows you to sort your inbox by sender, date or even type. you can also delete messages or empty the trash with a single touch and identify which ones are important or unimportant so you never have to worry about missing an important message again.

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Also, you can search for third-party tools. Numerous email cleanup tools are offered. be sure to check out our ultimate guide to the best email cleanup tools.

If you’ve been neglecting your inbox for a while, it’s better to clean in batches instead of trying to fix everything at once. just set aside 15 minutes a day and work on one category until the whole stack is done.

It’s not that overwhelming and will help you establish a good organizational habit that you can use in the future.

how to clean gmail quickly and easily

You can use an automatic gmail cleanup app to keep your inbox tidy and focus on what matters.

how to use categories

google gmail has an amazing ranking system. you can find it by clicking the gear button in the top right corner, then settings → inbox.

delete all emails in your promotions tab. If you’re not sure if an email is important, don’t delete it yet. it may be something that is hidden under a social category or promotion tab.

once you’re sure everything is safe to delete, go ahead and select “everyone” in the top left corner by clicking on any yellow popup.

With the Smart Views feature, you can instantly see all dead-end emails, emails older than a month, and unread messages. then you have the option to delete or archive these entire groups of emails cluttering up your inbox.

To make your mail inbox more organized, try using the smart views feature.

block or unsubscribe from marketing emails

If you constantly receive promotional emails, it can be difficult to keep your inbox clean unless you unsubscribe from spam.

If you’re looking for a link to unsubscribe from your gmail account, it’s usually pretty easy to find. just open the email and scroll down until you see a little text that says “unsubscribe” or something similar; this is usually just below the body of the message.

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let’s say you don’t want to bother looking for unsubscribe links. In that case, you should use clean email’s gmail unsubscribe feature because it automatically captures all your newsletter subscriptions and allows you to resubscribe with a simple click.

However, even if you unsubscribe from an email with the “unsubscribe” link or use clean email to block emails in gmail, spammers will still send you unsolicited emails.

You can easily set rules in your inbox to not only stop these spam messages now but all future ones as well.

remove emails from private senders

If you’ve been using gmail for a long time, chances are your inbox is now full of emails from people who aren’t relevant to you.

with wildcards (*), you can search through all your old emails and delete them with just a few clicks. the wildcard can be used as a placeholder for other characters when you want to delete all emails from myspace for example.

For those of you who have a lot of emails to delete, go to your gmail account and look for the asterisk followed by an email address (like this: *@myspace.com). you’ll see all myspace.com messages in one window, which is easier than clicking on each message individually.

handling old emails

gmail is a handy tool for all your email needs, but it does have a downside: storage space.

If you have a bad habit of saving old emails, it’s time to stop treating them like they’re your deceased lover and delete them.

The “before” search option in gmail is a great way to delete all emails that are more than five years old. you can also use this for a year, but be careful when deleting any email older than a month.

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use filters

Those who are inundated with emails on a daily basis should clean their email inbox regularly to prevent the situation from getting out of control. this is where gmail filters come into play.

gmail tagging

Labels are like folders, but you can apply them to as many messages or files as you like. Unlike a folder which only applies to one message at a time, there is no limit to labels.

one of the biggest advantages of gmail’s label-based system is that it organizes your emails according to what you want, which helps reduce clutter. color coding also makes it easy to scan important emails.

If you want to know how labels work in gmail, please follow these steps: open a new message or compose an email as usual and click the “labels” icon next to your inbox. you can use labels in gmail to classify your messages, so don’t forget that this feature will make it easier for you to use “gmail cleanup tools”.

storage cleanup

It is important that you first find out how much space you have left in your gmail account before attempting to clear it. You can do this by going here: drive.google.com settings storage and reviewing the google drive, mail or google photos storage limit details section.

If you want to check your gmail storage limit, go here and follow the instructions.

If you’re running out of gmail storage space, the best thing to do is not to try to search for individual emails or delete them en masse or clean out the junk folder. look at google drive instead, which could be using up all your free gmail storage.

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