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In recent years, the gaming industry has evolved dramatically. players are now on multiple platforms exploring different types of games. From online pc games to smartphones, gamers have found their niche and created niche communities everywhere.

The pandemic saw an exponential increase in the number of smartphone gamers. why? Well, almost everyone you know has a smartphone, and thanks to the internet, playing games with your friends has never been easier. both ios and android devices have amazing collections of multiplayer games.

ios users should be familiar with gamepigeon, an app that allows you to play various two-player games with your friends on imessage.

In this article, we have listed 12 apps like gamepigeon, where you can play, interact, have fun, be entertained and make new friends.

Now let’s get right into it.

I do – speak, live & play games

HAGO - Talk, Live & Play Games


I do contains over 100 mini-games that you can play online with your friends and random strangers. you can play in two modes, one on one or multiplayer depending on your choice. You can communicate via chat or video conference for a more immersive experience. I do also allows you to broadcast live.

Other than that, I do offer thousands of free chat rooms, streaming rooms with talented hosts in the tens of thousands. you can choose from many categories, such as singing, cooking and dancing. you can use this app to play with your old friends or make new friends with ease.

hago has a score of 4.3 on the google play store and 3.2 on the apple app store.

download: android | ios

plato – games and group chats

Plato - Games and Group Chats


plato has 45 multiplayer games that you can play with your friends or someone new. They have classic games like ludo, chess, checkers, and dominoes, and they’re constantly adding more to their list.

another great feature of plato is data privacy. they do not store any information of your 1:1 conversations on their servers and do not ask for any information when you log in. Plus, it has no annoying ads, so you can play without interruption.

plato lets you stay competitive with its weekly leaderboards and tournaments. By using its matchmaking feature, you can compete against a real person. you can rank up, earn coins and spend them in the shop.

plato has a rating of 4.6 on the google play store and 4.8 on the apple app store.

download: android | ios

bunch: group video chat & party games

Bunch - Group Video Chat & Party Games


bunch is an application that allows you and your friends to play games while on a video call. you can play any game on your phone and let the party run in the background to relax with your friends. this feature of the group has made it unique in its class.

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In addition, bunch includes many attractive games. It has fun and relaxing games like Mars Dash, Flappy Birds, and Trivia that you can start playing with your friends right away. they are constantly adding more games to the app.

bunch has a score of 4.2 on the google play store and 4.3 on the apple app store.

download: android | ios

toptop – mak-ha online

TopTop - Online Mak-ha


toptop is an application to socialize with family, friends and strangers while playing many classic games. It features classic multiplayer games like ludo, dominoes and uno. developers are constantly adding new games to the platform.

toptop is one of the most popular social apps in oman and people from more than 20 countries in the arab world are on this platform. toptop arcades help more than 50,000 arabs make friends while gaming. a user can communicate via text or voice chat.

Another great feature of toptop is that it allows you to create private chat rooms while you socialize with your family and friends. Since private chat rooms only add specific people, you can be sure you won’t be disturbed.

toptop has a rating of 4.3 on the google play store and 3.5 on the apple app store.

download: android | ios

yubo – chat, play, make friends

Yubo - Chat, Play, Make Friends


yubo is a French social networking app aimed at teenagers and young adults where they can meet interesting people and play games together. you can make friends through live streaming with authentic interactions.

You can start a live video chat with up to 10 friends or even invite new people. you can use the chat feature to talk with your old friends and find new ones. the chat feature is also available during live streaming. the “swipe” function allows you to find like-minded people all over the world. there are several communities of all kinds, including movies, songs, and anime, where you can connect with people who share the same interests as you.

newer features include “youtube stream” where you can watch videos directly from youtube and “lenses” where you can take pictures with different filters. yubo also rewards you when you invite friends from other social networking apps like snapchat.

yubo has a score of 3.9 on the google play store and 4.6 on the apple app store.

download: android | ios

tiya – go out with friends

Tiya - Hang Out with Friends


tiya is an audio social networking app where you can virtually hang out with friends or strangers with similar interests. you can create public and private chat rooms on any topic, including movies, music, and sports.

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Sharing good times with friends is easy with tiya. you can create rooms where you can watch youtube videos, netflix content and tiktok videos together and talk about them.

Finally, tiya features thousands of groups and communities of different flavors that are full of interesting strangers from all over. if you can’t find one you like, you can easily create one and have others join you.

tiya has a rating of 4.1 on the google play store and 4.0 on the apple app store.

download: android | ios

party – games, chat, text

Partying - Games, chat, text


partying is a social media audio app with high quality voice chat feature for multiple participants. You can match 100+ friends daily, text them, voice chat with them, and also view their previous posts.

You can join groups to meet people who share your interests, such as anime, music, relationships, food, and movies. you can play free games and sing songs with your old and new friends. partying features fun multiplayer games like carrom and ludo and many more.

the party has a rating of 4.3 on the google play store and 4.4 on the apple app store.

download: android | ios

sociable: meet, chat, play



sociable is a social platform where you can meet people near you or far away, send text messages, chat, send photos and videos, and make video calls. you can break the ice by inviting them to play games available in the app.

you can play games like battleship, backgammon and wordy with like-minded friends or strangers. new games are also constantly being added to the list. Social also allows you to follow other people and stay updated on them. on the contrary, you can also share videos and images with your followers.

sociable is a fun social platform. you can not only communicate and play fun games, but also follow them and share media.

sociable has a rating of 3.1 on the google play store and 4.2 on the apple app store.

download: android | ios

kito – group voice chat rooms

Voice chat app


kito is a live voice social network for fun and entertainment. You can have private and public chat rooms where you can start a group voice chat with up to eight people. you can protect your private chat room with a password.

Instead of having multiple accounts, you can have multiple rooms and sub-rooms on any topic you like within one login. you can share the joy by sending virtual gifts. You can also play ludo, sing songs with your friends, and use the “magic voice” function to add audio effects. the “voice magic” feature will allow you to choose a scene in which your chat room exists.

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kito is also available in several languages.

kito has a rating of 4.3 on the google play store and 4.3 on the apple app store.

download: android | ios

pictoword: fun question and answer games

Pictoword - Fun Word Quiz Games


pictoword is a simple, yet interesting and addictive word game enjoyed by teens and adults alike all over the world. you can play it in single player or multiplayer mode. If you don’t have an internet connection, you can also enjoy pictoword offline.

Basically, you will be shown two images and create another word from the combination of them. for example, you will be shown an image of sand and another image of a witch. if you combine them, you’ll end up with the word ‘sandwich’.

There are many categories like movies and TV shows, celebrities and places. while playing with friends, you can take turns and get their help through email and facebook connection.

pictoword has a score of 4.4 on the google play store and 4.6 on the apple app store.

download: android | ios

playjoy – multiplayer games

PlayJoy - Multiplayer games


playjoy allows you to make new friends, chat with them and play fun online multiplayer games with them. Popular board games like dominoes, uno, parcheesi and ludo are available in the app.

You can chat with anyone around the world through public and private chat groups. its real-time notification function makes sure you don’t miss anyone’s message.

Each game has weekly challenges and a chance to win prizes every day. you can compete with real players to get to the top of the leaderboard. share on your social networks and gather all your friends to start enjoying the classic board games.

playjoy has a rating of 4.1 on the google play store and 4.6 on the apple app store.

download: android | ios

vogue – play games with friends

Voga - Play games with friends


voga is a voice social media platform that helps people chat while playing games. its instant messaging function also works well under poor network conditions. there are tons of fun games to choose from where you can fight against a real person in real time.

you can invite your friends or make new friends through voga. you will get virtual gifts and you can also send digital gifts to surprise your friends.

voga has a rating of 4.3 on the google play store and 4.2 on the apple app store.

download: android | ios


So, there we have it.

try all the amazing apps to play multiplayer games, socialize with your friends and create new ones. With new features constantly being added to previous apps, your experience will be richer and richer.

happy gaming!

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