Fixed AOL Mail Search Function not Working Problem

This page is for those aol users who are facing search function stopped working in browser and android phone. here you can see the solution steps for that.

how to fix aol mail search function not working

aol webmail has been one of the world’s leading email addresses and over millions of people are active users of aol mail. Most of AOL’s mail users are American due to its reliable services. However, sometimes aol mail users face some issues which they want to solve and then they can try to contact customer support experts via aol helpline to fix aol search function problem mail. Through this number, you can solve all the problems related to this webmail. you can communicate with technicians who are available to solve your problems.

so what to do when aol mail search bar not working, or email not responding or any other problem? now let’s see how you can fix this problem.

fix for aol mail search feature not working:-

check internet connection:

First of all, you need to check the internet connectivity problem, if you find it, you need to fix it. a poor internet connection can cause a hamper for email.

resolve aol mail server error:

when you have server error or mail server is down, you need to contact customer support team to resolve this error.

temporarily disable the firewall:

You should verify that your device’s firewall is enabled or disabled. if it is enabled, you need to temporarily disable it and then check the mail search bar works or not.

Log in to aol mail again:

Log out of the current email account from your browser, then you should log back into aol mail. make sure you have no problems logging in to your aol mail and check if the mail search bar is working or not.

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fix aol mail and search feature not working on android

aol mail doesn’t work on android devices

Users can send, move, delete, and view emails from their AOL account by going to the Mail section of the AOL app on Android devices. Recently, it was reported that the mail section in the app stopped working due to unknown sources. As a result, android users were restricted from accessing their aol mail account as the mail function in the app was not working.

may not be such a big problem; otherwise, the developers would have already released an update to fix the issue. However, it is still frustrating not being able to access your important emails on the aol app. Technically, it is not possible to find the exact cause of this issue, but you can fix it yourself by simply following our guide to fix aol mail and search not working on android devices.

let’s get on with it right away without wasting any more time. Make sure you have the aol app installed on your android device and you’re signed in to your aol mail account.

There are many methods to fix aol mail not working issue on your android device. you can continue with any of the following methods to solve the problem on your device. In case the problem persists even after doing all the steps successfully, we recommend you to try the other methods as well to fix aol mail not working issue.

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method 1: update your android firmware

The developers of the aol app are known to update it frequently with improvements and new features to enhance the user experience. It is quite possible that the app will stop working as intended if the firmware of your android device is outdated. Therefore, it is better to keep the android firmware updated to the latest version for smooth operation.

go ahead and follow the steps below to check if your android device firmware is updated to the latest version.

  1. go to app drawer-> open the settings menu on your android device.
  2. scroll to the bottom-> open the “about” section on your device.
  3. tap the “check for updates” option to see if there are any updates for your device.

You will be prompted to update your device’s firmware if there is an update. simply select the “update” option and follow the instructions provided on your screen to complete the update successfully. usually your device will reboot once or twice during the process. After updating your firmware to the latest version, please re-download the aol app from the google play store and try to use the mail function.

Method 2: Force stop the aol mail app on your android device

The developers of the aol mail application have officially ended support for versions of aol prior to 4.4. You will no longer be able to log in to your AOL Mail account on older versions of the AOL app on your Android device. In case you have the latest version of aol app on your device then perform the following steps to get rid of the issue.

  1. go to the apps list on your android device-> open settings.
  2. navigate to the “applications” or “application management” option from your device settings.
  3. select the “aol” application from the list of installed applications on your device.
  4. tap the “force stop” option and confirm it by selecting “yes” option when prompted.
  5. that’s it, the problem on your android device should already be solved.
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Launch the aol app after a few seconds and try to view your aol account emails on your android device. if the problem persists, continue with the final method.

Method 3: Reinstall the aol app on your android device

The above two methods should have already fixed the aol mail not working issue on your android device. You can remove the aol app completely from your device and install it again to remove the error. continue with the following steps to reinstall the aol app on your device.

  1. go to your app drawer->open settings on your android device.
  2. open “applications” or “application management” to get the list of applications installed on your device .
  3. select the “aol” app and tap the “uninstall” option to remove the app.
  4. tap “uninstall” each time prompted on the screen to confirm action .
  5. Go to the google play store and download the aol app again on your device.

You can long press the aol app for a few seconds on your home screen to get the “uninstall” message on your screen. After reinstalling the app, please log in with your aol account credentials in the app to access your emails without any problem.

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