Gmail Labels: Everything You Need to Know

Launched in 2004, Gmail was initially thought to be another of Google’s elaborate April Fools pranks. This was due to its 1GB of storage space, much higher than any other email provider at the time.

Although storage capacity was one of the most attractive uses of gmail, it soon became clear that it could offer much more than other email services.

since then, gmail tags have become one of its most loved features.

what are gmail tags?

Most email providers use a standard format of folders and subfolders to organize messages from users. google does things differently. Users have much more control over their inbox, thanks to Google’s innovative approach and the introduction of categories and tags. this feature made gmail very powerful.

reasons to use gmail tags

There are many advantages to using gmail tags:

1. helps productivity: Applying labels to many of your emails makes them easier to find in the future, helping you save time and increase your productivity.

2. keep your inbox organized: Because Gmail uses labels instead of the usual folder-based system you see in other email clients, it allows for more flexibility. With labels, you can have emails that can live in more than one place. think of labels a bit like labels. it is much more efficient than folders.

3. makes your inbox more attractive: Using color in labels not only makes your inbox look much better; it also makes scanning easier.

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how do i create gmail labels?

1. go to gmail settings and choose settings.

2. choose the tags tab.

3. create a new tag that defines the content of the emails you’re categorizing (think specific clients or projects).

4. create a filter from the filters tab.

5. create the new filter and then apply it to all matching conversations.

As you add labels and use filters, Gmail will automatically apply the label to both old conversations that match your criteria and any future emails that arrive in your inbox.

how do you remove a tag from gmail?

After you’ve been using gmail tags for some time, there may be old tags that become redundant or superfluous for your needs, so a general cleanup is recommended.

To clean up old tags, simply go to the tags tab within the gmail settings. you can get rid of clutter and keep things clean and tidy.

organizing your gmail tags

labels in gmail allow for an almost infinite amount of customization. here are a few ways you can use them to help you achieve that elusive inbox zero.

1. rename and remove gmail tags

To rename tags, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click the arrow next to the tag you need to rename.

step 2. click edit to edit the name of the popup tag.

gmail tag removal

To remove the gmail tags, do the following.

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Step 1. Open an email that has the tag you need to remove.

step 2. click the label icon.

step 3. uncheck the tag you need to remove.

Alternatively, just click the “x” on the tag you want to remove, which is much faster.

4. nested tags in gmail

Nested tags are child tags that sit below a parent tag. this allows you to create very granular labeling. For example, you might want to create a label for all of your internal emails, and then add a nested label for each of your team members.

step 1. click the arrow near the tag that requires a new nested tag.

step 2. click add subtag.

step 3. create your new subtag from the popup menu.

5. color coded gmail tags

One of the most powerful visual aids in gmail tags is the ability to add color codes. this allows you to quickly scan your inbox for the most used tags.

here’s how to do it:

step 1. click the arrow on the label.

step 2. choose label color from the menu.

step 3. choose the color you prefer.

how do you remove a gmail tag from an email?

Whether you’ve accidentally added the wrong label to an email or just want to recategorize it, removing a gmail label from an email is also very simple.

step 1. open the email you need to remove the label from.

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step 2. find your label in the email and then simply click the x button. the tag will be removed from that email.

how do you merge gmail tags?

There are times when you may want to merge your gmail tags to make it easier to find specific emails. that’s how it’s done.

Step 1. Go to the search bar and type “label:nameoflabel1 or label:nameoflabel2” (but would include your actual label names instead of these placeholders).

step 2. simply select all the emails that appear in the search results.

step 3. all you have to do now is create a new tag for these search results and you have successfully merged two tags into a new tag.


There is no doubt that gmail is one of the most fully featured email service providers, if not the most. this allows you to be as productive as possible.

gmail tags are easy to customize and fit into your workflow, and as soon as you start using them, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

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