Pro tip: change the subject line in gmail

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Sometimes you need to lớn Reply khổng lồ an existing Email in Gmail but want to lớn change the Subject Line – but changing it in Gmail is not a well-known feature – Learn How!

A well-defined Thư điện tử Subject Line helps ensure that the purpose & goal of your Thư điện tử message is quickly communicated & understood by the message recipient.

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Conversation Threads – A Quichồng Primer

But the E-Mail Subject Line serves as more than just a high-cấp độ summary of the message.

The E-Mail Subject Line is also the way that “Conversation Threads” operate in most E-Mail Systems.

A “Conversation Thread” is a set of messages that are grouped by their comtháng Subject Line.

Whenever you “Reply” to lớn an E-Mail, your message will automatically be grouped as a “thread” that is part of that same “message chain” based on the same Subject Line.

Conversation Threads in Outlook

In Microsoft Outlook, Emails with the same Subject Line can be viewed as a single “thread” if you choose the “Conversation View” in your Inbox.

But each Thư điện tử is still an individual E-Mail, và they are just “Grouped” for viewing purposes.

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Conversation Threads in Gmail

But Gmail handles things a bit differently than Outlook….

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In Gmail, all the messages under the same Subject are actually part of one, long message. All the various “replies” and “responses” all Cosplay that single, long Thư điện tử chain under that single Subject Line.

This means that in Gmail, you vì not need khổng lồ set a special “view” khổng lồ see your “conversation threads” as you vì chưng in Microsoft Outlook.

But sometimes, you may want to change the “Subject Line” khổng lồ reflect a new issue or topic, but wish khổng lồ keep the prior replies as reference khổng lồ the message.

This may happen if the message concerns the same people but the issue has changed & the old Subject line no longer applies.

Luckily, there is a way to lớn vày this in Gmail, although it is not well known.

We can vị this by changing the Subject Line of the message, which will still have all the old messages as quoted replies.

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Steps khổng lồ Change the Gmail Subject Line:

To Reply or Forward an Thư điện tử in an existing Message Thread with a new Subject Line, but keeping all the original Emails in the same Thread, follow these steps:

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1) Find your Thư điện tử that contains your conversation thread in your Inbox & xuất hiện that Thư điện tử.

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