Why does gmail have a refresh button when the browser or any other device already have a way of refreshing?

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Watching: Why does gmail have a refresh button when the browser or any other device already have a way of refreshing?


Windows Hosts File/ Spyware

Check your hosts file in C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts.

If you can’t access it (i.e. you get ‘Access denied – C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts’), make sure an anti-spam programisn’t blocking access. If you still can’t access it, try restoring permissions with the following command:

attrib -r -h C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts

If that doesn’t work, you can try using the ICACLS commandto regain control of the file.

The Connection Has Timed Out

If you’re getting the message “The connection has timed out.The server at www.google.com is taking too long to respond.“, and other web pages are loading fine, try accessing Google from another PC on your local network. If that works, the issue is local to your PC, and one of the above suggestions should resolve the problem. You may also need to check your firewall settings and ensure that there’s not a custom setting blocking access to Gmail.

Compatibility Mode In Internet Explorer

If you’re having troubles accessing Gmail in Internet Explorer 8, try turning on the Compatibility Mode(F12 key or browse to Tools >DeveloperTools >Browser Mode) and try several different settings, restarting your browser each time.

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Update Calendar Year

This is a bit of a strange one, but we’ve heard at least one user benefiting from this. Check your system’s date and calendar and make sure it’s correct. If not, set it to the current day and time, then reboot your PC and try accessing Gmail again.

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Firefox – User Preferences

Another thing you can try is resetting Firefox’s User Preferences when in Safe Mode. To do so, browse to Tools >Exit to close Firefox. Next, browse to Windows’ Start Menu >All Programs >Mozilla Firefox. Select Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)to load Firefox in safe mode (for the savvy PC users, browse to Start >Run >“firefox -safe-mode”).

You’ll notice a safe mode dialog window. Caution: the next step will reset your preferences. If you don’t want this, you may need to try an alternate solution. To proceed, check “Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults”and select “Make Changes and Restart”. Hopefully you’ll now be able to load and access your Gmail account without issues.

Clear SSLState

If you’re using Internet Explorer, try browsing to Tools > Internet Options > Content > and choose Clear SSLState. Restart your browser and hopefully Gmail will load correctly.

Disable Ad Blockers

Turn off your ad blocker (such as AdblockPlus) before you attempt logging in to Gmail.

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My Gmail Inbox Is Tiny!

Tiny inbox in top left corner? If you’re seeing your Gmail screen shrink down to almost nothing, try switching browsers. If you’ve already done that, try disabling plugins/extensions or using your browser’s private/incognito mode.

Can I Make Gmail Check Mail More Frequently?

Gmail refreshes your inbox based on an interval it calculates from the volume of mail you receive. To manually refresh your inbox, click the refresh icon. To automatically have Gmail check more often, consider a plugin such as Gmail POP3 checker.

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AlternativeSolution:Use an External Email Client

An alternative solution to accessing your Gmail emails is to use an email client such as Thunderbird(a free, open source email client that also comes with a calendar option called Lightning). You’ll be able to send and receive emails and do most of what you can do (including searching your emails using various parameters) on Gmail.com. The drawback to this approach, of course, is that it limits access to your Gmail account to PC’s that have the email client installed. But – if you’re only having troubles with one PC, it might be worth using Thunderbird or another email client (Outlook, for example, or Windows or Mac Mail) to access Gmail on thePC that is experiencing issues.

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