Where does an email go after removing a label in gmail?

I get an email in my inboxI drag it over khổng lồ a label. So the email is removed from the inbox và shows up when I cliông xã on the label.Now, when I am looking at the detailed message and I see the labels listed at the top of the mail. If I cliông xã the X on the right of the label in the email to lớn remove it, that works but my question is :

Where does this gmail go now? I don”t see it in the inbox, it is no longer in the view of that label.

You are reading: Where does an email go after removing a label in gmail?

Where does an tin nhắn go in this situation?

All mail in Gmail is in the All Mail label, unless the message is deleted. Even Inbox is just a label. When you add or remove a label, the gmail is still in All Mail, it just also shows up in the other label if it”s labeled.

Note: even All Mail is a label, it just is the only one that can”t be removed (except by deleting the message).

Where does this tin nhắn go now? I don”t see it in the inbox, it is no longer in the view of that label.

Where does an email go in this situation?

The emails remains in All mails because it is label too.. now if you are asking how lớn get these mails in the Inbox follow this..

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Go to Manage labels at the bottom of Inbox… then go lớn filters & remove the filter settings in order lớn see those mails baông xã in your inbox

I had a similar question lớn this so I ran a thử nghiệm. I put both incoming và outgoing emails inlớn a label called kiểm tra and then deleted the label. The sent email was still in the sent label and the other that should have reverted to lớn the inbox was not there. I was able to search it và find it but could not find the label. I noticed it had an arrow symbol pointing to the right so I looked down in the list of labels và notice one called “important” with a similar arrow. I believe the arrow I saw meant the message was forwarded but it still led me to lớn the important label because the symbol is similar. I went inlớn this label and there was the gmail I was looking for.

Now trying lớn find a way to make these revert back to lớn the inbox.

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