How To Find Out Who Super Liked You On Tinder: Blue Star 101

For new users of Tinder and soon-to-be users of Tinder, you may have noticed that the occasional match comes with a blue star. You may have even noticed a blue star at the bottom of your screen next to your like and dislike button.

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Is it something patriotic? Not even close. It’s actually the Super Like button and it can play a huge role in who you’re matching with. Let’s crack the feature wide open.

What is Tinder?

For the uninitiated looking to try their hand with Tinder and looking to gather as much information as possible, it’s worth going into the meat of the conversation and ask the question first: what is Tinder?

If you didn’t know already, Tinder is arguably one of the most popular online dating apps that one can get involved with. It’s free to use, location-based and super easy to use. You create a profile after signing up and, because of your location, it finds other Tinder users that are close by thanks to a radius around your location. For example, let’s say you search Tinder users in a 15 mile radius. That means that Tinder will match your profile to other users within 15 miles of your location in all directions. Imagine placing yourself on a made and then drawing a big circle around yourself, with you in the very center of the circle.

Now, the people you’re ‘matched’ with don’t necessarily share interests with you; the Tinder users that appear are the only people that are close by, not by some algorithm sharing your interests and breaking it down that way. Instead, Tinder matches you two and you decide if you want to swipe left or swipe right. You may have even heard that phrase in a passing conversation before, “I swiped left on him.” In other words, that person didn’t “like” them on Tinder. Swiping right on someone means you “like” them.

So, where do you start chatting? Slow down there, sport. Here’s the gimmick that Tinder has: you can’t chat with anyone unless both you and the other match “like” each other by swiping right on their profile. When that connection has been made, you are free to message each other like you would with an SMS texting app or like Facebook Messenger. After that, it’s up to you and the other person to grow the relationship naturally, of course. But it has to be mutual. That last move you want to make is pushing a relationship that the other person isn’t interested in having. There’s more fish in the sea. And Tinder is a big sea.

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What in the world is the Blue Star?

Now that you’re swiping left and swiping right erratically, you may have noticed there’s an additional button located on your screen, a big blue star. Do NOT touch it. It is a very limited commodity, especially for free users. That is the Super Like button. And sometimes you’ll see the blue star next to a person’s profile, indicating that they used their Super Like on you and that they really “like” you.

If you’re a free user, this can be a very daunting task. You get a single Super Like only once a day, so naturally, free users will want to use it on profiles that are expressing something that really resonates with them, rather than liking someone that has potential and Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold users will get a whopping five every single day. That’s actually a great way of differentiating Likes vs. Super Likes; your Likes have potential and your Super Likes are people that strike a serious chord for you.

Do Super Likes Actually Work?

Tinder users are pretty divided on the feature of Super Likes. You can Super Like all you want, but that doesn’t mean the person on the other end will return the favor or feel more inclined to respond. It just doesn’t work that way. If you’re making that argument, one could say that the Super Likes are meaningless.

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Then you’ve got the camp that find Super Likes, well, creepy, desperate and, quite frankly, they feel it’s a bit stalker-like. WIth that argument, one could say that the Super Like is akin to just shouting to a random person, “I really, really like you,” and hoping they respond with equal passion. People don’t respond to that unless they feel threatened and whip out the pepper spray. It may be labeled “online dating” but that doesn’t mean dating will be any easier.

While both of those arguments are worth considering, in reality, when someone Super Likes you, they had to have taken the time to really think about your profile. Something on your profile made them rub the sleepy dust from their eyes and smash that Super Like button. Whatever it was, it was enough for someone to use a very limited commodity on you. Even if you don’t return the gesture, at the very least you’ll know that you have something that others desire.

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With that being said, it’s worth mentioning that according to Tinder, Super Likes apparently offer a higher success at matching with someone, as high as three times. Now, the evidence for that is non-existent. But let’s humor that statement and ask the question: why? It’s an interesting topic, for sure. Do people that were Super Liked feel obligated to respond? Do Tinder users feel that a Super Like carries more weight than a normal like? Because you have way more likes to give out than you do Super Likes. What do you think of them?

How do you Super Like Someone?

Dropping a Super Like on someone is super easy. In fact, it’s so easy, you should be extra careful you don’t bump the Super Like button by accident and use up your only one (if you’re a free user).

Here’s what you do:

1. Locate and launch the Tinder app. You can open the Tinder app from one of your many home screens. If you can’t find it, check inside your App Drawer. All of your currently installed apps are house there.

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2. Log into Tinder with your Tinder account, if you aren’t already.

3. Now, start viewing profiles. When you see one you really like, tap the blue star at the bottom of the screen, that’s your Super Like button. But remember, you only have one if you’re a free user and five if you have Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus.

Or, alternatively, you can swipe up to drop a Super Like on someone’s profile.

And that’s it. It’s easy but the use of your Super Like is the hardest part. Now, you might wonder if Likes drown any Super Likes you get and the answer is: no. Any and all Super Likes someone sends you will get moved to the top where you can view them and then respond accordingly, as well as a notification. You’ll also see a person’s profile outlined in blue along with a notification next to their name, indicating they’ve Super Liked you.

Bottom Line

As you can see, the Super Like is certainly an interesting topic to consider and a useful part of the Tinder scene. It’s curious to see such a small icon have such big possibilities. The best place for them is the Tinder users that go out of their way to give you as much information to work with.

You should do the same, but make sure you aren’t giving away anything too personal. Even something like your birthday should be avoided. The same goes for the people involved in stories you share with your matches.

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When you do find someone to drop a Super Like on, make sure you actually know what you want to say. A simple greeting is, quite frankly, a waste.

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