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different types of usps bulk mail

when we say “bulk mail”, we usually mean usps marketing mail, formerly known as standard mail and third class mail.

This option helps business and individual shippers take advantage of deeply discounted prices. However, USPS Marketing Mail is not the only mass mailing service USPS offers.

There are several other ways to take advantage of USPS 2021 bulk mail rates, and they are:

  • first class presort mail
  • all door direct mail (eddm)
  • bound printed material.

recurring class, package selection and multimedia mail also offer bulk shipping discounts.

All of these options offer variable mass mailing costs and have different restrictions. In addition, they have distant features, so it is necessary to know them in depth before making a decision.

Before we get to bulk mail rates, you should know a few terms related to pre-sorting mail:

Pre-sorting is sorting all items according to zip codes before they are taken to the usps for shipping. the different types of pre-classification methods are:

  • 5-digit sort: is a type of pre-sort where all mailing addresses have the same zip codes (the first five digits). zip+4 codes may be different.
  • 3-digit sorting: the 3-digit sorting method allows senders to group mail pieces that have zip codes beginning with the same three numbers.
  • aadc: aadc stands for automated area distribution center. It is the process of grouping postal items destined for service areas of the same AADC. there is also something called “mixed aadc”, where items destined for different aadc’s service areas are grouped together.

In addition to pre-sorting methods, rates also depend on where you deposit your mail items.

  • dndc: dndc stands for Destination Network Distribution Center. a bulk shipper can take their items to a dndc for lower postage rates.
  • dscf: dscf stands for destination sectional center facility. You can get even lower rates by dropping off your items at this USPS facility.

preclassified first class mail

Preclassified First Class Mail has the same features as regular First Class Mail. all First Class Mail deliveries are completed within one to five business days. You can also use additional services such as certified mail and registered mail. but you can only ship items weighing up to 13 ounces.

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First class mail prices also depend on the dimensions of your shipments. Oversized and oddly shaped items can cost you much more than those that meet USPS requirements.

This shipping option is one of the most expensive after priority mail. therefore, senders opt for presorted first class mail which allows them to take advantage of its features while taking advantage of bulk rates.

As the name says, shippers must pre-sort their items before shipping through USPS. they can carry out the pre-classification process themselves or hire pre-classification services.

Some items you can send via the Preclassified First Class Mail option are:

  • postcards
  • typewritten or handwritten materials
  • invoices, receipts, account statements
  • checks
  • personalized mail, etc. .

In addition, you must mail at least 500 items at a time to qualify for first-class pre-sorted mail shipping. however, there are no minimum monthly or annual volume requirements that you must meet to use this option.

Also, you don’t need to ship all of these 500 items to the same zip code. The USPS counts all mailings, regardless of where they go.

As far as pre-sorted first-class mail costs, there are three categories into which these rates fall, i.e. postcards, letters, and flats.

Please find the current bulk mail rates for each of these categories below:

for postcards:

for letters:

for floors:

usps marketing mail

If your business sends mail items such as brochures, newsletters, circulars, catalogs, etc., in large volumes, you should opt for USPS Marketing Mail.

is a great way to advertise your brand with direct mail at the most affordable prices. however, please note that the usps marketing mail service only works within the united states.

As a sender, you must meet any of the following requirements to qualify:

  • Shipment must consist of at least 200 items.
  • Shipment must weigh at least 50 pounds total.

all of your items must be identical for you to be eligible. also, you can only send pieces of mail that weigh less than 1 pound or 16 ounces.

How much does bulk postage cost for USPS marketing mail?

Well, it depends on the size, weight and destination of the mail. make sure your letters are no larger than 6.125″ x 11.5″ x 0.25″. for floors, the maximum dimensions are 12″ x 15″ x 0.75″.

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If your floors cannot bend or exceed the above dimensions, they are packages. You can ship these packages via USPS or Light Package Marketing Mail Package Service.

Nonprofits that fall into any of the following categories can take advantage of usps 2021 nonprofit bulk mailing rates:

  • veterans
  • scientists
  • religious
  • agricultural
  • educational
  • labor
  • fraternal
  • philanthropic
  • national and state political parties.

all non-profit mailing rates are much lower than commercial rates. pacs, local party committees, and political candidates are not counted as nonprofits.

therefore, they cannot get the usps bulk mail rates for non-profits and must apply for the commercial rates.

If you are a non-profit business, you can fill out PS 3624 and apply for free.

The mass mailing price for USPS marketing mailing items depends on several factors, such as whether they are machinable and eligible for automation discounts. additionally, fees depend on the point of entry (drop off location) where you bring your items to be mailed. find below the rates:

for business letters:

for non-profit letters:

for commercial floors:

for non-profit flats:

package rates range from as low as $0.323 to $2,308.

direct mail to all doors (eddm)

the usps eddm service allows businesses to send their marketing items to every household in an area or zip code. you can even cover more than one zip code in a single shipment.

eddm works well for businesses that want to promote their products or services to specific locations. For example, if you’re a restaurant and want to advertise in your local neighborhoods, you can run eddm campaigns.

Local businesses, politicians, real estate agents, etc. can also benefit from eddm campaigns.

minimum volume requirement to ship eddm is 200 pieces per mail. therefore, it is also included in the bulk mail category.

your eddm items must measure at least 6.125″ x 11.5″ and not exceed 12″ x 15″. the usps allows businesses to send flat marketing mailers only up to 3.3 ounces under eddm.

There are two types of eddm services: eddm retail and eddm bmeu (enterprise mail input unit).

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In the case of eddm retail, you must drop off mail items at a post office. but, if you are using eddm bmeu, you can leave them in a regional installation to take advantage of lower rates.

Currently, the cost to ship drawings via eddm retail usps marketing mail is $0.20 per piece. if you opt for bmeu, this fee is reduced to $0.168.

bound printed matter

The bound printed material delivery option is for businesses that ship bound printed material, such as catalogues. It’s the most economical way to send such heavy marketing materials, especially those that weigh more than 16 ounces.

but those items weighing less than 1 pound pay the minimum price of one pound. therefore, you may opt for usps marketing mail for items that weigh so little.

Here are some requirements you must meet to send bound forms:

  • You may not submit blank printed pages, such as stationery.
  • Pages must be at least 90% printed (typing and handwriting do not count).
  • You cannot submit personalized items.
  • All pages must be bound with spiral binding glue, stitches, staples, or other permanent fasteners.

Please note: Like USPS and EDDM marketing mail, bound print material is also restricted to domestic mail. however, you can use this option to ship items to our possessions, Puerto Rico, and military addresses.

Here are some things about bound print material:

  • There is no minimum volume requirement to ship your items using this option, although you can get attractive discounts when shipping 300 pieces or more.
  • You cannot ship items weighing more than 15 pounds or more. 240 ounces plus flats can’t weigh more than 20 ounces if you want to be eligible for barcode discounts.
  • The circumference and length of your mailings can’t measure more than 108″ combined.
  • print bound shipping rates depend on mail weight, size, delivery point, destination and shipping volume.

If you’re shipping up to 299 items, the fee for a flat-size one-ounce mailpiece is $2.33. but, if you ship via bulk mail, the fee is reduced to $1,318 (depending on where you drop off your items).

package rates are higher and depend significantly on where your items are going.

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