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It is estimated that about 127 million Americans have already received their stimulus check, most of those payments were issued directly into people’s bank account via direct deposit strong>. about 107 million payments were sent this way, but the rest were sent by mail, either as a paper check or on a debit card eip prepaid . More than 15 million paper stimulus checks (with a total value of almost $34 billion) were sent by the United States Postal Service (USPS) and approximately 5 million prepaid EIP debit cards (with a total value of about $11 billion) have also been mailed to people’s home addressesthe address that is registered with the irs.

Social Security recipients will receive stimulus checks next week

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How many stimulus checks have there been so far and when were they paid?

Who are the rich that Biden wants to pay more taxes?

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Do I qualify for a third stimulus check?

ssi recipients should get their checks next week

Stimulus payments to Social Security (SSI) recipients and other federal recipients who do not normally file a tax return have suffered delays but they are expected to be shipped this week and should be received before Wednesday, April 7th.

if you haven’t registered for direct deposit with the irs, the quickest and easiest way to make sure they have your contact information is to file your 2020 tax return strong> strong > with your current address. If your payment cannot be delivered to you for any reason, it will be returned to the IRS.

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If that happens, you must request to have the payment reissued to your bank account via direct deposit. This can be done through the get my payment tool on the irs website. get my payment is the only option available to know the status of your payment: the tools where’s my refund and online account . strong> will not provide the status of your Economic Impact Payments.

how to set up direct deposit with the irs

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if your payment was sent but not delivered and returned to the irs, please refer to the get my payment tool. you may see the message: “need more information”. click the button that says “direct deposit,” then answer the series of security questions before completing the direct deposit form. At this point, you can enter a routing and account number for your current bank account, prepaid debit card, or alternative financial product that has an associated routing and account number.

If your bank information is invalid or the account has been closed, the bank will return your payment to the IRS and mail it to you with a check on paper to the address the irs has on file.

In some cases, your stimulus payment may be sent to you on a prepaid EIP card debit card sent by mail. This will arrive in a white envelope marked with the seal of the United States Department of the Treasury and an “Economic Impact Payment Card” return address. The blue debit card has the Visa name on the front and the issuing bank, Metabank®, N.A., on the back. the information included with the eip card explains that this is your economic impact payment. if you receive an eip card you will need to activate it, visit for more information.

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The only way you can track your stimulus check is through the Get My Payment tool. the tool will let you know how and when you will receive your payment. The IRS only updates the Get My Payment Tool information once a day, usually overnight. If for any reason you have been blocked or you cannot access the get my payment tool, you must wait 24 hours and try again. Another way to find out what happened to your stimulus check is to consult the free usps informed delivery service, which provides information about all the letters and packages that have been sent to your address.

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