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Who doesn’t love picking up a few free soap samples during every stay at a new hotel or resort?

Now, imagine you could get those samples without ever setting foot outside your home.

well stop imagining because here is a giant list of places some will send you. just ask!

where to get free soap samples online?

1. suzanne’s soaps

suzanne’s soaps are giving away free samples of their homemade products online.

Shoppers can choose a sample to try, from a ball of hand and body soap, laundry soap, beard oil, bath salts and mineral salts, hand and body lotion, and anti-wrinkle spray to soften fabrics .

To claim a free soap sample, simply choose “hand & body soap ball” from the drop down menu, add it to the cart and proceed to checkout. fill in the billing and shipping details, and place the order.

2. sample of natural soap without adra

Get a free sample of adra natural handmade soap, and you don’t even have to pay shipping.

This offer is available while supplies last and is only valid for US residents/addresses. USA, Canada and the UK. just fill out the form and the free sample will be delivered to your door. Please allow 30 days for processing and delivery.

adra has been making luxurious soap bars in the French tradition since 1891. And from the beginning, they always knew the importance of using the best materials and tools to make their exclusive soaps.

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3. wandering goat

with just a $5 purchase, you can enjoy a free sample of the wandering goat’s soap.

Testers can choose a scent of almond, eucalyptus, rosemary, velvety lime, ylang-ylang and more. and if the chosen scent is not available, they will automatically replace it with a similar scent.

4. handmade peach soap sample without m styling

m coiffure is giving away a soap sample with a scented peach fragrance that is a huge hit with their customers.

soap tends to last longer than other soaps, especially when placed in a soap dish to dry between uses.

To request a free sample, just fill out the form and answer a few questions about spa visits. This offer is valid in the United States and Canada. labor usually takes between four and six weeks, so patience would help.

5. lenses and more

get a free soap sample from micas and more by simply adding the soap sample to cart, completing shipping details and proceeding to checkout.

No minimum order required, but you must pay for $3.25 first-class shipping.

6. ocean mist bath soaps and treats

all regular orders from this soap shop come with a free soap sample of the customer’s choice.

but they’re also giving away a free sample of soap even without buying. If that’s the case, just add a sample to the cart, proceed to checkout and fill in the necessary information. free sample shipping is free.

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If the sample comes with other store purchases, the customer will be charged an additional $3.50 for shipping.

7. paradosiaka traditional greek soap

try a free 25 gram sample of pardosiaka olive oil soap with aloe, honey or lavender by simply completing the form, choosing a scent and submitting the request form.

each home is limited to one sample, and this offer is only available for addresses in the united states, canada, australia and europe.

8. flawless beauty and skin

get up to two free samples of impeccable beauty & skin, and the giveaways aren’t just limited to free samples of bath soap.

Buyers can also choose samples of serums and/or creams. This offer is available worldwide, with free shipping within the US. uu. for a minimum order of $25.

Free samples can still be claimed even without an order, but the tester will have to bear the $4.50 flat shipping fee. all samples are still based on availability. will not be responsible for free samples that are not available and also reserve the right to deny free samples to any order.

9. apoterra activated charcoal + dead sea salt skin soap

apoterra skincare is dedicated to helping people discover healthy, radiant skin naturally with the use of plant-based skincare products.

and online shoppers can try their Activated Charcoal + Dead Sea Salt Skin Soap for just $3.00.

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technically, I can say it’s also free since they don’t charge anything for domestic shipping. so request your free soap sample today while it’s still available.

10. sample of traditional nasabb black soap

Get up to 2 free samples of African black soap, also known as anago soap or alata soap, simply by adding the product to the cart and filling in the necessary details.

No purchase is necessary to claim the free sample, but you will be responsible for the shipping fee.

11. nuddy lemon & lime butter soap

nuddy is so confident that shoppers will love their bar of soap, which is why they’re offering a lemon & full size 100g. free lime super rich shea butter soap.

To claim the free soap, simply add the product to the cart, proceed to checkout and fill in the necessary information. nuddy is based in the uk so orders from the usa. uu. £5.00 will be charged, which is still a good deal considering their full size soap costs £4.95 excluding postage.

do you want more?

If you don’t mind paying a few bucks more for shipping to get a free soap sample, you can also visit the bee gardens and a free lemon myrtle soap sample.

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