#1 Student email

PCC? PCC students use a customized version of Google’s e-mail system (Gmail).  Click on the Gmail
PCC icon at the top of any Myfurnituremaisak.com screen to access your PCC Gmail account.  PCC employees (faculty and staff) currently use Exchange (Outlook) as their official e-mail tool but will be transitioning to Gmail in Spring 2015.  Employee email addresses will not change as part of this transition.

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Student email addresses are:  username
 (where username is your existing Myhttl.com.vn/en user name) After transitioning to Gmail, employee email addresses will remain the same:  username
 (where username is your Myhttl.com.vn/en user name)

2. What is Docs? Google’s online productivity and collaboration tools (Google docs) will be available to students and employees. You can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations using this tool, and can share them with others if you are working on a team project.  Files can be exported in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Office and PDF.  Click on the Docs icon at the top of any Myhttl.com.vn/en screen, or access “Documents” from your e-mail home page.

3. Are other services included in Gmail
In addition to the new e-mail system and Docs, Google Talk (IM/Chat) and a personal calendar are included in this new suite of tools.  This is a personal calendar and is separate from the Course/Group calendars provided in Myhttl.com.vn/en. Return to: Frequently Asked Questions list

4. When do I get my account? New students receive their Gmail
PCC account shortly after completing the online admissions application..  Adult Education students will receive accounts when they are added to Myhttl.com.vn/en by Adult Educaiton staff.  Your Gmail
PCC account is retained for 3 years following your last semester of attendance.

5. How do I log in to Gmail
PCC icon at the top of the screen to access your student e-mail account.  Docs is available to students by clicking on the Docs icon.

6. What if I already have a personal Gmail or Google account? Your Gmail
PCC account and your personal Google account are completely separate.

Return to: Frequently Asked Questions list

7. What policies apply to using the Gmail at PCC and Docs? The following policies apply to the use of this system:

8. What should I know about security and privacy? The use of these systems is covered by the Google Privacy Policy. Google, not PCC, provides security and privacy of content and communication.  PCC is not responsible for security or privacy of content and communication in your Google account.

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You are responsible for your own personal information. PCC encourages you to use caution when sharing any personal information, including your phone number, location and class schedule.

Your name and PCC e-mail address will be visible to all users with whom you share documents or calendars. Please use caution when sharing documents, especially with users outside httl.com.vn/en.

Faculty and staff must be aware of the following caveats when exploring the use of Google tools with colleagues or students.

9. When will Google add new features to the system? Google updates their applications on a regular basis and often does so without notification; PCC will not be able to let you know beforehand. All applications should be considered Google”s property and any feature requests should be directed to Google and not PCC Information Technology staff.  Google posts information on new features on its blog:  googleappsupdates.blogspot.com/. Return to: Frequently Asked Questions list

Student e-mail (Gmail

10. Will mail be migrated from the old student e-mail system to the new system? Existing e-mail messages will be migrated to Gmail
PCC, usually into the same folders that you had used in the earlier e-mail system.

11. Can I continue to use the old student e-mail system? No.  The old student e-mail system will be taken out-of-service once the migration has been completed.

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12. What will the new student e-mail address be?  Will mail be forwarded from the old address? The new address will be:  username
(where username is your existing Myhttl.com.vn/en user name).  E-mail will be forwarded from your previous student e-mail address (students.httl.com.vn/en) to this new address. Return to: Frequently Asked Questions list

13. Can I forward my PCC e-mail to another account? You decide whether or not you would like to use your Gmail
PCC account to an outside account at your own risk.  See Google”s Forwarding Email page.

14. I am an employee who is also a student.  Where will I receive my e-mail? You will receive most of your e-mail in your Outlook account.  It is suggested that you forward your Gmail
PCC e-mail to your Outlook account so that you don”t miss the few messages that may be sent directly to your Gmail
PCC account.  See Google”s Forwarding Email page. PCC account.>

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15. I’m a Federal Work Study student.  Where will I find my e-mail:  in Outlook or Gmail? Federal Work Study students will receive e-mail in their Outlook account for the duration of their employment. Return to: Frequently Asked Questions list

16. What e-mail address will display within Myhttl.com.vn/en? E-mail sent from Myhttl.com.vn/en and e-mail addresses displayed in Myhttl.com.vn/en will display the “
mail.httl.com.vn/en” address for students.

17. How do I find student/faculty e-mail addresses? Gmail
PCC does not have an integrated address book.  You can send e-mail to classmates or your instructor through the normal links/checkboxes provided in your Myhttl.com.vn/en Course Homepage.  This mail will be correctly delivered to their Gmail
PCC or faculty mailbox.  If you want to collaborate on documents with specific classmates, you will need to ask them for their username so that you can share documents with them.

18. Can I log in to my student e-mail without going through Myhttl.com.vn/en? No, you must log in to Myhttl.com.vn/en to access your student e-mail account. Return to: Frequently Asked Questions list

19. Will Gmail be used in D2L, or will that e-mail system remain separate? Students and faculty using D2L will continue to use that e-mail system for course-related e-mail.  They also will receive general student and employee accounts for use in non-D2L classes and other purposes.

20. Can I access my student e-mail using a mobile device? Yes, you can configure many mobile devices to access your Gmail
mail.httl.com.vn/en (where username is your Myhttl.com.vn/en username) and use your Myhttl.com.vn/en password.  See Google’s Mobile help page.

21. Can I access my student e-mail using another e-mail client? Yes, some other e-mail clients are supported.  Your username should be entered as username
mail.httl.com.vn/en (where username is your Myhttl.com.vn/en username) and use your Myhttl.com.vn/en password.  See Google’s Supported IMAP Client List. Return to: Frequently Asked Questions list

22. What are the limitations on file sizes for my Google e-mail account? You can send and receive mail messages up to 25 MB in size, including attachments.   Your mailbox quota is 7GB.

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23. Can all faculty use Docs with their students? Some employees may receive a Gmail
PCC account in addition to their employee Outlook account due to their role as a student at httl.com.vn/en.  Faculty and staff members without a student role can explore Google Apps by acquiring a personal account through Google.   Faculty and staff must be aware of the following caveats when exploring the use of Google tools with students.

24. Can material created in Docs be uploaded to Course Homepages? Yes.  Export the files from Docs as a Microsoft Office, PDF or other file type identified by your faculty member.  Some formatting may be lost during the process. Return to: Frequently Asked Questions list

25. Can Docs be integrated into Course Homepages so that it is easy to collaborate with classmates? Not at this time.

26. Are there limitations on file sizes for Docs?

Documents:   Each doc can have a maximum size of 500K, plus up to 2MB per embedded image.   You have a combined limit of 5,000 documents and presentations, and 5,000 images.  Note that when importing files into Docs, the imported file can sometimes be larger than the 500k limit.  As a result, some documents smaller than 500k may be too large to upload.Spreadsheets:  Each can be up to 256 columns, 200,000 cells, or 100 sheets, whichever is reached first. There”s no limit on rows.  You have a limit of 1,000 spreadsheets.Presentations:  Files in .ppt and .pps formats can have a maximum size of 10MB or 200 slides; files uploaded from the Web can be up to 2MB; e-mailed files can be up to 500K.

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PDFs:  You can store up to 10MB per PDF from your computer and 2MB from the Web in your Docs list, up to 100 PDFs.

How do I use…

27.  Is there online help available on using Gmail
PCC, Docs and the personal calendar?
Use these links to get help from the Google Web site:

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