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Johnny Manziel, Deion Sanders, Adrian Peterson, and Brian Bosworth will tell you that their nicknames are a vital part of their image. these college football legends are iconic for their skills on the field, yes, but also for their memorable nicknames that people still use today.

it’s time for the sec and the rest of the ncaa to meet the “mailman”. Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Stetson Bennett cemented himself for the first time as Uga’s Jake Fromm replacement by posting a win over world no. 7 brown tigers in week 2 of last year’s second game. He propelled Georgia to no. 3 in the rankings and sent a clear message to fans in Athens: Bennett is the boy. At least, that was the case before Georgia lost games to Alabama and Florida and Smart traded JT Daniels for the last four games.

bennett replaced daniels (who had an oblique injury) against uab in 2021 and was almost perfect. Considering Daniels didn’t put together the best game against Clemson, Bennett has carried the Dawgs all season.

Bulldog fans are probably eager to learn more about their gunslinger as they prepare for the college football playoff. I just know that Bennett’s nickname is part of what makes him special.

who is stetson bennett?

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Stetson Bennett IV was a two-star recruit from Pierce County High School in Blackshear, Georgia. he was originally a freshman at georgia in 2017, but transferred to jones county junior college in ellisville, mississippi, in 2018 once it became clear he was trailing justin fields and jake fromm on the depth chart .

The son of two UGA graduates then transferred back to Georgia in 2019 after the school needed experienced support. He got his chance to run the offense from head coach Kirby Smart last year.

after departures a season earlier and an offseason of turmoil in the quarterback room given the transfer of jt daniels from usc and jamie newman’s decision to opt out, it was bennett’s job to win over the redshirt freshman d’wan mathis and carson beck in 2020 .

bennett came off the bench to help georgia beat the arkansas razorbacks by throwing for 211 yards and a pair of touchdowns in the season opener.

“When I left I never thought I’d come back,” he told reporters after the game.

His 240 passing yards, one touchdown and zero interceptions against a Bonix-led Auburn squad in his first college start at Sanford Stadium set social media on fire. he has come to be known as the “postman”, but how did the fifth-year student earn this nickname?

How did you get the nickname “the postman”?

You can’t give yourself your own nickname. has been won.

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stetson bennett’s catchy moniker might have had something to do with the hats considering stetson is a famous brand of western cowboy hats. however, it turns out that bennett’s epithet is related to the hat, but not in the way you’d expect.

When he was in high school, Bennett wore a U.S. postal service cap to an elite circuit of 11 camps. He and his family traveled more than 4,000 miles to cities like Miami, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Orlando, and Charlotte.

fits that @stetsoniv wore a us mail cap. uu. for the @ elite11 charlotte. the boy just delivered. #friend

— next level atletix (@nxtlevelatx) April 25, 2016

why that hat though?

“My friend’s dad is the mayor of a small town around here, and he always gets great stuff,” Bennett told bleacher report. “I saw the hat one day and asked if I could wear it. I first wore it to a camp in Valdosta [Georgia]. I’m not very big or physically flashy, but I wanted to have something people would remember me by.”

The denim-looking hat, which caught everyone’s attention, did its job. He got noticed despite being 6 feet tall and weighing 171 pounds surrounded by some of the best quarterback recruits in the country.

“he came up with the idea himself,” bennett’s father told u.s. bleacher report. uu. postal service cap. “We went to camp in Miami, and he had that hat on. people started talking about ‘the postman’. I was thinking, ‘Wow, that son of a bitch has thought of something.’ he’s used it everywhere he’s gone, in every competition. he has served him well.”

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and therefore stetson bennett was always “postman”.

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This post was originally published on October 6, 2020.

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