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Snail Mail: Envelope Flipbook tutorial

Difficulty:low Time:many coffees

Hy dear cardmakers!! I’m very excited and happy to share a project that has been on my mind for quite long time : a Flip book …But what does Flip Book mean?! It’s also called “Snail Mail” or “Happy Mail” and it’s basically a creative and gentle way to share gifts and ideas with other crafters and learn from them!

the main elements of the flipbook are:

  • a letter: to send a message to your new friend
  • a tag: to ask any questions that the pen pal can answer when sending your flipbook
  • the goodies: some extra goodies that the pen pal can use for their creations

There are so many layouts you can use for your flipbook… this time I started with the inner elements and then built the structure around them.


  • modalscrap “cotton candy pink” paper pack
  • bazzill craft, honey, white vellum, slipper, flower, white
  • stamps and dies “puppies girl ” and “puppies boy” by modascrap
  • die “true love” by modascrap
  • die “love, life tag” by modascrap
  • die “circles” 657551 by sizzix
  • sizzix “festoon circles” die 657552
  • sizzix “dimensional domes” 663559
  • matte shrink film
  • pencils colors
  • transparent page protector
  • fuse tool
  • imronte d’autore cutter
  • cutter and scissors
  • double-sided tape 0.5 cm and 1 cm double-sided tape / 3d foam
  • versafine and stazon nero
  • glossy transparent

First, with a black stazon, I stamped all the little characters from my “puppy girl” and “puppy boy” sets onto a matte polishrink film. I waited a few minutes to allow the stamps to dry and then used my pencils to add a bit of color (you don’t need to spend too much time on this exercise as the colors will become much brighter once the stage is complete). cooking).

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It is very important to wait a few minutes and after punching them, I put them on a baking tray previously covered with baking paper in the oven preheated to 170° for just a few minutes

It’s a very fascinating process: you’ll see your little characters curl up and shrink to about 60% of their original size and then flatten out again. once they were flattened (takes about 2 minutes) I took them out of the oven and flattened them with a meat mallet. the polish cools down pretty quickly, so he will have to act fast 🙂

I then applied the clear gloss to give them a nice shine and let them dry overnight.

The following day, I die-cut some small circles on the patterned paper and I applied them on the clips, I used a all-purpose glue in order to stick my little character.

I suggest you test the glue first as it could ruin your paper if too strong.

I made a mini shaker with the little polishrink ladybird, a dimensional dome and some pink mini beads.
To make the card, I die-cut one of the “True Love” set’s hearts on the top center, I made a couple of holes for a white twine to run through and I stepped it with pink brads. I added some foamed double sided tape at the bottom to give the heart a 3D effect.
I die-cut the Bazzill with the “Love Life Tag” and “True Love” hearts dies. I decorated my tags with the same stamps I used with the polishrink
I prepared a tag with the clear page protector and sealed it using the fuse tool as per picture
I put the little hearts together with a number of writings taken from the Paper pack set into a clear bag and closed it off with a nice washi tape. I added some self-adhesive buttons to give my goodies a more personal touch

The Structure

I cut a 30x26cm rectangle out of a “Cotton Candy” sheet by Paper Pack and scored the longer side at 6cm-16cm-17cm respectively as well as the shorter side at 6cm-22cm
I made some incisions as per picture
I cut a 21x16cm rectangle out of another Paper Pack sheet and I scored it on the longer side at 1cm-2cm-12cm
I jointed the shapes together with te double sided tap and the Nuvo glue
I used the craft for the matting
I then placed my card in the middle and added 2 little side pockets to hold the tags
I cut out some writings from a Paper Pack’s sheet e displayed them as per picture
I closed off my card with a strip of patterned paper and applied my ladybird dome shaker

Et Et voila’ our Flip Book is done- hope you like it!!

kiss kiss

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