How Do I Log Out Of A Single Google Account While Being Logged Into 2?

If you want to sign out of one Google account when using multiple accounts on your web browser, here is what you have to do. For this specific purpose, it is required to use a mobile with the Google app installed.Many folks often use more than one account to organize personal and professional contacts. If you are one of them, and you often sign in to your accounts at the same time, the sign-out process might cause issues at times. Gmail doesn’t allow users to sign out of one account when they signed in to multiple accounts on the web browser. If you use the traditional method, you will instantaneously end up logging out of both accounts at once. However, if you want to log out of one Gmail account, here is what you have to do.As I said earlier, you have to use the Google app that is available for Android and iOS. The account you want to sign out of must be added to the Google app on your phone.

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How to sign out of one Google account

To sign out of one Google account when using multiple accounts, follow these steps-Open the Google app on your phone.Tap on your profile picture and select the Manage your Google Account option.Switch to the Security tab.Go to Your devices section.Tap on the Manage devices button.Select the device you want to sign out of.Tap on the three-dotted icon.Select the Sign out option.To know more about these steps, keep reading.To get started, open the Google app on your phone and tap on your profile picture. Here you can find your accounts. If the desired account is already selected, tap the Manage your Google Account button.

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Following that, switch to the Security tab and go to the Your devices section. Here you will see an option called Manage devices. Tap on it.

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This page shows all the devices where you signed in to your Gmail account earlier. Select the device from where you want to sign out of and tap the corresponding three-dotted icon. Then, select the Sign out option from the list.


Once you do that, reload the page on your web browser. Hopefully, you are already signed out of your account at this point.In case you do not have a mobile with you, you can open your Gmail account on another computer and visit this page. Following that, tap on the respective three-dotted icon, and select the Sign out option. However, it is not possible on the computer you have two accounts on.That’s all! Hope this article helps.

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