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direct mail ads in san diegoWith nearly 140 franchise offices, Valpak is recognized as the national leader in direct mail. We take pride in being a one-stop shop for small businesses looking to advertise cost-effectively while producing results. From concept and design to production and mailing, your advertising dollars are in good hands with Valpak. With six decades of direct mail expertise, Valpak has perfected the art of creating ads that produce results

your valpak of san diego representative will partner with you to ensure your message is clearly conveyed in your ad. our designers use valpak’s lean design model with best practice offerings to ensure your audience can see the value of your ad right away.

direct mail coupons

direct mail coupons have been valpak’s flagship product since 1968, but we’re always looking for ways to increase our customers’ roi. Years of extensive research into advertising and marketing best practices led Valpak to its current insert model: an attractive and cost-effective slim design. These ads allow consumers to see your company’s offerings at first glance.

direct mail flyers

Larger than classic direct mail coupons, direct mail flyers are perfect for advertising a special event, business expansion, seasonal sale, or promotion. Due to Valpak’s size and scalability, direct mail flyers can be printed in bulk and act as takeout menus, flyers, or brochures in your store.

personalized postcards 1 to 1

When you partner with Valpak of San Diego, you put yourself in a position to have a completely customizable option with 1-to-1 custom postcards. This product takes your marketing to another level by giving you the ability to choose who receives your ad based on :

  • transport route
  • age
  • income
  • family size
  • home ownership
  • other companies
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You can choose when your ad reaches target households.

valpak postcards addressed to the neighborhood

Did you know that consumers are more likely to respond to postcards than any other type of marketing mail? including a coupon with your email also increases the expected response by 12.1%.

neighborhood postcards are limited-stock postcards plus one mailed to the same high-income households as the blue envelope and include email marketing.

event postcards

Event postcards help you create memorable connections with targeted, event-specific messages that resonate. From new homes to birthdays and new life stages, we have customizable event postcards to fit any budget and marketing plan: new engine postcards, birthday envelopes, and medicare postcards.

digital marketing san diego

san diego digital marketing and print advertising Last year, Valpak mailed more than 430 million famous Blue Envelopes to more than 39 million homes, but our proficiency in digital marketing is equally impressive. We host approximately 4 million unique visitors – 59% from mobile platforms. Simply put, Valpak is a true full-service advertising agency that offers a variety of multichannel solutions other San Diego marketing firms don’t.

digital advertising products

  • Display Advertising: Your digital ads reach the right audience at the right time with Valpak’s precise hyper-targeting process. you’ll drive brand awareness with our expertly designed banner ads and digital billboards.
  • Social Media Advertising: Through targeted ads, we’ll help you build brand awareness and keep conversations flowing .
  • website design: With a mobile-friendly website, consumers can find your business whether they’re at home or on the go. our team of designers will create your business site to be professional, functional, and easy to use while telling your business story with unique content.
  • search engine marketing (sem): a sem (or paid per click)/ppc) will also move your site to the top of the search engine results pages (serps), acting like a flashing billboard and inviting consumers to visit your site.
  • business profile page: a business listing on ensures the most eyes on your offerings. your business will attract local consumers looking to spend money on your product or service 24/7.
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small businesses in san diego we work with

Local businesses are happy they chose to partner with Valpak for direct mail and digital marketing. check out our local coupons page to see san diego businesses that advertise with us.

With extensive experience as marketing consultants, our team can help your business prosper through our high-quality products. our representatives are passionate about helping your business grow.

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