Oh Rudy! Giuliani Leaves Voice Mail for Wrong Senator – Begs for Delay to Biden Certification (Audio)

rudy giuliani has a long documented history of embarrassing technology failures. And on Wednesday night he slipped another one, this time related to his client Donald Trump’s attempts to nullify the 2020 election that is no less hilarious despite also being disturbing.

it appears the former new york mayor tried to call one of trump’s allies in the senate for more help in carrying out what amounts to a coup, except he called the wrong senator, who promptly leaked the excruciating voice message to the office. more on that in a bit, but you can listen to the full audio above right now.

The call came on the heels of the shocking outbreak of violence in washington, d.c., literally incited by trump himself, when trump supporters rioted and then occupied the capitol building during the period when a session was supposed to be held. Joint Congress would formally certify Joe. biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election. all members of congress were forced to evacuate, until order was restored hours later.

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An hour before Congress reconvened around 8 p.m. m. et to resume the certification process, Giuliani attempted to call the newly elected senator. tommy tuberville (r-alabama) to plead with the former auburn university football coach to do whatever he can to help delay the process. Rudy falsely claimed that the hearing was being rushed and suggested that somehow, if it can only be slowed down, Giuliani and his team would have more time to find and produce evidence of widespread voting that they have not been able to produce in the last two months. p>

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Unfortunately, he flagged the wrong guy who, as we said, leaked it to the office.

“senator tuberville? or should i say coach tuberville, this is rudy giuliani, the attorney for the president. I’m calling because I want to discuss with you how you’re trying to speed up this hearing, and how we need you, our Republican friends, to try to slow it down so we can get these legislators to get more information for you. and i know they will meet again at 8 pm, but the only strategy we can follow is to oppose numerous states and raise issues so that we get to tomorrow, ideally until the end of tomorrow,” said rudy.

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“i know mcconnell is doing everything he can to speed it up, which is kind of a kick in the head because it’s one thing to oppose us and it’s another not to give us a fair chance to contest it. he wants to try to boil it down to three states that we object to, whether there are ten states that we object to, not three,” he continued. “so if you could object to every state and, along with a congressman, get a hearing for every state, I know it would slow it down a lot, but it would give us an opportunity to bring together legislators who are very, very close to getting their vote out. , particularly after what mcconnell did today.

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“it pissed them off, because they wrote letters asking them to suspend the session and return the questionable ones and they would fix them. so this phone number, I am available all night, and it would be an honor to speak with you, ”he concluded.

listen above.

of course, if you’re a fan of rudy’s previous tech blunders, feel free to remind him. there’s the time she got hair dye all over her face (dye is a technology!). or the time he told a bunch of racist jokes that somehow got added to the end of an episode of his youtube show. or the time he phoned an nbc reporter and was overheard complaining that he needed money.

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