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protection and security is one of the highest points that the gmail email service has. thanks to the fact that it is common to have our mail linked to things like our banks, transport services. In addition to using it to create accounts on Facebook and other social networks in order to access mail from my cell phone or with my PC.

If the security of this data is violated, our private integrity would be damaged. Therefore, today, to create an email account, you are asked for a lot of information for a tentative restoration.

If you have forgotten your password and need to get into your gmail account, you can restore it without the phone number, it can be done with several methods. Among the easiest was with the cell phone number, since it is not available, it is necessary to resort to other ways. Next, you will know about each one with its way of using.

what is needed to be able to recover a gmail account?

This type of platform has several ways to re-enter mail from my cell phone or with my PC. if you have forgotten your password, choose the different ways to recover your account.

either with a recovery form when I don’t remember data. If you are looking for how to know my password, you can generate it with the alternative email, gmail offers you various possibilities.

what are the recovery methods that gmail has for its users?

It is more common than it seems that a person forgets their passwords for both their emails and their social networks. this happens because when creating the gmail account for the first time, it is not written down in a physical place or where it cannot be deleted. I think that our mind will remember it forever, which is not the case, because at the time of creating a password and not using it, it is forgotten.

among the different options that we will find to recover an account with a password. we will see that they are made to be used depending on the data you have. if you had a trusted email linked or by remembering the answer to a question you entered when creating the account. Whichever option you choose, here’s how they work.

teléfono vinculado al gmail

with the last password you remember

You will notice that when trying to log in and not succeeding, we press the button to recover account with password. in it we will expose a series of options to choose from to solve this problem as quickly as possible. one of those alternatives is requesting to enter an old password of that account.

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It is one of the simplest solutions to recover your account with your password, you just need to memorize an old one or have the written one as a backup. after entering the password in the box where you will be asked, you just have to click on next to access to restore a new password, and now you will be able to enter mail.

by email

when creating your gmail account for the first time you will be asked to enter a recovery email, he is the key in this problem, thanks to the fact that sometimes after passing one of the methods restoration, it will ask you to confirm that it is you from this email. Finally, always keep in mind to remember what that email looked like and if you still have access to it.

if you only want to perform this step without any other possibility, you just have to click on recover account with a password, select the option to restore with the recovery email, with this you just have to click on a link that will arrive to gmail and that’s it.

try that when you enter a recovery email it is from a close person, that you know that he or she will always have that account active. and that they will not forget how to enter it. This way you will have a backup in case when you change your phone, you forget how to log in and, finally, you lose your data from applications such as Google Meet, or Google Drive.

utilizar Gmail desde oficina

using the security question

This option is not only used when you forget your password, it also happens when the algorithm detects that the place where you are trying to open the account is very far from your last location. It consists of a question which you customize when creating the account, and that you can edit very easily in the gmail settings.

The default system will show you some questions that you can use, like, your mother’s name?, or your pet’s name? you decide whether to use one of them or to create a more personal one that only you can know.

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after forgetting the password it is very likely that you will be asked to answer this intrigue, the way it will be presented will be in a box with the question and a box where you will enter your answer. As with the previous cases and with those that will follow, it is always advisable to have a written backup of all this data.

how to use recovery form in gmail?

this is one of the least used options, but it is one of the most effective when it comes to recovering gmail account from my cell phone or with my pc. With the recovery form, you will have several functions at the moment that I do not remember data and you are looking for how to know my password.

  1. with your android mobile phone, you can generate a new one with the associated number.
  2. applications such as the google authenticator code, you can obtain the access codes.
  3. 8-digit passwords are also an available option. only the mobile phone number is used for this. this way recovering account with recovery form is easy.

recuperar cuenta de gmail

how can i recover my gmail account from pc?

With the applications that the same platform gives you, you can do it. with your mobile phone and your associated number, it is the best option you have. however, as we have explained to you, there are several functions that you can use in order to recover your account. either with the recovery form, with an alternative account, then enter the mail in the event that I do not remember data and you are looking for how to know the password. The best thing is that we can do it from my cell phone or with my PC.

How do I know what my gmail account password is if I don’t remember it?

This is something that is difficult for everyone. it is best to put one that can be easily remembered. within android, there are applications like notes. there you can save passwords in case you forget them. in this way, you will avoid I don’t remember data and you will look for how to know my password.

how to contact gmail support to recover my account?

the google company, has an email in order to resolve this type of conflict. within the technical support, there is the option to send your message about this problem. if you want to recover gmail account, and you are looking for the how to know my password with my pc or from my android cell phone, this is not the best option. since it takes a long time for so many requests I have.

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Gmail en android

what to do if all the above methods have failed?

If none of the above options work for you, there is very little left to try, the simplest thing you can do is create a new account, but that means losing the data from the old one. If you decide to sacrifice and create a new one, you will have to link all your networks, contacts and information to the new one, although if you still do not give up, you can choose to carry out the last two options that Google will allow you:

take the quiz

One of the last options to try is to fill in the recovery form, it is quite long and full of questions, but it will be your last resort. One thing that must be clear is that you must answer all the unknowns, if they ask you for the last password you remember, you must enter one that you remember that you will use since the account exists.

If you don’t remember anything at all, you should choose to write as close as you can remember, you can’t leave anything blank. otherwise, it is very unlikely that you will be taken into account. You can fill out the said form as many times as you want from my cell phone or with my PC. This will increase the probability that they will receive your order, since they are miles and probably will not lead to anything.

request technical support

if nothing works for you, you can proceed to request technical support from google, in the case of not remembering data. they will assist you as soon as possible and analyze your problem, the point here is that, if you do not have any data that validates your request, it is very unlikely that they can do anything else, so they will ask you to create another gmail account.

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