Top 5 Real Estate Postcards Providers Postcards That Actually Work

Despite all the hype around digital marketing, direct mail is still an extremely efficient means of real estate marketing, especially if you’re targeting baby boomers and beyond. We’ll share the top five providers we recommend for your next email campaign. And if you’re not sure what to send, we’ve also collected 16 types of real estate postcards, plus some effective examples to inspire you.

top five real estate postcard vendors of 2022

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16 real estate postcards that really work

Okay, now that you know our tips on the best places to get real estate postcards, let’s take a look at 16 emails you can use to create conversations, generate leads, and ultimately get to the closing table with more often.

1. just listed real estate postcards

best for: generating leads for your subject property and additional leads from the surrounding neighborhoodwhen to submit: every time you submit a new live listing

The postcard just mentioned is the perfect place to start because it is a mainstay of any successful real estate agent’s promotional strategy.

This postcard you just listed serves two purposes: The first is to alert buyers in your network to a property that might interest them. the second is to alert neighbors that you, the local real estate star, have just listed a great home and if they’re interested, they could be next.

Circular prospecting, or the act of sending media to households surrounding your existing listings and past sales, is a great place to use the postcard just listed. this technique becomes more efficient over time if you’re also consistent with it: the more neighbors hear about your success, the higher your response rate on each communication.

2. just sold real estate postcards

ideal for: generating new leads from the surrounding areawhen to send: every time a property closes

Much like the postcard just listed, the postcard that just sold is all about making your presence known in the neighborhood, and specifically your successes.

every time you sell a property, spread the word about it. having your sign in the yard is great for visibility. Take advantage of that visibility with a message that tells everyone you’ve got the job done and that you can do the same for them.

The results of this approach to circle prospecting will improve dramatically when you practice it consistently. so build it into your process of closing a file. sure you will get more listings.

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Postcards can be a powerful marketing, branding, and lead generation tool, if done right. don’t know where to start? Use our free guide to creating unique postcards that stand out.

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3. postal open doors

best for: inviting neighbors and potential buyers to your eventswhen to send: the week of any open house you are holding

open houses are fantastic opportunities to kill several birds with one stone. you can show your sellers that you are committed to exposing their property to as many people as possible, you can collect a treasure trove of potential buyers from the people who attend your event, and you can showcase the neighborhood and your sphere of influence (soi) that you are active and working in the market.

Sending an invitation postcard to an open house is a great way to increase the number of attendees. postcards can also serve as a convenient conversation starter for anyone who missed your event (“I sent you a postcard about an open house I had, I’m sorry you couldn’t make it, can I tell you about the house?” ).

4. real estate postcards with expired listing

ideal for: generating new leads from expired listingswhen to send: every time a property expires

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Expired listings are valuable leads if you know how to convert them. Many real estate agents who are frustrated by the low success rate of expired listings are missing the right message or the right time.

When it comes to messaging, this postcard is a great place to identify seller pain points, let them know that you understand how frustrating an expired listing can be, and are there to help.


5. fsbo real estate postcards

best for: generating new leads from fsbo propertieswhen to submit: whenever you find a fsbo listing

fsbo sellers are also good candidates for postcards. An FSBO seller has announced to the world that he wants to sell his house. it’s up to you to show them why you’re the perfect person to help sell it.

Your postcard message should focus on addressing what you can do to eliminate the challenging aspects of selling a home. Identify problems, but don’t dwell on them. instead, focus on your solutions, and then follow up your postcard with a solid phone conversation or walk in to close the deal.

6. new real estate agent postcards

best for: generating new leads for buyers and sellerswhen to send: anytime during your first year in a new office

Early in your career, getting the word out about your new business is critical, and postcards can help you achieve this goal. be cheerful and upbeat with the copy. Be sure to mention what’s important to you as a realtor and why it’s important to your community.

For these types of postcards, a larger mailing list is not always better. While it can be tempting to pepper the whole town with postcards from new agents, keep in mind who your most receptive audience will be: people who already have a rough idea of ​​who you are. perhaps this could be the first point of contact in your new neighborhood farming campaign?

7. offering a service: seller cma postal real estate

ideal for: generating new sales leadswhen to send: once before the start of peak sales season; once the high season is ending

Sometimes all a property owner needs to start the selling process is to verify that what they’ve heard about the market is true. Creating a postcard detailing your free, no-obligation market analysis offer is a postcard strategy that gets responses.

Try this postcard when testing new potential growing areas. Find a neighborhood that has been trending in the last few months and personalize the message just for them by offering a free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).

8. rental communities / potential buyers real estate postcards

ideal for: generating new leadswhen to send: up to once a quarter

Many real estate agents overlook the rental communities in and around their agricultural areas. these are perfect places to look for buyers using a postcard. Quite a few residents of these communities are potential first-time homebuyers, so marketing to them can offer a decent return on investment (ROI).

You’ll get a much better response rate when you tailor your message to the community itself. here is an example:

Let’s say you want to grow an apartment complex where the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $1,200 per month. use a mortgage calculator to determine the purchase price range that correlates with your monthly rent payment, then personalize your message with this information.

Looking for more information on how to crush rental community prospecting? Check out our video below on how to message effectively and convert leads from the rental community.

9. stagnant funnel real estate postcards

ideal for: generating new leadswhen to send: up to once a quarter

We’ve all had leads hovering around our lead funnel for months, people who just can’t seem to pull the trigger. Sending an encouraging postcard message to prospective buyers or sellers who need a little push can be very effective.

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If you want to maximize your return on investment, you need to tailor your message to the market you serve. For example, add some details about the median days in market for your particular area – make your postcard recipients feel like the market isn’t just good, it’s good for them.

Send this postcard to homeowners who have shown an interest in selling, but haven’t gotten too far out of the interest phase of the funnel or into their farm area, in general.

10. buyer sitting near real estate postcards

ideal for: generating new leadswhen to send: up to once a quarter

When a homebuyer doesn’t feel any urgency in their decision-making process, it’s easy for them to delay in the sales opportunity funnel or drop out altogether. Obviously, he never wants his clients to feel rushed into making a decision they’re not prepared for, but sometimes a message of urgency is just what it takes to get them thinking again.

The uncaring shopper postcard is perfect for any prospect who is being slow to return calls and texts, who decided to skip the open house last weekend, or who is considering “just renting for another year.”


11. real estate postcards personal sphere

where to find this postcard: prospectsplus!

ideal for: generating leads from buyers and sellerswhen to ship: twice a year

As an active real estate agent, your sphere knows they’re going to hear from you. Whether it’s in the form of texts, phone calls, emails, or lively conversations at the local watering hole, the longer you do this work, the more your social circle will look forward to it.

do the unexpected and include them in your mailing too. since they know you, they are more likely to keep your postcard for longer. Your message can be a little lighter and a little more familiar, but make sure it’s deliberate and has a well-defined call to action.

12. real estate referral generation postcards

ideal for: generating new leads

when to send: once or twice a year

Some of the most valuable communications with your prospects come not from you, but from the buyers and sellers you’ve closed with.

A postcard that you can use to actively solicit recommendations pairs nicely with a follow-up phone call 24 hours after the postcard is received. you will start to see if your previous clients can bring you new prospects.

13. home purchase anniversary real estate postcards

where to find this postcard: prospectsplus!

ideal for: generating new leads for buyers and sellerswhen to ship: once a year, on closing day anniversary

Keeping in touch with satisfied clients is the best way to be there when they or (even better) someone they know is considering a new transaction or needs real estate advice.

An easy way to stay top of mind is to send a closing day anniversary postcard to each of your closed sales. Since these are one-off postcards, consider an image that you can use for multiple clients. include a short handwritten note and be sure to put the delivery date on your calendar so you don’t miss the day.

14. real estate postcards for agriculture

ideal for: generating new leadswhen to send: up to once a month, preferably every 45-60 days

Part of working in agricultural real estate is providing content that shows you’re part of the community and care about its long-term growth. therefore, your message must provide ongoing value, including keeping people updated on the state of the market.

Market updates are a great way to remind potential customers that real estate deals are happening in your community. Market information can lead them to view your home’s value as an investment in today’s market, a sure way to spark conversations with potential sellers.

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15. real estate postcards for special occasions

best for: generating new leads for buyers and sellerswhen to ship: special occasions, up to once a quarter

Special occasions are great times to connect with your entire sphere. Major holidays are amazing opportunities for communication, but don’t forget important but overlooked milestones like Back to School, Daylight Savings Time, or Earth Day. your customers are likely to identify with these relatively universal themes and seasons.

do your best to schedule delivery of an email like this for maximum efficiency. For example, a daylight saving time reminder won’t do any good if it’s two weeks early, and it certainly won’t work if it’s late. keep your message positive and concise, and include an invitation to connect as well.

16. calendar of special events real estate postcards

ideal for: generating new leadswhen to send: once or twice a year

Take advantage of major events in your local area by creating a calendar of must-see events that you can send to all your contacts once a year. major sporting events, concerts, local festivals, even school calendars can be permanently added to the refrigerator, along with your name, face, contact information, and a call to action.

Special event postcards are great because their consistency breeds effectiveness. If someone receives your football calendar one year, they are more likely to accept it and make it a fixture in their kitchen again and again. just make sure you choose a topic that is timely and appeals to a wide audience.

essential design elements for your postcards

  • Big, Bold Images: The postcard is a visual medium, and even if your message is delivered in text, it should grab the recipient’s attention when the postcard is pulled from the mailbox mail.
  • headshot: Similarly, the main image of a postcard is very important, and including your headshot is also important. make sure you leave no doubt as to who is behind the message your audience is enjoying.
  • Relevant Contact Information: Your postcard response rate is guaranteed to be zero if it does not include ways people can communicate with you. name, phone number, and email at a minimum.
  • a call to action: what do you want your sender’s audience to do after they’ve read your message? be sure to direct your audience, whether it’s calling you to talk about home prices or putting the football game schedule on the fridge.
  • brokerage information: many states require a return address for spam calls. mail pieces, and in the case of real estate-related marketing, your brokerage information. Be sure to include the name and address of your brokerage.

don’t forget nar’s disclaimer

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) Code of Ethics prohibits the solicitation of business from buyers or sellers who are already represented exclusively by a realtor.

When mailing larger pieces of mail, you may inadvertently be mailing to addresses that are currently on the market or to buyers who are already represented by an agent. To avoid the headaches of potential ethics complaints, include the following somewhere on your postcard (we suggest using very small print):

create your own real estate postcards

real estate postcards are powerful tools for marketing, branding and lead generation. While you won’t find any major producer who relies solely on postcards to get the word out about their business, postcards are still impactful, especially if you’re purposeful and strategic in implementing them.

If you’re looking for a great resource for designing, printing, and mailing postcards, check out prospectsplus!. can help jump-start your postcard strategy with professional and affordable direct mail services.

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