Everything you should know to create a business Gmail account

Are you a business administrator looking for the perfect email service? then gmail for business should definitely top your list. And while Gmail is a commonly used application for personal and corporate correspondence, many people don’t realize the full extent of its business capabilities.

For starters, just like having a business website, a business email makes customers perceive you as a serious and trustworthy company. allows you to conduct all your communications from a single custom domain email address.

Compared to its main competitors, Outlook, Gmail is much more affordable, making it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, Gmail offers a user-friendly interface, better customer support and more useful applications compared to its counterparts.

finally, gmail is simple, lightweight and powerful. log in through your browser or mobile app and access all your emails directly from the cloud.

create business gmail account vs free gmail account

free gmail accounts, also known as google accounts, give you access to basic google services. they also offer minimal online storage. you can also set it up as a free business email account with minimal tools and features.

The biggest difference between the two is the email domain. A business gmail account requires you to have a domain address to which all communications are directed, which is not the case with free gmail.

on the other hand, gmail for business provides higher storage limits and a lot of advanced features.

other benefits include;

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gmail business account can be managed centrally

The other main difference between free gmail and google workspace is based on resource ownership. the resources of the google workspace account are owned by the company. You have the most control over what happens in and around your accounts through the admin console. all data in the google workspace is stored in the cloud and can be centrally managed by the administrator. the administrator decides who can access the accounts or who cannot. If a staff member leaves the company, their access rights are transferred to their replacement and they will not be able to access the account from outside the company.

By contrast, free gmail accounts are owned by individual users. this makes them an unsuitable option for companies because they cannot manage or control the mailboxes of each individual employee. If a worker leaves the company, he leaves with the information of his personal accounts, which can be a great risk for the company. if the individual user decides to change the login details, the company will no longer be able to access the account.

the design is different

Free gmail and business gmail accounts differ from a design perspective. While the two have nearly similar features, the free version is designed with individual users in mind, while google workspace leans more toward team and business collaboration features.

so you don’t expect to find team management features in gmail free. similarly, file sharing with these accounts is limited. If you want to share a file with multiple users, you need to set file access rights for recipients one by one, which can be a big inconvenience for businesses. Suppose you have a team of ten people. you must enter each member’s email address in the recipient box before sending the email.

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benefits of creating a business gmail account

gmail account for business is a google workspace app and aims to take emailing, team communication, collaboration, document creation and scheduling to the next level. At this point, you’re aware that using personal email for business isn’t the best way to keep your customers on the hook. It is best to create a gmail business account to enjoy its unlimited benefits and efficiency.

Core features expected from Google Workspace include;

communication tools

google workspace apps have a ton of features to help your team take action and respond in real time, and share messages to make sure everyone is on the same page. and depending on your preferred subscription package, the email address gives you the opportunity to store messages and data up to terabytes.

google calendar is another essential communication tool of a business account. the tool helps with service scheduling and time management and allows users to share schedules with teammates. the fact that it is cloud based makes everything better. users can highlight important dates and share them with others in the company.

the hangout function makes things easier and more convenient. The gmail business account has a video chat and messaging tool that allows up to ten users to join. it’s simple and fast to hold a conference remotely.

collaboration tools

gmail for business integrates cloud computing to revolutionize team collaboration. streamlines the processes of creating, editing, viewing, and sharing documents with its plethora of easy-to-use templates. facilitates real-time changes to documents and automatic saving, and this minimizes the chances of data loss.

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google workspace also includes documents. allows you to quickly edit, broadcast and modify documents without fear of losing data or files. You can also share the documents in view-only or edit mode, depending on whether you want the recipient to modify the content.

google sheets is another collaboration tool from google. Not only is this tool easy to use, but it also has a robust spreadsheet service that allows you to create graphs, charts, and tables to simplify your spreadsheet content.


gmail for business allows users to create, edit and renew files directly from the workspace. you can use disk or cloud storage solutions. drive lets you store a variety of file types, including word documents, excel spreadsheets, music, audio, adobe slides, and videos, to name a few. check out this ultimate guide to google drive to learn more about it.

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