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China post

China Post is engaged in the delivery of parcels and postal items in China and beyond. This postal operator carries out a collosal volume of shipments of goods from Aliexpress and other similar trading platforms, which have become insanely popular over the past few years.

when registering a postal item with china post, all packages are assigned a unique tracking number corresponding to the universal postal union s10 standard (consisting of 13 symbols).

Sellers from online marketplaces like gearbest, aliexpress, banggood, fasttech, ebay often use china post to deliver their purchases.

china post update on coronavirus

the usps relayed the following messages it received from the upu about the coronavirus and both china post and hongkong post

china’s designated operator (people’s representative), china post, asks us to inform other member countries of the union and their designated operators that, in order to avoid the risk of further transmission and spread of the new coronavirus (2019-ncov ), china post has been instructed by the Chinese government to disinfect all mail destined for or in transit through wuhan at its processing center.

what is china post air mail?

China Post Registered Air Mail is cheap and normally slow shipping service from China Post. It normally takes 2-4 weeks to destination country from china. registered airmail tracking number is a 13-digit tracking code that starts with the letter “r” and ends with “cn”

china post air mail tracking

To track china post shipments, simply enter your tracking number in the search field above and click track package.

registered mail can be tracked through the china post tracking system.

unregistered china post tracking

unregistered china post packets usually have 13 alphanumeric characters (ug533573760cn) beginning with the letter u. unregistered packages are traceable only during transit through Chinese territory. Once the package is exported to its destination, it cannot be tracked because it is an economic delivery and the package is not registered at the transit points. the only exception is kazpost, kazakhstan’s postal service, which supports tracking of unregistered mail items arriving in kazakhstan.

china postal services

international services for china post include small packets, large packets and ems. china post small packet and big packet can be tracked if they are registered. According to transportation methods, it can be divided into three categories: air parcel, surface air transport (salt) parcel, and surface parcel. china post air mail/parcel is the most widely used, which is cheap and convenient. ems is faster than china post but more expensive.

china post small packet

China Post International Small Packet Service is for delivery of light items less than two kilograms from China to other countries and regions. It is the cheapest delivery way among all logistics transportation ways like EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT and you can register to track the shipment. As long as the package (excluding prohibited items) is less than 2kg with a size less than 90cm in length, width and depth combined and a largest dimension less than 60cm, it can be shipped as a small package. A small package is usually delivered via three modes of transportation: air, surface (salt) air, and surface. Because surface delivery needs a long time (generally 40-70 days), more people use air or salt. China Post International Registered Air Mail is now widely used in the e-commerce market such as eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, and by individual customers. Items such as small parts, accessories, clothing, shoes, and more everyday items are eligible for this delivery method.

a small package is suitable for items weighing less than 4.4 lbs (2 kg). the total length, width, and height of your outer package must not exceed 35 inches (90 cm), and the length, width, or height must not exceed 24 inches (60 cm). a small package is very cheap, especially for international mail. it can reach almost everywhere in the world, as long as there is a post office. it is safe and traceable if registered. It takes 5-10 days to other Asian countries, 7-15 days to America and Europe, and 7-30 days to other countries. air mail takes about 15 business days, sales mail takes about 30 days, and ground mail takes one to two months. the tracking number for a small package usually starts with “r”, “p” or “v” and ends with “cn”.

china post ordinary small package plus (unregistered): lower rates without shipment tracking & tracking service and compensation for loss.

certified mail: higher rate than regular mail but can be tracked online. this is widely used for ebay sellers of electronics, accessories, clothing, and crafts.

Classified by means of transport, the service is divided into three types: air parcel, surface air transport (salt) and surface parcel.

china post small packet tracking number format

Registered Small Package Shipment ID consists of 13 characters beginning with “r” and another letter followed by 9 digits ending with “cn”, e.g. rs123456789cn;

the tracking number for china post ordinary small package plus only consists of 9 digits or 13 characters that start with “u” and another letter that follows with 9 digits and ends with “cn”. eg 123456789, un123456789cn

china post small packet delivery time

Delivery time is usually decided by post offices process time and customs clearance conditions. the following time is for your reference only.

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For air parcels to neighboring countries of china: 5 to 10 days, to European and American countries: 7 to 15 days, to other countries and regions: 7 to 30 days. for surface air transport packages (salt): 15 – 20 days. for surface package: 40 – 70 days.

estimated time of arrival of china post air mail package

about compensation

For registered parcels, once the loss is confirmed, you can request compensation from china post. china post will assess the value of the goods and give you compensation. Usually you can get two or three times of the shipping charge. the registration fee is non-refundable.

by normal mail, you can’t get any compensation.

china post international large parcel

china post offers international large parcel service for delivery of items over 2kg and under 20kg, 30kg or 40kg. It is used for those packages with large sizes but that are not so urgent for their shipment. Compared with ems and other express, big parcel service is much cheaper. can be tracked and traced with shipping status if registered.

Like the China Post Small Parcel Service, which is for delivery of items less than 2kg, the Large Parcel has regular mail and registered mail classifications. the former is cheaper but cannot be tracked with the shipping status. the registered one is a little more expensive but with tracking service. furthermore, classified by transportation methods, it can be divided into three types which are air parcel, surface (salt) air freight and surface parcel. air parcels are transported by air, salt by sea, land or air, and surface parcels by rail, car or ship. the first two ways need 5-30 days shipping time and the last one needs more time, more than one month.

china post large parcel tracking number consists of 13 characters starting with “cp”, followed by 9 digits and ending with “cn”

Delivery time for air parcels to neighboring countries of China: 5 – 10 days, to developed countries in Europe and America: 7 – 15 days, to South American countries: 10-20 days, to Africa and other countries or regions: 15 – 30 days. for surface air transport packages (salt): 15 – 20 days. for surface package: 1 – 2 months.

If you have further questions about tracking and pricing, you can call the china post hotline 11185 if you are in china and +86 10 11185 if you are outside of china. for English service, press 8 after receiving the call.

china ems (express mail service)

china international ems is a shipment delivery service offered by china postal express & logistics and other postal operators in the world. delivers documents, materials, urgent letters and all kinds of merchandise to and from other countries with speed and high reliability.

china international express

china international express (short for china express) is an international express service provided by china postal express & logistics in cooperation with holland tnt. the service reaches more than 200 countries and regions in the world at present. china express is different from international ems in aspects of post specification, business process, customs clearance and distribution channel. It enjoys high priority at post offices, customs and airlines in all countries. All kinds of documents, bank bills, letters and goods can be delivered with high efficiency with China Express. In addition, you can easily track your package’s shipping information using our ems tracking system.

According to the weight limit, shipping time and service model, china express services can be divided into “global express” service, “economy express” service and other value-added services (service paid by consignee , customs broker )

global express service covering more than 220 countries and regions in the world is china express’s fastest door-to-door delivery service. By using the TNT International Express network for delivery, the service is guaranteed in shipping time, tracking and other after-sales services. therefore, it is the most widely used in all china express business.

The economy express service is mainly used for shipping goods over 45 kg. It also offers door-to-door delivery and tracking services. Compared with global express service, it is cheaper but it needs 2-3 days more time for shipping. Delivering the package mainly by air and land, it currently covers Asia, Australia, the Middle East, the United States of America and the main countries in Europe.

china express tracking number format

the tracking number (shipping id) of china express is made up of 13 numbers. starts with “ct” and ends with “cn”. between them there are 9 digits. eg ct123456789cn

why is my package status stuck on “exit office of exchange departure”?

Sometimes the tracking information is not updated in time. Another possibility is that your package has already left china, but the following status cannot be tracked as the destination country does not support china post tracking.

When can I receive my package?

It depends on the type of china post service you have chosen. Usually it takes 7-20 business days for air and salt mail, and 40-70 days for surface mail. if there was any delay, it would be up to 180 days. you can check the status through our tracking tool. If it is an urgent package, it is recommended to pay more for an air mail.

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I found the location of pvg/pek/foc/can while tracking my package. What do these initials refer to?

these are the iata codes of the airports. pvg refers to shanghaipudong airport. pek refers to the international airport in the capital of beijing. foc is fuzhou changle international airport itit code. can is the airport code for guangzhou baiyun international airport.

I ordered an item from china and got a tracking number, but the tracking information shows “open”. what does it mean?

china post offers online tracking service for registered parcels, but sometimes the information in English is not very clear.

“pickup” means that the post office received the package; “opening” refers to the passage of customs control; “departure of the exit office of exchange” indicates that the package was ready for shipment to the destination country.

what is the reason there are no tracking records for my tracking number?

If there are no tracking records for your tracking number, it may be because you entered the numbers incorrectly. you need to make sure you have entered the correct number. In addition, the shipping information needs some time to display in the system after the package is shipped. we suggest you wait a day or two to check. If you still can’t see the records, please contact china post official customer service.

I haven’t received any update for the last few days. where is my package? lost on the way?

no more updates does not mean lost. there are many reasons for this:

  • It may not be able to be tracked after it leaves the first station in china because it is a china post ordinary parcel. China Post Ordinary Parcel Tracking Number Formats: UC123456789cn, 123456789. Most of the retailers on ebay, wish or aliexpress like to use this way to ship items cheaply.
  • couldn’t track after it left china. this also happens with china post ordinary packet.
  • if the package has been exported, the shipment status will not be updated until the package reaches the destination country. this period can last from 3 to 60 days depending on the different shipping methods.
  • The carrier may omit to enter the tracking information.
  • Your package may have been lost during the transportation period.

my package was stuck somewhere for a few days. could you update the information?

parcelsapp is a tracking website that obtains tracking data from different couriers and provides you with the tracking information for free. We are not logistics companies, so we cannot do anything for the delivery process. only when the courier service updates your data, we will be able to update it accordingly. If you find your package stuck somewhere for more than ten days, you’d better contact your local courier to check it for you.

what can I do if the tracking result shows “customs refused” or “security check refused”?

People will sometimes see the tracking status as “security check refused” or “customs refused” or “refused”. this is usually due to the following two reasons:

The prohibited item in the package has cell phone, ipad, speaker, etc. (Please check China Post’s list of prohibited items here.) If your package has an item on the prohibited list, you can no longer get the goods. you should open a dispute with the seller and claim the refund. occasionally the packet may also be rejected by machine error. this often happens with mobile phone cases, toys, etc., which seem like prohibited items.

if the rejection occurred in error. it could be sent back to the security checkpoint after a period of time. the reject-forward procedure can be repeated many times. so if the packet is rejected by mistake, the packet has a good chance of arriving in the future, but it will still be seriously delayed.

If you think your package does not contain anything on china post’s prohibited items list, you can wait 2-5 more weeks (but never past the ebay/aliexpress/amazon buyer protection expiration date). If your Buyer Protection is about to expire and your package hasn’t arrived, you should open a lost package dispute as soon as possible.

what should I do if package delivery fails?

If the tracking status shows “delivery failed”, it means that the carrier tried to deliver it to the recipient but could not do so successfully due to the wrong address or the recipient could not connect via phone. when this happens, most carriers hold the package at the post office for about two weeks. you must contact the carrier as soon as possible to request a new delivery. or it will be returned to sender after two weeks.

what does the status “collection”, “opening”, “dispatch”, “departure from outgoing office of exchange”, “arrival at incoming office of exchange” mean in the tracking result?

pickup means that the post office has received your package.

clearance refers to the package leaving the above office for the export port of china post in another city.

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opening means that the package has arrived at the local processing center and is being processed. or the big package including your package and others is opened by Chinese customs for checking and shipping. (your package is not open).

departure from the exit exchange office means that your package is ready for shipment to the destination country.

arrival at the exchange office of entry means that your package has arrived in the country of destination.

what to do if the tracking status says “successfully delivered” but I didn’t receive it?

In general, if the package shows ‘successfully delivered’, it means the recipient received it. if you didn’t receive it, better check the post office box or ask your friends or neighbors. one of them can receive it for you. or contact the courier that delivered your package to ask where it was delivered and who received it.

how to change the package address?

In general, once the package is shipped, the recipient’s address cannot be changed. you’d better track its status, and once you find it, arrive at the destination country, please contact the local carrier to change the address.

How long will it take for the china post parcel to reach my country? how long until my tracking status is updated?

can’t know the exact arrival time of china post international parcel. The reasons for this unpredictable arrival issue is that China Post’s international packages actually go through a network called the Global Postal Union.

The members of this union are postal companies from different countries and most of the countries in the world belong to this union.

Therefore, packages from China will pass through many of the member countries of the union before reaching their destination. the postal company of the country of destination is responsible for the delivery.

The key point is that, once the parcel is handed over to customs or airline and is on its way to the next union member’s system, china post will no longer control the parcel and won’t even know the exact status and the location of the package until the next member country of the union scans your package.

after china post lost control of the package, in the tracking result, the package status will appear to be frozen or stuck with a status such as “shipped to airline”, “export security scanning”, “scanning export customs”, “delivered”. to the airline” for a long time (2 to 4 weeks in regular season and 4 to 8 weeks in high season). Once the next postal union member scans the parcel again and sends the data back to China Post through the Global Postal Union computer system, China Post will update the parcel status with the new information.

If the destination country does not scan the package or send the scan result to the universal postal union, the status will be frozen forever. so if the status of your package was frozen for a couple of weeks, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with your package.

In high season, the arrival time can be double or triple the normal season.

There are many factors that affect delivery time, including domestic events and festivals, departure port traffic situation, etc.

china post official website

If you want to track with china post official website directly, please go to the corporate website is at

about china post

china post group corporation is the state-owned postal company that operates, the official postal service of china.

Owned by the State Post Office of the People’s Republic of China, China Post is the official postal service of China. China Post’s main business scope includes: domestic and international mail delivery services, circulation of newspapers, magazines and books, postal remittance services, stamp issuing, postal express delivery and logistics services, e-commerce, communication by confidential correspondence , postal financial services, a variety of postal agency business and other business permitted by the state of china.

china post is not the only postal service in china. Other postal services are also available, such as TNT, DHL, Federal Express and UPS. china post, however, is the cheapest international postal service, although it is the slowest. after ordering an item from a Chinese supplier, you can choose any available postal service.

Transit time is subject to change. Any delay could be caused by bad weather, customs check, inspection, invalid address or number, etc. therefore, the actual delivery time is usually longer than the promised time.

For online buyers, it is better to use large and legal postal services and it is better to pay or confirm payment after receiving your packages. In most cases, your package will not be lost. According to the statistics of a professional tracking website, it takes between 180 and 3 days for a package to arrive at its destination from China, and most of the packages have been delivered successfully.

With the Parcels app, you can track China Post as well as any packages shipped from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia.

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