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We recommend using the Outlook email client or the Outlook Web App (OWA) to access your USC Office 365 email. this page provides links to documentation on how to set up your email client to access office 365. when setting up your email client to work with your usc mailbox, we recommend selecting the microsoft 365 setup wizard (choose at configure Outlook). if you are using an email client other than outlook and microsoft 365 or office 365 is not a configuration option, we recommend selecting the exchange configuration option and only using the imap (internet message access protocol) option if there is no other option.

exchange vs. imap

There are several benefits to configuring your email client to use “Microsoft 365”, “Office 365”, or “Exchange” instead of the IMAP setting. Microsoft 365 only requires you to provide your email address and password for setup; imap, however, requires additional information from the server. Microsoft 365 also provides direct access to the USC calendar that is part of your Office 365 account.

If you use Microsoft Outlook as your email client, you must use the default Microsoft 365 account type. At this time, it also supports connecting to other compatible mail clients using the exchange and imap4 connection methods with oauth2, although exchange is preferred.

set up an office 365 account with microsoft 35

For documentation on setting up your office 365 account in an email client using exchange, see the links at the bottom of this page.


Note: The versions of Outlook listed below are the only versions supported by Microsoft for use with Office 365.

microsoft 365 apps for enterprise 2019 outlook 2016 outlook

set up an office 365 account using imap and smtp with oauth2 authentication

Below is information on how to set up your supported email clients to access your office 365 account using imap and smtp with oauth2 authentication. You will need to know your office 365 email address (based on your usc netid username), password, and office 365 server settings in order to properly set up your email client. no longer allows new accounts to connect with imap and smtp without oauth2. existing accounts configured to connect via imap and smtp will need to update their client and client settings to an oauth2 compatible client soon as it will no longer support basic authentication starting in early 2021.

imap and smtp with oauth2 server setup

The following is the incoming and outgoing imap server settings for office 365.

The following screenshots provide a summary of how to connect your email client to Office 365 using the Microsoft 365 protocol and IMAP/SMTP (non-Outlook email clients).

configure microsoft outlook for microsoft 365 or exchange

Start outlook after the initial installation of office or find the mail item in the windows control panel to add or edit your outlook account profile.

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After first installation of Office, click the Windows Start, then launch Outlook:

name your new profile:

select the microsoft 365 setup assistant:

enter your usc email address and click “connect”

enter your netid and password:

verify your identity on the duo multifactor authentication page:

outlook should connect to your usc mailbox after the wizard configures the settings.

You may also see a configuration page similar to the screens below.

note: outlook for mac settings are similar

settings for imap/smtp with oauth2 (non-outlook mail clients)

Use the following screenshot as a guide to configure your imap/smtp client with oauth2. the example is for thunderbird v78.4.

additional configuration details

For help setting up your email clients, see the following guides:

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mozilla thunderbird

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microsoft office 365 documentation

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  • using the outlook web app (owa)

office 365 email

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