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Gmail email invoices right from your Gmail account? You mean I don”t have sầu lớn log into my QuickBooks company file? Yes that feature is here! Well, here in QBO labs. But I think it is one that will stay. When you use gear>QuickBooks labs, you need to know that these are things they are working on. Sort of “not ready for prime time” just yet. If you are someone who likes to be on the cutting edge of giải pháp công nghệ, you can try some of the features Intuit is working on in QB labs. See this other post on Quickbooks Labs.

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Clicking on install was the easy part. Getting it lớn show up in Gmail was a bit more tricky. Here are the steps:

Step 1 xuất hiện any existing Gmail thread và select the QuickBooks ibé on the far right. The icon may take a few minutes khổng lồ appear in Gmail.

Step 2Sign up for a new account. Or sign in with an existing QuickBooks . You have sầu to connect it to your QuickBooks online account in order for it lớn show up there & be part of your merchant trương mục (if you have one). Note: You may have to refresh your browser to lớn see the gray Intuit biệu tượng công ty to connect it và make it green.
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CREATE GMAIL EMAIL INVOICES RIGHT IN GMAIL AND NOT IN QUICKBOOKS ONLINESover professional invoices with your logo sản phẩm, business details, and more.GIVE YOUR CUSTOMERS A WAY TO PAY ONLINELet customers pay you online with credit cards and ngân hàng transfers. See the video clip for a test of this new feature.

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1. To use QuickBooks Invoicing for Gmail, you need to lớn create a miễn phí Intuit user ID or sign in with your existing user ID for QuickBooks Online, TurboTax, Mint, or any other Intuit hàng hóa. 2. Does not work with QuickBooks Self-Employed (too bad) or QuickBooks Desktop.3. There are no monthly charges for QuickBooks Invoicing for Gmail.4. All online payments are processed through a payments trương mục (powered by Stripe or QuickBooks). There are no monthly charges for the payments account, but a per transaction fee may be required for online payments.

To love QuickBooks Online. I am still a firm believer (và I know Intuit says it is not true), that QuickBooks Desktop is going khổng lồ be sold off or stop being created. I give sầu it 5 years tops. But this is only my opinion. I did this from my iPhone & it also worked wonderfully. I did not have sầu khổng lồ log into QuickBooks at all. Such a time saver!

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