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While trying to read or send some important emails on your gmail account, didn’t you encounter any connection error? Now, instead of concentrating on your work, are you confused about what’s going on?

what does that mean? Did my wi-fi drop? do I need to log out and then log back in? what does this “offline” status really mean?

well, don’t worry, I’ll explain everything and help you recover your gmail account.

The reason your gmail app says no connection is usually due to your network connection. If you’re on a mobile device and using mobile data, it’s common for data connectivity to drop in certain signal areas. Also, if you’re on a secure network, some network access points may block important ports that Gmail needs to work properly.

why your gmail says there is no connection

One of the most common reasons for data connectivity issues is that you are on a mobile device. Your device is likely trying to locate a nearby Wi-Fi network, and this could make your gmail connection appear to be down.

Also, gmail often annoys us when there is a connection problem. This could be because you don’t have data or your provider has blocked the ports that gmail needs to use.

what causes gmail connection failure?

there are many different reasons that can prevent you from accessing gmail from your computer.

It can be caused by a gmail outage or if some files on your system have become corrupted.

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conflicting ip addresses assigned by your isp can also cause problems in some apps, in that case you can switch to your mobile data or try to access gmail from another device. more importantly, you need to reboot the router to fix the problem.

here is a list of all the possible reasons that can lead to the connection failure error in gmail:

  • unstable internet connection.
  • conflict with proxy or dns settings.
  • flagged ip assigned to wi-fi router.
  • gmail app outdated.

how do you get your gmail working again?

The first thing you can do to resolve this problem is to make sure that your internet connection is working and that it is not caused by some system error.

If it still doesn’t work after restarting your device, you can try using gmail from another device or switch to mobile data to see if the problem is isolated to your device.

If this doesn’t work, you may need to try other troubleshooting methods, such as reinstalling the app or disabling any ad blockers.

also, this is what google suggests in case users experience no connection while using gmail on their device or via browser:

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Close the app, then open it again.
  • Log out first, then log back in.

If you follow all of the above solutions, you should be able to access gmail again and the “offline” error you’ve been experiencing should be resolved.

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how do you know if your gmail emails are not being delivered?

Ever wonder if the emails you send from your gmail account are actually getting delivered?

Quick Tip: The easiest way to confirm that your email was delivered is to look for it in your outbox. if it’s missing, it probably worked!

Although many of us use gmail to send emails for multiple purposes, not all messages end up in the right place. it’s frustrating! this situation can get even worse when you send dozens of messages every day. that’s where we start to doubt their ability to deliver.

If you’ve just sent an email, the most basic way to tell if it was delivered is to simply log into your gmail account and check your sent folder. if the message is there and doesn’t have a red error tag, that’s fine.

Basically, if a message is still in your outbox, it hasn’t been delivered. if it’s not there but it’s in your drafts folder, that’s another indication that something went wrong.

note: always make sure the email address you are sending to is valid and entered correctly or else the email will only appear in the outbox and not in the sent folder.

what is gmail outbox?

Most of the time, when you send a message from gmail to your phone, it appears more or less immediately. but if you’re not in a coverage area, gmail will queue those messages to send later.

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Your gmail outbox is a folder that stores any email messages you’ve sent but haven’t actually sent yet. it’s the opposite of your inbox, where you receive incoming messages from others.

In short, the gmail outbox is a queue for messages you’ve written and sent from your endpoint while your phone was offline or there was no data coverage.

how do i forward an email in gmail outbox?

Nobody wants to see an email stuck in an outbox folder or spend all day checking a sent folder to see if their message has been delivered. that’s where the forward feature comes in handy.

Some email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, include a “forward this email” feature. gmail has nothing of the sort. so how do you forward an email in gmail outbox?

Whether you need to resend an email in gmail because the spam filter caught your message by mistake or you forgot to include an attachment, there’s a trick to resend an email in gmail.

The easiest ways to do this would be:

  • to copy and paste your original message into a new one and press send
  • to use the reply or forward function in gmail
  • lastly, use a template in gmail so you can send them quickly.

wrapping it

Hopefully, this guide helped you fix your gmail and resolved the “offline” issue, and I also included information on email deliverability, gmail outbox, and email forwarding. that you might find useful.

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