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There are few things as mentally draining as looking through the mountain of emails waiting for your attention after a few days out of your inbox. where do you start? what do you prioritize?

enter the google chrome extensions for gmail. While we can’t promise that these extensions will solve every problem, we can guarantee that they will boost productivity for busy professionals looking to get the most out of their busy schedules, and you’ll spend less time scrolling through your inbox wondering if you should just throw it all away. ocean.

for organization

rightinbox: Can’t afford to hire a personal assistant? it’s okay. rightinbox has you covered. The free version of the chrome extension allows you to send 10 emails scheduled later, 10 reminders to keep track of important conversations, and 10 private notes that you can attach to emails that only you can access per month. however, if you splurge on an annual plan, which will set you back a staggering $5.95 per month, your email inbox will be your biggest flexibility. users will have unlimited access to schedule emails, track opens and clicks, automate recurring emails, attach private notes, use templates to write emails faster, switch between multiple email signatures, send follow-ups, set reminders, sync emails with crm, share image link previews, embed gifs from giphy and more. honestly, why are we writing a list of extensions, when this is clearly the only one you need?

boomerang: Not to be confused with the instagram feature, boomerang for gmail is another great candidate for organizing every aspect of your inbox. While it offers similar capabilities to rightinbox, boomerang has a few tricks up its sleeve. its free version includes scheduling, reminders, response and click tracking, read receipts, artificial intelligence assistance to help users write better, and inbox pause, which prevents new emails from reaching your inbox until you are ready, per month, to receive 10 emails. the paid personal version, at $4.99 per month, includes unlimited access to the features listed above, plus notes. businesses that purchase the $49.99 unlimited version can enjoy advanced settings for existing features, recurring messages, and more. the extension plans to add information to this version soon.

followup.cc for gmail: Like rightinbox and boomerang, followup aims to clean up your inbox with three paid options, however the extension offers unique features like bookmarks for reading later. , labels for contacts and email aliases, which allow users to diversify a single email address without having to pay for multiple inboxes.

drag: An extension that could only have been inspired by a project manager’s fever dream, drag transforms gmail into an organizational oasis. to quote our own project manager, “I’m crying tears of joy for this app.” when installed, drag instantly converts chronological list of gmail emails into kanban style boards. by default drag column labels such as “to do”, “in process” and “done”, but these can be customized, leaving users with a visual breakdown of what they need to accomplish. the extension has a wide range of features for individuals and groups, including shared inbox, multiple boards, list and kanban views, email assignments, mentions, internal ream chat, reply as aliases, activity log, drafts sharing, reporting, analytics, and much more. The free version already comes with a variety of features, but we recommend investing in the $8 per month pro version, which allows unlimited workflow transformation.

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22 Chrome Extensions To Level Up Your Gmail Inbox in 2020 - Drag

convert google docs to gmail drafts: In what might be the simplest name for a product, convert google docs to gmail drafts does exactly that. With this extension, users can create visually appealing emails by designing them in google docs and avoid any formatting issues with one click.

Gmail thread reversal: Scrolling through a long email thread can be frustrating. gmail thread reversal puts the latest email in a thread right at the top so you can get a clearer picture of what’s going on, faster.

todoist: For the A-type personality who enjoys checking things off their to-do list, comes todoist. this extension allows users to add emails as tasks (and get inbox zero!), set reminders, track due dates, create recurring tasks, collaborate with colleagues on projects, prioritize tasks, track your progress and more. Of course, there is a free version, but why limit yourself when you can achieve greatness with your Pro account at $3/month or Business account at $5/month?

mixmax: I admit it, mixmax allowed me to share your google calendar in any email and delete messages back and forth, allowing recipients to schedule meetings with a single click. . what a time saver! But the extension does a lot more, including tracking emails, seeing who opened them, automating tasks, saving successful email templates, integrating email platforms, polls and surveys, and more. there is a free version, perfect for individuals, and three payment options.

for doing shit

checker plus for gmail: for the odd bird that enjoys having extra notifications to monitor, checker plus for gmail allows users to receive notifications, read, listen or delete emails without having to open gmail . Emails will appear as a popup when users click the extension’s browser icon.

22 Chrome Extensions To Level Up Your Gmail Inbox in 2020 - Checkerplus

grammarly for chrome: learn to write very well with grammarly for chrome. This chrome extension helps you eliminate typing errors anywhere you are typing, including gmail. In addition to correcting misspellings and finding suggestions for words and phrases, it grammatically detects the use of tone, letting users know how their message will be conveyed to readers. premium plans are available for businesses and professionals that can also help people detect plagiarism and add citations.

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dictation for gmail: we do not know what your employment status is. maybe you are working from home while fighting with the kids or maybe you have lost the use of your arms. Either way, with dictation for gmail, users can open a new message and reply to an existing one using the microphone icon located to the right of the send button. this extension currently supports 60 languages. c’est merveilleux!

Send this email: Does your boss have a penchant for sending out thoughtful, inspiring articles throughout the day that you never get to read and eventually get lost in the clutter? same. ? With this email, users can save ad-free web pages to their email inbox for later viewing. This email removes ads and distractions and sends a clean, readable version of the article or web page directly to your email inbox.

22 Chrome Extensions To Level Up Your Gmail Inbox in 2020 - email this

for security

flowcrypt: If you must send sensitive information via email, you’d better do it correctly and take every possible precaution. flowcrypt’s simple end-to-end encryption protects your emails and attachments from prying eyes.

digify: Lesser known security extension, digify, protect your emails and files with advanced encryption and security, control who can access your email and/or file and restrict download access or print, add a dynamic watermark, set an expiration date or self-destruct timer, among other unique features james bond would approve of.

for maximum discretion

Discover: You’ve seen the movies when the main character types a random line of code, opens someone’s profile, and says something like “we got you.” Be the main character in your story and get insights from every stranger who emails you with Discovery. the extension will pull information about the sender from your social media profiles, including your employer, mutual connections on different platforms, and tweets.

22 Chrome Extensions To Level Up Your Gmail Inbox in 2020 - Discoverly

pixelblock: activate stealth mode with the pixelblock gmail extension that prevents people from tracking when you open and read their emails, and shows a red eye icon when it finds and blocks an attempt tracking within an email. very cunning, sister!

email tracker for gmail: on the other hand, if you want to spy on your colleagues or contacts, email tracker for gmail will allow you to see if your mail has been opened. The pro version, priced at $59 per year, allows users to remove the email tracking signature, access comprehensive metrics and reports, view real-time notifications, and much more.

for customization

giphy for gmail: Show your colleagues how wacky and kooky you are by installing giphy for gmail. Search and discover the best gifs and stickers within your gmail composer. Are you and your best friend at the office complaining that your boss makes you work late? why not send a gif with “office space” villain dom portwood asking peter about the tps reports? has management put in an early friday policy? a cat shaking two maracas is the perfect way to show your gratitude. are we worried that facebook has bought giphy and that they may be reading our emails? insert kanye shrug gif.

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stylish: If you lived to customize your myspace page, then the style is for you. is a user style manager that can alter the appearance of web pages in a user’s browser without changing their content. Beyond Gmail, Style has themes and skins for search engines, social networks, developer sites, browsers, and more. Now, if you’re thinking, “with all that access to my browsing history, are you smart about collecting data on me?” Yes. the extension was removed in the past for that, but now it lets users know your intentions before the user installs the extension.

stylus: A competitor to stylus, stylus serves a similar purpose, however, they do not collect any information from your browser history. “Unlike other similar extensions, we don’t find it that interesting. Your questionable browsing history should remain between you and the NSA. the pencil does not pick up anything. period.” you had me at “we don’t find you that interesting”.

Boost: This isn’t necessarily a gmail extension, but I wanted to mention it anyway because it makes me feel super zen. plus, you have to open new tabs to access your email anyway! momentum allows users to replace the new tab page with a personal dashboard that features to-do lists, weather, inspirational quotes and more, along with a beautiful scenic image, inspiring you to be more productive. the paid version of the extension unlocks additional customization and integrations with asana, trello, todoist, github, wunderlist, and google tasks.

22 Chrome Extensions To Level Up Your Gmail Inbox in 2020 - momentum

for empowerment

I just don’t feel it: Are you a woman? Do you suffer from apologizing too often? A study from the University of Waterloo, Canada, found that women tend to apologize more often because they have a lower threshold than men for what they find offensive. enter just do not feel. this plugin warns you when you write emails with words that undermine your message. as you type your message, just don’t feel it will underline words and phrases and let you know how the phrase is perceived, allowing you to address the phrase or leave it as it is.

22 Chrome Extensions To Level Up Your Gmail Inbox in 2020 - Just Not Sorry

These are just a few of the many chrome extensions available on the chrome web store. be sure to try each one to determine which works best for your work style. Did we miss an extension you swear by? let us know!

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