Can'T Sign In To Your Google Account Not Working? Current Status And Problems

We all use Gmail for our personal and professional work; it is one of the most advanced email services. It was estimated that Gmail has around 1.5 billion worldwide users, which is very huge. Now there are times when you encounter some common issues while accessing Gmail. Issues like Gmail won’t load, Gmail not syncing, or Gmail transient SMTP server settings errors. These issues are common to occur, but need to be resolved as soon as possible to avoid any further problems.

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Common Problems why Gmail not working properly

Gmail account not getting or receiving the emails.Gmail not Syncing issueGmail won’t loadgmail won’t workGmail transient SMTP server settings errors.Gmail Not Receiving EmailsIMAP Gmail Not RespondingGmail SMTP Not WorkingGmail Not Showing New Emails Gmail Promotions Tab Not WorkingGmail Search Not WorkingGmail Send Button Not WorkingGmail Attachments Not Workingwhy gmail is not opening in google chrome?Fix: Gmail Not Syncing Issue:-

Gmail is one of the best email service providers which are available in many languages. We should not overlook the features of Gmail that hold the satisfaction of users and also a seamless combination between devices, from mobile to desktop. But nowadays, no software is perfect, and Gmail is certainly no such exception. However, one such error is syncing which Google has failed to solve lastingly for many years. When it occurs the Windows prompt the notification ‘sync is currently experiencing issues. It will be back shortly.’

Amazing Hacks to resolve Issues when not Syncing

Method 1: Perform a Manual Syncing

This method is very easy to implement and has a huge success rate. But there is also a disadvantage of this method and therefore it has been considered as a temporary resolution at times. To perform this, follow the steps given below:

Move the cursor to the upper right side of the Gmail window and have a click on the “Setting” icon. Now, scroll down the list and click on the option of Accounts.Now, find and click on the “Google entry” option.After that, you have to ensure that all the entries are on. Click on the ‘Sync Now’ option.You can find the “Sync Now” button at the bottom side of the screen.

Method 2: Clear the Gmail Data and Cache

If you have followed the above-given method and still the error occurs, then you need to clear the data and cache from the Google application. It can troubleshoot your issue and resume the normal syncing functionality.

Click on the “Settings” option on the Gmail window and then on the “Apps”.Now, ensure that the option of “All Apps” is chosen. Now, scroll down the list until you see the Gmail entry.Click on the option of Gmail and then again on the option of Storage.Hit on the “Clear data”. Now, wait for some time until the process finishes. Click on the option of Clear cache.

If the Gmail account not working issues are not restricted to Gmail, then you have to repeat the above steps with another Google application.

Method 3: Check for the Updates

Some of the Android versions systems are determined to have difficulty with Gmail. Most of the time, it will be resolved by updating the application.

Click on the option of “Settings” and then scroll down the list and find the option of “Software Updates.’Find the option of “Update” by going to the ‘About Device tab’.Click on the option of ‘Check for Updates’ and see if any new update of the Gmail is available.If you find any new version, then click on the option of Install and wait for a few time until it reboots the device.Now, you need to make sure to see if the Gmail is started to syncing normally.

Some easy techniques are described to fix Gmail Waiting for Sync Issue. You can resolve the issue permanently. If you still having trouble or need any help while performing the above steps, then you need to contact number at any time. So, if you are tired of searching the resolutions for Gmail not syncing, then you are on the right page.

What Should I do When My Gmail Not Working today?

There are several reasons to look at if your Gmail account stop working. It could be your browser that could not have been updated for a long, or any devices you usually use to access your account have some glitches. So we have mentioned some of the key takeaways or tips you should follow to get away from the Gmail not working issue efficiently.

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On Desktop:

Takeaway 1: If your Gmail not working on the browser you access usually, it is necessary to check if it’s been updated to the latest version.

Takeaway 2: Sometimes, users complain about the issue when there is technical snag while sending or receiving emails. In that case, you must check the SMTP and POP3 settings are appropriately set.

Takeaway 3: When your Gmail account is loading slow or not responding properly, you must try some diagnostic tests to your browser – such as clearing off the cache and cookies, reset the browser to a default setting, and update it if there is any available.

Quick fixes for Gmail not working on iPhone or Android Devices:

On mobile devices, whether you are accessing your mail account using your app or mobile browser, you must check the message for what reason your issue of Gmail not working on iPhone or Android comes in. So here, you can follow the key techniques to fix the issue.

Technique 1: You must check your data usage if it has been drained out. It could be the reason why you are not able to load up your Gmail app on your device.

Technique 2: It is highly necessary to update your app. If any updates are available on your Play Store or App Store if you are a iPhone user, there could have available for the updates for the app.

Technique 3: If none of the above techniques worked, the final technique would be to uninstall the app and reinstall it. After reinstalled, you might be asking for providing your user-credentials to log into the app.

Well, with the above mentioned key takeaways and techniques, we wrapped up fixing the issue effectively. Hope you liked it!

How to Deal with Gmail Notifications Not Working – Effective Ways

Gmail notifications help users to know any new emails or updates alarmingly popped up on the screen. If you are facing the issue of Gmail notifications not working, you must first check if the IMAP is enabled. Other key points you must follow as well to fix the issue.

Key Point 1: Make sure that you have enabled the IMAP – the technology Gmail uses to deliver mail to your device.

Key Point 2: Update your browser where you are accessing the Gmail. If you are using the app, you must update it if it’s not been updated for a long time.

With the above simple key techniques, your issue with the Gmail notifications not working will surely be resolved. Remember that the notification will be popped up when you connect your device to the internet connection.

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Gmail not working on Chrome due to connection error:

Do you have an issue of connection with your Gmail? If yes, here is what causes this issue of Gmail connection error and how to get back your mailbox and running.

Check Your Browser’s Extensions: Your browser’s extensions are causing the connection issue. You just need to deactivate them one-by-one and check if it works.

Clear Cache and Cookies: The Reason for causing the issue may be your cache and cookies. Therefore, clearing out the cache from Google chrome would be useful if it is not working on Chrome.

Use Gmail HTML: Must know that in addition to the standard web version of Gmail, there is an alternative one – the simpler version. Using this version would be a reliable workaround if you were experiencing the Gmail connectivity issues while accessing your account.

Gmail Loading Issues: Steps to Fix It?

To fix loading issues, follow the steps down below.

Check if your Gmail is down. If it is down, relaxes and wait until Gmail comes back online.Try another browser to check if it is fine with a different browser.Next, disable your antivirus program temporarily. On many occasions, software like an antivirus program may conflict with other applications like Gmail. So try disabling the software temporarily.Adjust your browser’s privacy settings. You must manually add the Google mail website to the list of allowed sites so that your browser will enable you to connect to account.Try reinstalling your web browser. If your Gmail is not loading, you must reinstall your browser.

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Gmail Not Receiving Emails

Open the Gmail application.Check the Trash and Spam mailsGo to Settings> Filters and check any blocked addressesCheck the forwarding settings by selecting the Forwarding option from the Settings menu.

IMAP Gmail Not Responding


Open the Gmail application>Settings window>Wi-Fi>Turn on the toggleCheck network strength.


Navigate to Settings >Mail, Contacts, Calendars >iDownloadBlog and then tap the Delete Account button.Click on Settings>Tap the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option>Add Account.Select application and enter email address>password> Next.



Open the Settings>‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ option>iDownloadBlog option.Tap Account >select SMTP from the Outgoing Mail Server section>Gmail SMTP Server in the Primary Server section.Check the details in the Outgoing Mail Server section>change the Host Name, User Name, Password, SSL, Authentication, and Server Port 466 fields.


Tap the Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars >iDownloadBlog >Advanced >Incoming Settings>Modify the SSL, IMAP Path Prefix, and Server Port 993.

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Force-quit the Gmail application.Use App Switcher to relaunch the application.

Notifications Not Working problems


Tap the Gmail app>Menu>Settings>select the email>Tap the Inbox Notifications option>checkmark ‘Notify for every message’ Navigate to the Settings window>General Settings option followed by the Manage Notifications option>Enable the Mail feature


Windows Settings>Battery & performanceClick on “Gmail No restrictions to receive notifications”


Settings>Navigate to the Google option>Gmail to turn on the synchronization


Tap the Installed apps option in the settings menu and then touch the Gmail option and then tap the Clear Data option to clear the cache of the Gmail application.

Gmail SMTP Not Working

Google Apps administration panel>Security option>Basic Settings>‘Go to settings for less secure apps’>enable 5-Step verification>Choose the Turn on Option.In case the 2-step verification is enabled, go to the App passwords page. click the Generate button, type the password on the device, and click Done.

Gmail Not Showing New Emails 

Settings>email account>choose Default Inbox>erase all the data>Delete the Cache.

Gmail Promotions Tab Not Working : First, check the subdomain it is the same which you send your marketing emails regularly. If you send emails from a least recognized subdomains tab classifier may prevent emails.

Gmail Search Not Working: Go to Account>Sign Out>log into your Gmail account. This simple process will help to resolve the issue

Gmail Send Button Not Working: You can use a different browser and then try checking for errors. If the issue remains then check for the updates.

Gmail Attachments Not Working: Grant all the permissions using the Padlock icon>upgrade the Adobe Flash Player. Also check for the browser and other updates.

(Frequently ask Question FAQ): Learn more about Gmail

Gmail sync is currently experiencing problems; what to do?

There are times when Gmail fails to sync or shows sync errors with several devices. It can be fixed by clearing data and cache, checking for updates, enabling automatic date and time, disabling the power-saving mode, removing and re-adding your Google account, or installing a contact sync device. You can also try to perform a manual sync.

Gmail sync is currently experiencing problems Android?

If the android Gmail app sync is currently experiencing problems, you need to reboot the system or try to update the android device. Check if the app you are using has been recently updated; if not, make sure you update it. Enabling automatic date and time and checking Wi-Fi connection would also be helpful in resolving sync error with Android.

What to do if my Gmail not sending or receiving emails?

If Gmail is not sending or receiving emails, then there are chances that storage is full. Clear up the clutter or purchase extra storage. Try to access Gmail from a different browser or check the IMAP or POP settings. Temporarily, remove all the filters as they might be responsible for stopping Gmail from sending or receiving emails, thereby causing the send-receive error.

How to fix Temporary errors?

To fix the Gmail temporary errors, you must update the browser, clear cookies and cache by clearing the browsing history, and disable all the extensions, addons, plug-ins, and firewalls. You can also try to access Gmail with incognito mode to avoid temporary errors.

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How to Recover My Gmail Account?

Since Gmail is widely recognized as one of the best webmail service providers among its users for its user-friendly features, some of its users are facing difficulties in their account recovery process. If this is a matter of concern, you must follow our account recovery steps down below.

Steps to Recover Gmail Account

Step 1: Open your browser and go to the official Gmail account recovery page.

Step 2: To recover your account, you will have two options – you either click on the link Forgot email or enter your email address and click the Next button.

Step 3: If you have forgotten your email address, go with the option of the Forgot email link.

Step 4: Enter your phone number and click the Next button.

Step 5: Provide your first name and last name in the required fields and click the Next button.

Step 6: Hit the Send button to get a verification code to your phone number.

Step 7: Enter the code in the given field and hit the Next button.

Step 8: Select any of your accounts you might have registered with your phone number.

Step 9: Click Forgot password link and click the next button.

Step 10: Enter your last password or select. Try another way link.

Step 11: Hit the Text option to get a verification code and enter the code in the next page, and click the Next button.

Step 12: Enter a new password two times to confirm and click the Next button.

This way, your account recovery process will be successful.

How to Retrieve My Forgotten Gmail Password?

Most of the time, Gmail users get stuck in remembering their password of the account. It may happen when users are not frequently log in to the account with their credentials. If you have, in case, forgot password and want to retrieve, you must follow the easy steps down below.

Amazing Steps to retrieve forgotten Password

Open the Gmail account recovery page.Enter your email Id and hit the Next button.Select the Try another way link.Click on the Text option. You will get a verification code.Enter the code in the field.Type a new password and confirm it by entering again, and click the Next. Now, your password has been recovered successfully.

How to Resolve Gmail Account Issues?

Perhaps Gmail has been proved to be one of the best emailing platforms, it is not off the route of getting several issues associated with it. Although these temporary issues can be resolved easily, some of its users are facing difficulties to do that. If you are unable to resolve several account problems, you must call one of our experts straight away. Our technical experts are available round the clock to provide you all sorts of help.

How Do I Recover My Deleted Gmail Account Emails?

Sometimes, users unintentionally delete their account emails though those emails can be recovered. If you are unable to recover deleted Gmail account emails on your own, follow the steps down below.

Effective Steps to Recover Account Emails

Try recovering email messages from the Trash folder.Search for emails on your Gmail. Sometimes you might think your emails get deleted, but actually, it is not.Check your account spam folder as well.If the above steps do not help, try contacting our assistance team straight away.

Gmail Account Recovery for Android: How to Do It?

However, Gmail account recovery from any device you use is an easy process, some of the Android users are unable to recover their account on their own. If you are facing difficulties in proceeding with the Gmail account recovery for Android, you must try contacting one of our executives by dialing our number and get our instant assistance only at Our tech professionals with expertise are available round the clock to provide you all sorts of help regarding Gmail.

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Gmail login problems today; how can I fix it?

If Gmail login problems today specifically, it might be possible that Gmail is down today. All you can do is to wait for some time until Gmail automatically fixes the problem. There are several down detectors available online, you can check there for more updates.

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