How to Create a Group in Gmail [2022 Update]

When trying to connect digitally with a group, it can be tedious to type each and every email address one at a time. this is how names are skipped, events are missed, feelings are hurt, friendships end, and then feuds begin.

maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but in any case, it’s easy to set up groups in gmail so you can more conveniently connect with your contacts. you can use groups to send business emails, distribute content, or connect with friends and family.

how to create a group in gmail

step 1. select “contacts” from your google apps

step 2. choose the contacts you want to include in your group

use the checkboxes next to each contact’s name to select them, or use the checkbox at the top of the column to use all email addresses currently in your contact list.

step 3. create a label for your new contact list

Once you’ve selected everyone you’d like to include in your list, choose “manage tags” from the top navigation menu. if you have missed someone, don’t worry; you can always come back and add new group members (or remove the ones you don’t need) later.

Then, give the contact list a name that makes sense. you’ll want to choose something easy to remember so you can easily type the name of the group in the “to” field of your email and send it.

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step 4. use your group

You are now ready to use your gmail contact group to send messages. when composing emails, enter the label name in the “to” field of your email, and your contacts will be automatically and easily added to the message.

how can it be useful to create a group in gmail?

Creating groups takes a few minutes, but can be a definite time saver in the long run. By setting up email groups in your gmail contacts, you can:

  1. make sure everyone is covered. with a group, there’s no need to worry about sending a message to the whole team and bringing everyone up to speed.
  2. save time on repetitive processes, like billing, where you might have to send the same message to the same people on a recurring basis.
  3. distribute at scale without manually rebuilding a list for each mailing.
  4. maintain connections and communicate with key contacts (family members, former colleagues, work teams, etc.).

If you’re interested in supercharging your email efforts, you can add additional features to send messages to groups at a specific time, on a recurring basis, or as part of a sequence.

things to know before creating a group in gmail

Before sending emails in gmail, you may want to make some changes to your group, like adding or removing contacts. here are some additional tips to help you manage your gmail groups:

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add a new contact

To add a new contact to google contacts, so they can be added to your group, do the following:

  1. open google contacts and click “create contact”.
  2. type contact name or any additional contact information (nickname, email, phone number).
  3. click “save”.

add contacts from your company directory to your personal contacts

  1. in google contacts, click “directory”.
  2. hover over contacts and click “add to contacts”.
  3. yes don’t see the desired contact, search for them in the contact search box. they should appear when you start entering your details. click on the contact you want and select “add to contacts”.

remove contacts from your group

  1. From the Contacts page, click the group in which you want to remove one or more contacts.
  2. Click the checkbox next to the contact, then click ” manage tags” then “tag” and click the group name.
  3. click the “more” menu next to the contact and click the group name, thus deleting the contact.

how to take your group to the next level

Managing your group emails can quickly become a hassle. instead, use the right inbox, a powerful email tool for teams that maximizes group productivity.

The Right Inbox equips your team with advanced features like:

  • Email Tracking – See which group members opened an email and when.
  • Reminders – Never forget to reply to an important group of emails.
  • notes: Create private notes in each email for personal records.
  • send later
  • gifs : Keep your work environment professional yet fun with gifs and images.
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Try Inbox Right today to find out how it can provide speed and ease of use for your group emails in Gmail.

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