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From health and beauty products to fashion and consumer electronics: Hong Kong is a booming e-commerce industry with e-commerce revenue growth projected to grow 72.6% by 2022.

If your business is looking to expand its presence into Hong Kong, there are plenty of opportunities. but the challenge is navigating the complexity of international sales.

either a us based merchant. uu. or a customer based in hong kong, this guide will help you choose the best options for shipping products from usa. uu. to hong kong

Keep reading to learn about international shipping options and more.

cost & delivery speeds for shipments to hong kong from the united states

Each carrier has its own set of options for international shipping.

some will be cheaper but take longer to deliver the package, while others offer expedited delivery. and still others offer flat shipping rates for orders of certain dimensions, regardless of weight.

Note: These are general options for consumer shipping orders. To find out what Shipbob offers when shipping to other countries like Hong Kong, request a quote here.

exact shipbob rates for customers will vary, as we charge a “total fulfillment cost” which includes picking, packing and shipping, among other factors.

*only usps offers flat rates for shipments from the united states to hong kong. All other prices were calculated using the respective carrier’s price calculators for a 2kg package in November 2021. Exact prices are subject to change. as of nov. 2021, USPS temporarily discontinued its Priority International Express Mail option for shipments to Hong Kong (including other countries). For the latest USPS service alerts, click here.

**shipments delivered to dhl express u.s. bound for hong kong (as well as china, russia, or venezuela) must include any of the following:

  • proof of submission of aes eei internal transaction number (itn) or foreign trade regulation (ftr) exemption citation, or;
  • eccn or ear99 for each line in commercial invoice or shipper’s invoice letter of instruction

how to choose a carrier

When shipping packages to Hong Kong, you should research all the major carriers to decide which one best suits your business needs.

These are some of the main reasons to choose one shipping partner over another:



  • the best way to keep us shipping affordable. uu. to hong kong
  • its flat rate service offers the cheapest means of shipping heavy orders
  • has a large number of delivery locations
  • with no additional charges on deliveries on saturdays
  • increased risk of last mile delivery delays and shipment damage
  • lack of effective last mile tracking
  • Guaranteed real-time order tracking and global customer support
  • Free packaging from couriers
  • Fast and on-time delivery
  • package pickup is charged
  • courier delivery is not very convenient due to smaller footprint across us. u.
  • various drop off locations throughout the us. uu.
  • free customs clearance support
  • effective last mile tracking
  • Expensive shipping fee
  • Surcharges and other fees applied
  • Saturday pickup and delivery chargeable
  • perfect for brands that care about sustainable shipping
  • no collection fees
  • international shipments are all insured
  • the lack of a significant presence in the us. uu. makes package delivery difficult
  • high shipping costs and surcharges
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shipping to hong kong from united states with usps

usps offers courier services to more than 180 countries, including hong kong. This independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government has a large network across the United States, making package delivery much easier.

when to use usps to ship from united states to hong kong

usps is a good option for online merchants who want to ship their products cheaply and are okay with delivery delays. While not the most reliable carrier, USPS more than makes up for it by offering a flat-rate shipping option for heavy packages.

shipping to hong kong from the united states with ups

Founded in 1907, United Parcel Service is an Atlanta-based company that provides courier services to more than 200 countries. As the world’s largest package delivery company, you can be trusted to ship your orders reliably, on time, and safely.

when to use ups to ship from the united states to hong kong

ups has a wide range of shipping options, including some for urgent deliveries. on the other hand, it does not offer free pick-up services. additionally, Saturday deliveries are not available on certain services.

shipping to hong kong from united states with fedex

fedex is one of the world’s most successful airlines, founded in 1973. It has a presence in more than 220 countries and territories. and merchants use this carrier to ship bespoke goods internationally.

when to use fedex to ship from the united states to hong kong

With its customer service and tracking capabilities, fedex always makes sure you have control over your order shipments.

In addition, it insures your international shipments for greater peace of mind, in case of damage or loss of the package during transit.

shipping to hong kong from the united states with dhl

dhl, founded in 1969, guarantees fast and reliable shipping services to merchants in more than 220 countries around the world. Thanks to its strong focus on sustainability, merchants can ship orders with reduced environmental impact and a clear conscience.

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when to use dhl to ship from united states to hong kong

Choose DHL if you want 24/7 international support and no courier collection fees. but it is important to keep in mind that the transport company charges additional charges or surcharges.

homework & taxes when shipping to hong kong from the united states

No customs duties apply to most shipments to Hong Kong as it is a free port. you also do not have to pay surcharges and value added tax or its equivalent.

The special tax is only charged on imports of liquor with an alcoholic strength greater than 30%, tobacco, methyl alcohol and hydrocarbon oil.

hong kong customs information

When shipping goods to Hong Kong from the United States, you will need to interact with Customs and Excise. they are the ones who will enforce customs and trade laws, protect consumer rights, inspect goods and documents, etc.

click here to learn more about hong kong customs department.

prohibited items when shipping to hong kong

Like any other country, there are some restrictions placed on goods being shipped to Hong Kong for safety and moral reasons. Some goods need a permit to import into Hong Kong, while others are not completely prohibited.

That said, here are the products that are generally considered illegal and prohibited from being imported into Hong Kong:

items you cannot ship to hong kong from the united states

Be sure to check with the official hong kong customs website before shipping your products, as the list of restricted and prohibited items tends to evolve over time.

what ecommerce businesses need to know about shipping to hong kong

Do you see a growing demand for your merchandise in Hong Kong? The good news is that it is not that difficult to enter this market.

Here are some factors to consider when selling and shipping to this Asian country.

1. a solid logistics strategy is important

during the pandemic, more than half of hong kong online shoppers bought more groceries and personal hygiene products online and less money on non-essential products during this time as many hong kong consumers were threatened due to job loss or decreased income.

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To attract Hong Kong shoppers, the ease of the online shopping experience and product is key. A recent study showed that Hong Kong consumers’ overall positive online shopping experiences will ensure more shopping in the Hong Kong market as the pandemic continues.

2. explore new business models

Online video-streamed live selling sessions hosted by celebrities are gaining popularity in Hong Kong. Many retailers are also leveraging social media and chat-based shopping services (using tools like WhatsApp) to make it easier for customers to order online.

Online shoppers in Hong Kong are open to innovations in e-commerce, such as the buy now, pay later scheme, which offers greater ease of shopping. therefore, you can experiment with new sales tactics to make the buyer’s shopping experience more attractive and seamless.

3. enable flexible e-commerce payments

customers in hong kong are turning away from prepaid methods, debit cards and cash on delivery for e-commerce payments and are choosing digital wallets, such as paypal and alipay, and bank transfers.

In fact, by 2023, around 48% of all e-commerce payments in the country are expected to be made via bank transfers and digital wallets. therefore, it would be better if your app and website offer multiple payment options that make it convenient for your customers to make payments.

international shipping with shipbob

Global fulfillment can be challenging, costly and time-consuming, but potentially very rewarding for e-commerce businesses. If you thought international fulfillment seemed too complex for you, consider outsourcing fulfillment to a best-in-class 3pl like shipbob.

shipbob is an international 3pl with a growing network of fulfillment centers powered by world-class centralized technology that provides consistency, visibility and transparency across our network.

By selling internationally, shipbob can help you establish a shipping strategy, expand operations in international distribution centers, and provide the best domestic and international shipping rates, all while spending less time on day-to-day logistics operations.

“As our customer base grows, so does our global reach. By having orders that ship internationally, shipbob’s affordable rates solved our need for international fulfillment capabilities.”

carl protsch, co-founder of fleo

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frequently asked questions about shipping to hong kong

These are the answers to the main questions people have about sending packages to Hong Kong from the United States.

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