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Finding a suitable partner online is easy if you know exactly where to look for them. What is the most important thing to consider then? The type of dating site, of course! There are two kinds of online dating venues we review on mail order bride dating sites and international dating sites.

mail order bride platforms are the places where you look for a foreign wife, a woman who is serious about becoming your better half for happily ever after.

6 best mail order brides & dating websites

International dating websites are made for online romance, chat and fun, without the need to travel abroad and make a lasting connection. who is your type is time to make the decision.

mail order brides: who are they?

It’s easy to think that the concept of mail-order brides is a thing of the past, but the truth is that the mail-order bride industry is alive and well. The only difference between 20th century mail-order brides and modern women moving to the United States to get married is that the latter do so on their own terms and are free to choose whom to marry.

The most popular way for foreign mail-order brides to legally move to the United States is to obtain a K-1 fiancée visa.

In 2019 alone, 35,881 visas of this type were issued to foreign women with:

  • 6,900 of these women are from Europe
  • 15,386 asian brides
  • 3367 of them from South America

Compared to the 30,999 women who obtained the same K-1 visa in 2010, there is an evident and significant growth in the popularity of overseas brides.

There are many mail-order brides who have never been married and have no children, but there are also a significant number of foreigners who receive a K-1 visa who bring their children to live with them in the United States. Each year, there are up to 15% of mail-order brides who have children, so there’s a very real chance that your family will instantly grow when you marry a mail-order bride.

Most of them are single Asian women for marriage. the most popular countries are the following:

  • china
  • japan
  • thailand

Among the most popular Latin American brides are:

  • Colombian women seeking marriage
  • Venezuelan mail order brides
  • Puerto Rican brides

These two groups of women are completely different. including european women for marriage with whom you have the chance to find a wife in sweden for example. however, there is one thing they have in common: they all want to marry a kind, loving, strong and caring husband from another country.

Explore the top mail order bride countries

source: number of brides (k-1 visa applicants) in 2019

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why do girls become mail order wives?

There are many myths and stereotypes about the meaning of a mail order bride. some may say that they are hungry for money, that they want nothing more than a green card, or that any of them will leave you immediately after getting everything they need from you. in fact, there are much simpler reasons why these women want to marry a foreigner.

single girls looking for stability

Most mail order brides say it’s not all about the money. it is more about opportunity and stability is what their home counties generally lack.

ladies in developing countries can be successful, of course, but it is much more difficult than in western countries. they have to fight for life without stopping, and that is exhausting. it is not surprising that women seek better opportunities for themselves and their future children.

these ladies like foreign guys more

Unfavorable economic conditions are not the only reason these ladies are motivated to marry a nice guy from another country. The thing is, a lot of hot mail order wives are sure that foreign men are much better than local ones.

Foreigners, particularly men from developed countries like the United States, are considered to be more romantic, educated, intelligent, ambitious and caring. More importantly, most of them do not have problems with alcohol addiction, which causes many problems for Mexican wives.

looking for a relationship

It is not easy to find the right person, no matter if you are from Beijing, Uruguay or the United States. women are desperately looking for a good man to build a family, download many dating apps and have many dates with very different men. It goes without saying that they are often disappointed with the results.

Many men are looking for a short-term fling or hookup, and that inevitably leads them to the top mail-order bride sites that connect people who are ready to settle down.

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Ukrainian bride

Ukrainian girl Source: UkraineBride4you

How do mail order brides work?

many singles use mail order bride services and are successful. however, there are many confusing myths and stereotypes related to this industry.

Knowledge is power: If you know how the system works, you will use it correctly, so take a look at this schematic:

  • step 1. choose a mail order bride website. Single men and women looking for serious relationships choose and join the best mail order bride websites. On such niche platforms, they only meet people who have similar relationship goals.
  • step 2. start. both western men and foreign women complete their profiles and take personality tests. the procedure is usually complex for women: most of the sites allow them to use dating services for free, but they need to verify their identities and add a lot of information, photos and videos.
  • step 3. online interaction. Good mail order bridal websites usually have a lot of useful features, from messaging to video chat and calling services. members use search and match services to find brides abroad and contact them using the tools offered by a company.
  • step 4. real meeting. once a member finds a special someone and reaches out to them online, a couple decides to meet up in real life. A man plans a trip to Eastern Europe, one of the Asian countries or one of the Latin countries to take the relationship to a new level and then get married.

success stories

how to choose mail order bride services

So how do you choose and use mail-order bride services? Here are the most important points to keep in mind when reviewing the best mail order bride websites:

  • profiles. Ideally, profiles should be verified and highly detailed. if you want to find mail-order brides, you need to make sure the women are real and that you will have enough information to find a special woman on the site.
  • features. messaging, gift delivery, video chat, phone calls – the best mail order bride services provide members with all of these and many other great tools to help them find a mail order wife and really get closer to her online.
  • security and privacy. Good mail order bride sites care about member privacy, do not disclose or sell user data to third parties, carefully moderate profiles, and they suspend all suspicious accounts.
  • prices. the cost of the mail-order bride service should be reasonable. there are more expensive platforms and there are cheaper websites. just pick the dating site you can afford, and it’s likely to work best for you.

Actually, there are many good mail-order bride websites on the market. you just need to analyze all the options carefully, that’s how you can find the platform that will really meet all your demands and expectations.

why marry a mail order bride?

Many people wonder why foreign girl online dating and mail order marriages have become so widespread. Why would someone choose a woman who lives on another continent if there are thousands of attractive women in her own city? well, it’s all pretty simple.

  1. Family is sacred. Mail order brides are women who seek a strong and happy relationship, and consider family to be the most important thing in life. in other words, they are not as career-oriented as most Western women. that’s why men who are ready to settle down choose them.
  2. They don’t think that women’s work, such as childcare and housework, is humiliating. Of course, the girls who create a profile on dating sites are not servers. most of them, especially the majority of Turkish girls seeking marriage, are brought up in traditional families where the husband is the breadwinner and the wife takes care of the rest. that’s why they don’t think that raising children instead of building a career is something to be ashamed of.
  3. not dating for years “to get to know each other better”. dating sites With royal mail order, brides have at least one significant advantage over popular dating apps like Tinder. apps connect people who have different goals. Some people are looking for fun, some are looking for hookups, and some are looking for a serious relationship with someone special. you need to write thousands of words in text messages before you meet someone who has the same values ​​and purposes. any of the girls on good dating sites knows what she wants, and that is to marry the right man. who knows, maybe she is looking for you. however, there are also a few things to consider when deciding whether to marry a foreign bride or not.
  4. they are not for sale. the dating website is not You can guarantee that the women you like will agree to marry you. you can’t pick a woman, say you’re rich, and take her to her home country. however, she is likely to marry you if you show her that you are a good man.
  5. They may not know English well. Although that could be a problem, these girls learn fast. besides, most of them, including pinay brides, already know it pretty well. your wife will learn the language if she is happy and motivated to understand you better.
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mail order brides – full documentary video

how to find a loyal mail order wife?

It may seem like nothing is easier than finding a wife online. but how to start? where to look for a girlfriend if you dream of a nice, attractive, well-mannered, well-educated and family-oriented girl from a distant country, you should select one of the three options described below.

find her on social networks

This option seems to be pretty good, but it’s not that simple. Of course, you can search for the girlfriend of your dreams on Facebook or on one of the dating apps like Tinder, but there is no guarantee that you will be successful. In the first place, foreign girls like the Dominican ones who are looking for marriage do not usually answer strangers who live on another continent.

are very skeptical about such communication. second, her status doesn’t really mean anything: she doesn’t know for sure if she has a boyfriend or even a husband. third, you never know if she wants something serious, and her visits to her country will cost you a fortune. therefore, this is not a bad option, especially if you are a lucky man, but the possibility of finding the right girl is not perfect.

visit an Asian, Latin or Slavic country

Can you meet Asian brides, Russian mail order brides or mail order wives from Latin countries in real life? Of course you can, but in this case, you will have to visit an Asian, Latin or Slavic country, and most importantly, you will have to stay there for at least half a year.

You can load tinder, badoo or other popular online dating app and find a match quite easily. In most of these countries, young girls are very attracted to foreign men, or just look for local beauties in bars, restaurants, at parties, events, etc.

set up a profile on a legitimate site

this is a very good option for men who have remote jobs and want to meet ukrainian brides, russian women, girls from china, philippines, brazil, cuba or venezuela.

This is the safest way to find the girl of your dreams. The good news is that she doesn’t have to spend thousands of dollars on flights, hotels and even restaurant dinners; all you need is the premium membership which usually costs between 10 and 50 dollars per month.

of course, there will be a time when you will see your future wife in real life. Taking her out to a nice restaurant is a must, but by then you’ll know she’s the right girl.

Asian bride

Asian girl Source: Asia Me

How much does mail order brides cost?

Can men buy mail order brides?

no, you can find a mail order bride catalog, choose a girl and then marry her; the system doesn’t work like that.

if so, are there free mail order brides? yes all girls using popular dating sites are just looking for decent foreign men but you still have to pay for mail order bride service and travel (you cant marry your mail order bride without meeting her in real life you just wont get a visa).

the cost of mail order bride service varies a lot. Some mail order bride websites sell credits, and some sell monthly premium membership plans, and all platforms have different billing policies. Still, most men looking for legitimate mail-order brides online spend around $100 a month on dating services. It usually takes to meet a perfect foreign bride, so most men spend around $1,200 in total on this part of dating.

as we have already pointed out, you will also need to go to the country of the bride at least twice to marry a girl. how much will that cost you?

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regions with the best mail order bride prices

here are the approximate costs for various services (for 2 weeks) in the three most popular regions: asia, eastern europe, latin america and russia.

Please note that these are average prices; Of course, you will spend more if you go to Japan and less if you go to the Philippines. you’ll also need to make at least two trips, so consider this as well.

everything you need to know about online dating

There are many myths and stereotypes about online dating. because they appear the point is that online dating is the benefit of modern technologies and the modern world in general. you just need to do things right. we will provide you with all the information you may need to improve your life using the best dating sites.

advantages of dating sites

A lot of people have some doubts about dating sites. Many men and women tell each other horror stories about the platforms with fake profiles, fake photos, high prices, data leaks, etc.

We want to say that there are no such websites on the internet, but that would be simply false. Still, some people forget that the online dating industry is constantly growing due to high-quality sites that actually have many advantages and carry out all their functions. the thing is you have to choose the right one.

So what are the benefits of the best online dating platforms?

these platforms connect single people

It seems obvious, but some people underestimate the importance of this aspect. Each of the top quality dating service providers aims to help people find each other. more importantly, there is always freedom of choice: people just communicate, get to know each other better, and after all, they inevitably find the right person.

Why is the probability of success so high? because such platforms connect people who want to build a serious relationship.

member profiles are verified

Mail-mail bride sites generally verify everyone who is setting up a profile. Furthermore, some of the biggest platforms not only ask a girl to provide her ID to prove her identity, but also offer professional shots.

All members are also encouraged to fill out their profiles completely, and this is also a good sign. that means that men and women will find matches not only for appearance but also for personality traits.

registration is completely free

Good websites don’t want their members to pay to create a profile. most have a reasonable policy: they allow newcomers to familiarize themselves with the main services, the quality of the profiles, etc. If a customer is satisfied with the quality of the communication tools, she may pay for the special features that define the mail-order bride price.

many communication opportunities

Do you like to send long and thoughtful letters to a person you like? no problem, you can do it on any good dating platform. do you like text chat? enjoy real-time communication? Do you want to see the face of a woman you like? use video chat! Do you want to do something nice for the prettiest girl on the site? send him a nice virtual or real gift.

how can we help you find a girlfriend?

On gobrides, you can find a lot of useful information about the best dating platforms and learn more about a foreign mail order bride you can meet there.

This is how we pick and review the best international dating websites:

  • find all the information on the platform, read reviews, analyze the level of customer satisfaction.
  • Join the community, create accounts, try free services, analyze the quality of profiles.
  • update our profile, try premium features, contact women to find out what the response rate is, make sure women are real and motivated to start a serious relationship.
  • draw conclusions considering the quality of the online dating experience a site offers, prices, and features.
  • create a detailed review for all our readers.

However, reviews are not the only thing you can find on gobrides. We also believe that knowledge is power, and all men looking for wives in foreign countries need to learn more about the culture, local traditions and values ​​to understand if they can really find the perfect girl there.

Here you can find articles about women from Eastern Europe, beautiful foreign brides from China, the Philippines and other Asian countries, Latin girls from different countries and single European women seeking husbands abroad.

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