✓ Tax Day Deadline April 15 Changed to Due April 18, 2022

Below is a list of tax season 2022 e-filing deadlines for tax year 2021 (January 1 to December 31, 2021) income tax returns or ITRs. Find forms, deadlines, and calculators for prior or backward tax years, as well as tax deadlines for back taxes. don’t be sensible or foolish with taxes! make it less demanding on efile.com.

tax tip from efile.com: Most taxpayers are not aware of this fact that, in general, the penalties for failure to file a return on time are higher than not paying taxes on time: file something even if you can’t pay anything! Don’t miss a filing deadline (for tax returns or tax extensions) if you owe taxes, even if you can’t pay your taxes on time, as late-filing penalties are typically significantly higher than fines. for not paying taxes on time. so e-file on time and pay as little or as much as you can. use the penalty tool to find out what your potential tax penalties might be. if you have to choose, it is better to declare on time than to pay on time! See a complete list of all 2022 tax deadlines through IRS Publication 509 here.

Start your 2021 taxes and get in the tax return queue now: calculate your tax return date.

tax filing deadlines, tax due dates

When are 2021 taxes due? How much time do I have to file my 2021 taxes?

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Find important dates to track to prepare your 2021 taxes. The table below is organized by due date, subject (return type, date to receive your forms, length, etc.), and a brief description with helpful links. .

see more tax deadlines for tax returns, tax estimates and more: tax deadlines for filing tax returns.

income tax returns for the previous year

You cannot electronically file federal or state income tax returns for tax years 2020 and earlier. however, efile.com provides easy access to all applicable federal tax year forms and associated tax year tax calculators. Please note that these tax calculators are free and are intended to provide you with an accurate estimate of your tax refund or tax liability for the given tax year. prior year state tax return forms are located on the respective state tax pages at efile.com.

if you owe back taxes

If you expect to owe taxes for one or more prior tax years and you have not filed or paid the taxes due, you will most likely be subject to late filing and late payment penalties. efile.com recommends that you take the following steps as soon as possible:

  • Step 1: Download the respective tax forms for the tax year in question.
  • Step 2: Use the tax calculator and tools for the respective tax year, especially this tax penalty calculator.
  • Step 3: Complete the income tax forms and Mail them to the IRS and/or state tax agency.
  • Step 4: Even if you can’t pay your taxes, follow the steps above and pay as much as you can. that way you will at least stop late filing penalties which are higher overall than late payment penalties.
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if you expect a tax refund

if you expect a tax refund for one or more prior tax years and you have not filed an irs or state tax return, you will most likely not be subject to late filing and certainly not penalties for Late payments. however, you only have three years after the tax year in question to claim your tax refund. After three years, your tax refund will sadly expire and you will no longer be able to claim your hard-earned money from the IRS. For example, after April 15, 2024, you will no longer be able to claim your 2020 IRS tax refund. Most states follow these or similar rules and tax refund due dates.

File your 2021 federal and state tax returns at efile.com by the due dates listed in the table above. this will ensure you can file your return electronically, get your refund faster, and reduce or eliminate any tax penalties.

1) irs electronic file tax report. 2) turbotax® is a registered trademark of intuit, inc. and h&r block® is a registered trademark of hrb innovations, inc. 3) The April 15, 2022 tax deadline was changed to April 18, 2022 due to the Independence Day holiday in Washington, D.C.

turbotax® is a registered trademark of intuit, inc. h&r block® is a registered trademark of hrb innovations, inc.

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