USPS Inclement Weather Policy In 2022 (Rain, Snow Bad Weather)

united states postal service is one of those ubiquitous entities that is as reliable as a ford f150. they continue to deliver mail through some pretty appalling conditions.

but even the usps can be stopped by particularly horrible weather. It doesn’t happen often, and it’s usually an “act of god” event, but there are times when mother nature’s will prevails.

so what is the usps inclement weather policy? here is the explanation you are looking for.

what is the usps inclement weather policy in 2022?

the united states postal service will make every effort to deliver mail, despite inclement weather. however, in crisis situations when roads are impassable and/or mailboxes are completely unreachable, the postal service may suspend mail delivery entirely or drop individual stops to the carrier’s best judgment.

To learn more about how the USPS works in times of snow, rain and ice, how a state of emergency affects service, and even if employees can refuse to work in bad weather, find all the details below!

the postman can’t deliver because of the snow?

Your mail carrier has the full support of the postal service if they deem your residence too dangerous to deliver mail after a snowfall.

The postal service considers the safety and well-being of its employees to be the highest priority.

And that’s not just altruism; Employees injured on the job are entitled to workers’ compensation, which can be an incredibly expensive and time-consuming experience.

If a major snowstorm were to cover an entire region, that would be dozens, if not hundreds, of mail carriers who could put themselves in harm’s way.

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then USPS will definitely advise them to use their best judgment when it comes to delivering mail.

according to the website:

Carriers are not required to deliver to locations where safety concerns such as threatening animals, slippery steps, snow-covered roads, or icy ledges create hazardous conditions.

If you want to receive your mail after a major snow event, you need to make sure the mailbox is dug out, with no snow on top.

If your mailbox is closer to the house, at the front door, or perhaps right out front, you want to make sure the hallway is clear and free of ice.

Clean up as many icicles as you can, especially the big ones that could knock someone out if they fell on a person.

(If ice is a problem for your home, consider investing in a roof rake to stop the problem before it starts.)

On a personal note, I have experienced a once-in-a-lifetime snow event: four feet in 24 hours and a total of seven feet after one week.

the postal service had to suspend the mail for a few days, while they and everyone else dug, and the snowplows worked overtime, literally non-stop for days on end.

That was the first time in my life (living in a very snowy region) that the mail stopped due to weather.

It was a testament to both the strange nature of the storm and the postal service’s dedication to what they do, as they were back up and running within a few days.

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Will the mail be delivered if it’s raining?

Will Mail Be Delivered If It’s Raining?

Unless you’re looking at monsoon conditions, a little or even a lot of rain won’t stop your USPS carrier from making deliveries.

However, if you’re expecting a large package and it’s not going to fit in your mailbox, you may want to take some steps to prevent it from being left out in the rain.

you can use the usps delivery instructions before you leave for delivery, to have it held at the post office or placed in a specific location on your property, sheltered from the rain.

See our full guide on delivery instructions here.

will mail be delivered during an ice storm?

Whether or not mail will be delivered during an ice storm depends on a number of factors.

First of all, is it safe for mail carriers to be outside during the storm? Are there enough salt trucks on the roads to make a dent in the icy conditions?

so if you are outside during the storm, is your mailbox accessible? is it frozen and cannot be opened? Is the path to the mailbox clear and free of ice?

If not, you may need to wait until conditions improve or you can remedy the situation on your property.

does the usps deliver in a state of emergency?

Mail delivery may be temporarily suspended during a state of emergency event, but rest assured that USPS will resume delivery as soon as possible.

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As always, the most important question for the postal service is: is it safe for our employees to be on the roads?

If you’re not sure if your mail will arrive after a major disaster, try checking or your local news sources.

can usps employees refuse to work in bad weather?

usps employees can refuse to work during a historically bad weather event, but the postal service will most likely suspend delivery on their own in such an event.

Still, according to a message board on, there is an 877 number employees can call to request unscheduled leave in case of bad weather.

another sign on the board recommended taking photos of the residence and weather conditions, to use as proof that the employee was unable to get to work.

For more information, you can also read our posts on the USPS Footwear Policy, the USPS Leave of Absence Policy, and the USPS Background Check Policy.


The United States Postal Service is almost supernaturally dedicated to delivering mail to every residence in the United States, but sometimes, and very rarely, the worst weather stops them.

During this time, the postal service assesses the safety of its employees, and when road or weather conditions have improved sufficiently, the mail carrier will be there again.

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