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Is yahoo mail better than gmail?: a comparative guide

Without a doubt, emails have become an easier way of fast and reliable communication, free and easily accessible. allows people to promote long-distance and long-lasting communication. there are at least 3.9 billion active email users worldwide.

everyone has an email account that they use frequently, if not several times a day. That’s why we’re especially interested in finding out which is the best email marketing automation provider between gmail, which beats them all, and yahoo mail, its closest rival.

but is yahoo mail better than gmail? there are dozens of providers, but gmail and yahoo mail are often people’s best choices.

To find out, let’s compare gmail vs yahoo right here:

design and user interface

yahoo mail has a design that is simple and has a clean user interface. Yahoo has more limited features, but it does have an ad-free version, 100 filters, and the ability to switch between the old and new version. It also has a better storage space of 1TB compared to gmail’s 15GB email storage.

gmail has a simpler design compared to yahoo mail, but has more features available.

filters, money transfer, advanced search, priority inbox, and the ability to use keyboard shortcuts are just a few of gmail’s features. gmail’s interface tries to fit everything into one page, but it can look a bit cluttered to some people.

yahoo beats gmail when it comes to alternative themes and storage space, but gmail has a wider range of functionality and reliability.

page speed

yahoo wins by a hair when it comes to page speed.

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however, once gmail has been opened, it is faster compared to yahoo mail. In yahoo mail, when you need to open emails or add attachments, you’ll have to load a whole new tab.

gmail is faster when it comes to sending larger attachments as you can attach via google drive. Since gmail has a one page interface, you can easily navigate between sections without any loading time.


When it comes to security, is yahoo mail better than gmail? gmail has a better reputation. In 2016, there was an attempt to hack accounts and they were only able to hack about half the number of gmail accounts. on the other hand, yahoo had all three billion yahoo accounts hacked and exposed.

gmail is more secure than yahoo main because it has a much shorter session expiration time. it has security features that force the user to have a more secure and strong password and it has a two-step authentication that makes any account more secure.

It is also possible to access your gmail account without going through an internet browser by simply setting up an ipv4 proxy to gain access. common proxies for gmail include computer email clients and mobile phones.

gmail has a feature that allows you to preview emails, by html or google docs, to decrease any chance of running macro-based malware on your computer. It also has machine learning (ml) responsible for stopping over 10 million potentially harmful messages reaching gmail users every minute.

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gmail also has a safe way to recover accounts, which you can learn more about at

removal of spam

in yahoo mail, you have to manually move spams to your trash. yahoo has trouble knowing which emails are spam or not, so you may see mixed spam in your inbox.

while in gmail, once you designate an email as spam, it deletes any incoming email that is similar and automatically moves to spam.


yahoo email users can attach files up to 25mb in size. you can increase the size of attachments to two gb if you pay for a yahoo mail plus account.

in gmail, you can also attach files up to 25mb, but you can send files larger than 25mb via google drive, which can have files up to 10gb.


Both platforms have a lot in common when it comes to organizing emails, like marking messages as important and tidying up your inbox.

yahoo relies on different folders as a way to organize your different emails. it is more limited to filtering emails by manually sending them to a specific folder in yahoo mail.

While in gmail, they rely on labels instead of sending emails exclusively to a folder. filters in gmail are more robust and automatically filter out those that are important.

mobile applications

The yahoo mail app and the gmail app have a similar design. both have multiple folders available with a swipe from the left and emails are easily found using their search bar.

In yahoo mail, you can change the background theme, a feature that doesn’t exist in the gmail app. you can’t delete or reply to your yahoo mail messages from the notification bar and it constantly shows sponsored ads at the top of your inbox.

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in the gmail app, it offers quick replies that are convenient when replying to messages. So, when it comes to yahoo vs gmail apps, they are both similar in terms of design and responsiveness, offer similar features, and are easy to use.


Ads in yahoo mail are mostly images and often appear in a vertical banner on the right hand side of the screen, along with small sponsored ads below folders on the left hand side. however, yahoo offers ad-free services for $49.99 per year.

while gmail has ads in the form of text, sponsored or not. has two small banners located just above the email list panel and takes up only one line of space.


for many people, gmail is more professional between the two. you can set a professional looking theme. You can also host business email accounts through your business feature and allow employees to access the mail system clean and easy.

Is yahoo mail better than gmail?

is yahoo mail better than gmail? Both have their strengths and weaknesses, it can be difficult to know which one is better for you as it depends on what you want as an email user. We hope this guide has helped you choose the side that best suits your specific needs.

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