How to transfer notes from apple notes to google keep

“I used the method as outlined here: However, this merely creates an empty “Gmail” folder in Notes>Accounts. Pre-existing notes in the “On My IPhone” folder are not automatically copied over to the “Gmail” folder. Future notes I create in the “Gmail” folder are synced with Gmail and working as expected. But I”d like an automatic way of copying over the existing on my iPhone notes. Anybody knows how to transfer notes from iPhone to Gmail? Help!!! I really want to make iPhone notes backup to Gmail.”

– An Apple User posted on Apple Communities

The creation of Notes app on iPhone really helps us a lot. We can record almost everything in our daily life like meeting schedule, flight, precious memories, etc. by taking advantage of this useful gadget. Someone is afraid that those notes will lose accidentally and would like to sync iPhone notes with Gmail. In this way, you can get access to iPhone notes even on computer and other devices. How to sync iPhone notes with Gmail? Today, I would like to share this guide with you to teach you how to transfer notes from iPhone to Gmail in detail.

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How To Transfer Notes From Apple Notes To Google Keep
How To Transfer Notes From Apple Notes To Google Keep

Part 1: How to Transfer Notes from iPhone to Gmail on iPhone

Can we sync iPhone notes with Gmail on iPhone? The answer is yes. To backup iPhone notes to Gmail, we can simply go to “iPhone Settings” and make a few clicks. Now follow the step-by-step guidance below to see how to sync iPhone notes with Gmail.

1. Add Gmail account on iPhone

First, you have to ensure your Gmail account is added to your iPhone. If you don”t add Gmail account on iPhone, you can go to “iPhone Settings > Note > Accounts > Add Account > Google” and enter your Gmail account and password by following the instructions.

Add Gmail account on iPhone

2. Choose Gmail account in “Notes”

To transfer notes from iPhone to Gmail, you also need to activate “Notes” for the account you added. To accomplish that, you can press “Settings” on iPhone and scroll down to choose “Notes > Accounts”, then select Gmail account.

3. Toggle “Notes” on

You can see a list of contents like contacts, calendar, photos, etc. that you can choose to sync with Gmail. Toggle “Notes” on and you can see the slider button turns green. In other words, you enable iPhone notes backup to Gmail.

4. Check notes in Notes app

Back to the home screen and open “Notes” app. You can see an option for Gmail account. Under this circumstance, iPhone notes under Gmail account will be synced with Gmail. In other words, you can browse notes from iPhone on computer or other devices. Please note that you can”t create folders under Gmail in Notes app and you can only save your notes to default Notes folder. See, it is really easy and convenient to backup iPhone notes to Gmail on iPhone.

Part 2: How to Transfer iPhone Notes to Gmail with iTransfer iTransfer is a professional transferring tool that enables you to transfer a plethora of documents like app, photos, movies, TV shows, contacts and so forth between iOS devices, computer and iTunes. With a super intuitive and user-friendly interface, iTransfer also can be used for backing up your information from iOS devices to computer and iTunes. Now let”s learn from these three simple steps to move iPhone notes to Gmail.


☉ Transfer files among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs with ease. ☉ Transfer up to 14 kinds of data and files without iTunes. ☉ Support the latest iOS devices like iPhone X, iPhone XR, etc. ☉ Play back, view, and delete data and files on iOS devices.

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1. Launch iTransfer

Launch iTransfer after downloading and installing it. Connect iPhone to PC via USB cable. iTransfer is able to automatically detect iPhone and display iPhone information on the right interface.

Click the name of iPhone in the left sidebar, then navigate to “iPhone > LIBRARY > Notes”. All iPhone notes show up on the right interface. Here, you can edit notes directly on the software if you want. Now check notes you want to move and click “Export” button at top middle.

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3. Move iPhone notes to PC

A dialogue will pop up and ask you to choose a destination folder. You have first to check “Save to folder” and click “Change” to browse folder on computer. After that, choose “Transfer Now” to transfer iPhone notes to PC. After it is done, you will get notes on your PC. Usually, those notes are saved as .note file.

Step 2: Set “Filter” section

Click “Filter” tab next to “Account and Import” in the “Settings” panel. Choose “Create a New Filter” and input your Gmail name and “+Notes” in the “To” section. Afterwards, tap on “Create this filter with this search”. In the pop-up window, check “Star it” and “Apply the label” to choose “Notes”. Now you can click “Create filter”.

Step 3: Move iPhone notes to Gmail

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Back to the main interface and click “Compose” and a window will pop out in the lower right corner. Enter the new e-mail address you just created into the “To” section and click “Attach files” icon. A dialogue will jump out and you can choose the note files or folder, then click “Open”. Besides, click the inverted triangle icon at bottom right to choose “Label > Label as:” and check “Notes”. After it is done, you can click “Send”. In this way, you can backup iPhone notes to Gmail and those notes will appear in you inbox.

Part 3: How to Transfer Notes from iPhone to Gmail with

iCloud can store files for backup well, which also has great sync functions. If you desire to transfer notes from iPhone to Gmail, you can make use of iCloud to sync notes from iPhone to computer and then upload to Gmail. The steps shown below will direct you to make it.

3.1 Sync iPhone Notes to iCloud

1. On your iPhone, you need to go to “Settings > Apple ID > iCloud”. Drag down to find the option of “Notes” to enable it. Thus, you will be able to view the iCloud option in your Notes app. Make sure your iPhone is connected to good Wi-Fi network.

2. Click to open Notes app on iPhone and then you need to hit on “Notes” under “ON MY IPHONE”. Thus you will see a list of notes showing up. Hit the “Edit” button at the upper right of the window to check the notes you want to sync to iCloud for later use.

3. At the lower left corner of the interface, click on “Move to” to select a folder under “iCloud”. After a while, your iPhone notes will be available on iCloud.

3.2 Export Notes from iCloud to Computer

1. Open a web browser on computer and then go to Log into it with your Apple ID and password. Click on “Notes” tab and check all iCloud notes on computer.

2. Hit on the note that you would like to export to computer and then copy the detailed content of the note. Paste the notes in a file on your computer.

3.3 Move iPhone Notes to Gmail from Computer

As for how to make it, please refer to the 4th step in Part 2.

Part 4: How to Transfer Notes from iPhone to Gmail with Email

Email a traditional tool to transfer files between iPhone and computer. You can also take advantage of it to add notes from iPhone to Gmail easily. The detailed introductions are shown below.

1. Click on Notes app on iPhone home screen and then select a note that you desire to transfer to Gmail. 2. Hit the share button at the top right corner of the interface and then choose “Mail” as the method to share the note.

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3. Fill in your Gmail address in the in the “To:” tab and then press “Send” button in the interface to send the iPhone note to Gmail directly. On your computer, you can go to the Gmail box to receive the new email to check the iPhone note.

Part 5: How to Transfer Notes from iPhone to Evernote

Evernote allows users to input typed notes or scan handwritten notes conveniently. You can also manage notes as you like and share with others easily. Its sync function also allows you to get access to your info on different devices no matter where you go. Now let”s begin to see how to apply this app to get notes from iPhone to Evernote in detail.

1. Download and install Evernote app on iPhone. Run it and use your email to register an Evernote account. Sign into your account. 2. Move to the Notes app on your iPhone and choose to open a note that you plan to send to Evernote. Click on the share button at the upper right corner and choose “Evernote” from the list. (If you can”t find this option, please click “More” button to click on “Evernote” to enable it.) Finally, you can click on “Save” button in the pop-up window to finish your task perfectly.

3. You can continue to connect Evernote with Gmail or just finish in the second step. As for how to realize the connection, the brief instructions shown below can help you. a) Navigate to the web of Evernote to log into your account settings and then select the option of “Connected Services” from the left sidebar to click on. b) Click on “Connect” button next to the logo of Google.

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c) After that, you need to log into your Google account, and you will see a list of activities that Evernote will perform (“Manage your contacts” specifically). d) Hit the option of “Allow Access” and you will be back to the settings interface of Evernote. The button of “Connect” will be substituted with “Connected”. When this process is over, Evernote will get access to your Gmail files.

If you want to transfer iPhone notes to Gmail or computer in batch, I strongly suggest you use iTransfer to assist you, for it has no size limitation and the transfer is quite safe and accurate.

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