How to export contacts from Gmail, made simple

As a global email giant, gmail makes everyone’s life easier with its wide-ranging and easy-to-use functionality. Since its launch in 2004, its billions of users have amassed hundreds of billions of contacts with each other. leaves us all with the same question… what happens when you want to export them?

It doesn’t matter if you use it for your business or just for yourself, gmail keeps your data by adding everyone you connect with as a contact.

but you might get bored of gmail’s endless functionality; or you can export your contacts to another app… or you probably (definitely) need all those contacts to integrate a crm system into your business processes.

well, you’ve come to the right place. This simple guide will walk you through the process of exporting your gmail contacts in just a few clicks.

step 1: open google contacts

Sign in to your gmail account and click the google app icon in the top right corner of your screen.

In the google app dropdown, select contacts.

How to export contacts from Gmail, made simple

Step 2: Select “Export”

on the left side of the page in google contacts, click the export button.

How to export contacts from Gmail, made simple

Step 3: Select the file format

How to export contacts from Gmail, made simple

  1. Google CSV (google.csv): This option allows you to import the contacts into another Gmail account;
  2. Outlook CSV (Gmail-to-outlook.csv): This option allows you to import these contacts into Microsoft Outlook;
  3. VCard Format (contacts.vcf): This allows you to import your contacts to Apple Address Book, OS X Mail or any other application.
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step 4: click export

A “save as” box should appear.

step 5: save the file

Choose the location for your exported contacts file, give it a name, and then click the save button. Please note that your browser may automatically download the file to the default download folder depending on your browser and download settings.

How to export contacts from Gmail, made simple

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. 🙂

what’s next?

Your google contacts aren’t collected into a neat little text file that has a “csv” extension, along with whatever name you’ve given it. this exported file is formatted correctly for many third party mail applications, making it easily importable into an application like, say… nethunt crm.

You can add new contacts to this file and import it to your google account, simply use the import option shown in the diagram in step 2.

if you selected one of the csv options for the exported file, you can open that file in csv-aware applications such as excel (double-click by default), notepad, and google spreadsheets. when you open the file, you may see empty columns of data that you want to sort and delete. get rid of them, your data is fine.

nethunt crm integrates with google contacts and automatically shares those contacts with the crm system. this means that you can continue to work with contacts as before. imported contacts are added to a special folder inside nethunt called contacts and are labeled accordingly.

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This is how your contacts can go even further using nethunt crm:

  • can automatically link emails, chats and calendar events to your contacts;
  • add more fields and details to them;
  • share contacts with your colleagues;
  • create and link offers and opportunities related to your contacts;
  • filter and segment your contacts according to your needs.

Let us know in the comments if you found this google contacts export guide helpful. check out these tutorials to learn more about gmail!

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