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At the end of this article, you should’ve known how to get your Tinder groove back with a bang!

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By now you may have heard that Tinder is the most popular dating service out there, towering above Badoo, Bumble, and Hinge.

This is mainly because while some sites focus only on hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) and others just for serious relationships (like eHarmony), Tinder has managed to blend both niches effectively.

But after a while, you noticed that there aren’t any new people to swipe on.

You’ve even walked around your city, changed a location, and the audience is still the same.

Where did all the cute girls go?

They are still using Tinder, but you just can’t reach them, and restarting Tinder could help you.

When you open Tinder, there’s no one new around you, you start wondering can I reset my Tinder?

Running out of nearby people to match with is one of the most common reasons for resetting the app and starting all over.



– Do it with these 7 easy steps 2″>

Maybe even the cuties are there, but you aren’t matching with them because of a bad profile picture and poor bio.

Because girls are swiping left, you end up with a low number of potential matches and awful ranking and ELO score.

If you restart Tinder, you can choose the better picture and improve your bio.

With Tinder reset, match rates are improved, as well as the ELO score, and you will reach more beauties than ever.

This action can be done at any time, but keep in mind that you will lose the paid subscription.

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After deleting the account, Tinder won’t give you your money back, so it might be best until the subscription is over and delete the app later.

If you don’t care about the lost money, you can create a new Tinder account immediately!


How to make a new Tinder Account step-by-step


Tinder has figured out their users are restarting their accounts and whenever they catch these people, they often ban them.

They have started gathering and remembering data such as phone numbers, Facebook account and other linked profiles, credit card numbers, and IP address.

When Tinder recognizes a phone number already memorized or profile previously linked by another account, they get suspicious.

Connecting your old profile with the new one will result in getting the new one deleted as well.

How to reset Tinder Elo?

If you want to reset Tinder ELO, all you have to do is follow the mentioned steps.

Resetting Tinder is a simple process, and if you do everything correctly, you can enjoy numerous benefits.


1. Delete the old account


So, how to reset your tinder?

You should start by deleting the old Tinder account.



– Do it with these 7 easy steps 3″>

You find this button “delete account” or “delete my account” in the settings and with just one click, your account will be removed.

When the app is bugging, users can’t find this option, and reinstalling the app will bring it back.

You can also delete the account through a web version.

If you are using the premium membership, cancel your subscription before deleting the account.

Many users forget to this and get billed each month for an account that doesn’t exist anymore.


2. Uninstall the Tinder app


After deleting the account, you should delete the app and all of its data from your phone.

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Do not reinstall it once you delete the account – there are a few more steps you will have to complete first.


3. Create a new email address


Make a new email address on Google or Apple, and delete the previous address you’ve been using.

With the new address, access the play store (for Android devices) or app store (for iPhone users) and use it for other social media accounts.

This step is a bit time-consuming, but it is an essential step – all other social media will require an email address for signing up, as well as Tinder.


4. Buy a new SIM card


The SIM cards are quite inexpensive, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with getting another phone number.

You don’t even have to purchase a new phone number – many users are using old SIM cards that no one is familiar with and Tinder hasn’t remembered.

Adding a SIM card is an optional step, but Tinder will frequently ask you to give this information, so it is nice to have it just in case.


5. Set up a new Facebook profile


Remember the email address you’ve previously made?

You can use it for setting up a new Facebook profile.

Before you delete the old dating profile, remove all linked profiles from Facebook.

Your brand new profile should look authentic, and not like it was created only to access Tinder.

Add your friends and like the same Facebook pages, you’ve liked before.

It might be helpful to keep the old profile until you add people and finish liking the pages.

Also, upload a few photos, and you can reset your Tinder account.

This is how to create a new Tinder account…

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6. Download the Tinder app again


Visit your App Store or Google Play store to download Tinder (App) again to reinstall Tinder.

Next, you should set up your new Tinder profile.


7. Set up Tinder profile with new data


Using the new information, you can set up your improved Tinder account.

Doing via Facebook is the most simple, but if you plan on purchasing one of the memberships, use the Apple id or Google account.



– Do it with these 7 easy steps 4″>

Is there another way?


With the above-mentioned seven steps, you can easily reset the account whenever.

Thanks to the new accounts and profiles, you won’t get caught!

However, many people are wondering how to reset their Tinder account with my old data?

For some users, creating all of these new accounts is too much of a hassle, but they would still like better ELO scores and more matches.

Even if you reuse your data, you can create a new account.

As previously said, Tinder is remembering numerous data, but they aren’t keeping it forever.

Once the account is deleted, information is saved for three months.

They keep the data for ninety days in case someone decides to come back.

After that period passes, they can’t connect old data with a new profile – you won’t have to change your phone number, Facebook, or email address.

If you are okay with waiting for over ninety days, delete the account and uninstall the app.

You can use the waiting period to make better photos, come up with a better bio or explore pick-up lines girls usually fall for.

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Once the three months have passed, reinstall the app and log in with your old number and email address.

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