How To Play Music Through Skype And Other Chatting Services, Play Music In A Skype Call

Are you looking for a great way to play audio effects or music while talking through your microphone like the Youtuber’s?

I bet you want to know how to play music through mic.

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This is very easy to do it. So, let’s checkout how to play songs through mic using software.

I have given a list of few apps that can help you play sound through mic. So, make sure to check them out.

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How To Play Music Through Mic in Discord

I think you will agree with me when I say:

Playing music while talking with your friends in game is an awesome feature.

It get’s better:

When you can play music from Youtube directly.

The one question left is:

How can I play music from Youtube in discord while playing games?

It’s simple. You just need to install some plugins like the MedalBot, Rhythm or FredBot.

Here’s how it works:

This are bots that plays music according to the instructions given with some written commands.


The voice effects that you can set using this app are:

Robotic, Alien,Radio, Male, Female,Baby, Fast Normal, Slow, Clone & Atari Game etc.

The good thing is:

You can even put a youtube link to play the music.

Here’s the download link for this app:

If you face any application load error then check the post.

2. Using VoiceMeeter + Soundboard to Play sound effects through mic 


Text to speech. You might have heard of this type of sound in many youtube videos. It’s a very useful feature of this app.

The greatest thing is:

This app also runs on MAC having High Sierra OS X installed.

Here’s the download link of Morphvox:

4. Play Sound Effects Through Microphone using Soundpad

Soundpad is a pretty easy and useful app. You can find it on steam. It’s not any ordinary media player. You can do a lot with this app.

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The best thing is:

You can set hotkeys to play a certain sound that you have already chosen in the app. This helps you to do it while you are playing games in full screen mode.

You can also block your microphone with certain hotkeys while you are talking to someone else.

You can also make playlist of the music you want to make.

It’s able to play sounds on your speaker as well as your microphone. It’s very easy to find the songs by instantly searching it by pressing Ctrl+Enter.

This app can also record sounds. And you can edit them after recording them.

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Here’s the download link:

5. Rust Soundboard

Rust Soundboard stands in the number 5 of the list.

This Soundboard is used by many Youtubers who likes cringy sound effects.

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In Rust, You will find many cringy sound effects.

Rust Sound Includes metal screw sounds, squeaky sounds, spring loaded metal door sounds and so on.

Sometimes you may see an error like rust mic not working. You can reinstall Rust and download the latest version from us if you want to avoid such errors.

You can download Rust Soundboard clicking the Download Button Below:

How to Test the Sound Played Through Mic?

You can use software like Audacity or you can also test mic in Discord.

Now that you have already learnt about how to play music through microphone using several apps, you also should know how to test it.

It’s very simple you can record your input via any software like audacity and hear it. That’s it.

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You can also let your friends hear your music on different aps like discord and teamspeak to know if it worked for you.

If you are facing audio disconnection or not working issues then check out our separate post on how to fix windows audio graph isolation

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I play Spotify through my mic?

Answer: Yes, you can play Spotify through my mic. To play Spotify through my mic you will need to click the Search tab and click on the microphone button. When it asks for any permission allow it by clicking on OK.

Question: Can I use my speaker as a microphone?

Answer: Speaker and microphone are different electronic products but both of them can be used for the same purpose if tweaked a little bit using amplifiers.

Question: What is the difference between speaker and microphone?

Answer: The main difference between a speaker and a microphone is, a speaker is used for sound output that means playing sound whereas a microphone is a device to capture the sound input.

Question: How to play music and talk at the same time?

Answer: Playing music through mic is a very easy process. When you are on a phone call, go to the music app after tapping the home button. play any music and return to the call.

Question: How to play music and talk at the same time in Discord?

Answer: Playing music in discord is very easy all you have to do it install a music bot to your discord channel and play music by giving some command. you can check our post on best discord music bots to learn more about it.

Question: How to play sound through mic?

Answer: You can play sound through mic using soundboard software like Rust, Clownfish, VoiceMeeter etc.

Question: How to play a soundboard through mic?

Answer: Here are the steps to play a soundboard through mic:

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Download the wanted Soundboard.Go to task manager then open the startup tab and enable the app.Enable Soundboard output and input and set the input of Soundboard as the output of Soundboard.Select your microphone and speakers as your hardware input and output respectively.The last step is to make sure that the game sis using the Soundboard out as its input device.

Question: How to play music through mic in game?

Answer: You can play audio over mic in game by changing your default microphone to your system sounds. Try going to Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Manage Audio Devices > Recording and enabling Stereo Mix and setting it to the default mic.

Question: How to setup mic on discord?

Answer: You can install mic on Discord by selecting your Microphone under input device on Settings of Discord.

Question: How to test mic on discord?

Answer: You can use the latest feature of Discord to test mic issues. Simply go to User settings > Voice and Audio and now start talking to check the bar to be green.

Final Thoughts

Playing music through mic is a great feature for gaming and streaming games.

I know it’s very obvious that the sound mixer app will never fulfill your hunger if you are a pro gamer or streamer.

What’s the remedy?

Get a sound mixer to get the full mechanical performance.

On the other hand, the apps that we have discussed about are very reliable to use. But you can’t get most out of them from the free versions.

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So my advice is this:

You should get a paid version of the app as it’s not a subscription. It’s a one-time buying app. You can use it as long as you play games.

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