How to make money creating apps for android

So the question we want to ask is: how to make money with free apps? the article targets companies that want to make money from apps. therefore, to make things happen, it is important to stick to the right monetization strategy. so here you will find all the headings aligned with the above mentioned concern in the right way.

Reading: How to make money creating apps for android

well, we are all well aware of the fact that the number of free apps is much higher than the paid ones and therefore the main root that comes out here is: how to make money from apps?


so if you are wanting to make money from the app the right way, you just came to the right post. we’ve outlined all the right monetization strategies that can help you get the proven results the right way.

application monetization strategies

According to a 2015 report, the following are the most popular app monetization strategies used by businesses and are also recommended by the leading mobile app development company.

It goes without saying that there are many ways to earn money, but the main concern is how to find the right ones. well, in the previous post, we’ve lined them all up.

know the best options to earn money with mobile applications in different ways:


well, advertising can be defined as one of the best ways to make money with applications. in fact, it is easy to implement and adheres to the external or third-party network.

In fact, 8 out of 10 free app development agencies used advertising as their primary revenue model to make money on a larger scale.

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Implementing the ad-based concept to earn money from the app is no doubt very easy and simple. The app owner is only required to display the commercials within their mobile app and thus can be easily paid for from commercial and third-party ad networks.

The owner of the app is paid according to the number of clicks the ad receives or when the user completes the installation of the app through the ad.

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subscriptions can be counted as the best and most useful app monetization strategy. App publishers may offer free or appropriate content within their apps for a limited period of time and may then charge a corresponding subscription fee to allow users to read the rated and substantial content published by them.

The most common technique most free app owners are implementing is to provide a free trial of the app followed by charging users who want to continue charging the subscription fee.

The aforementioned monetization strategy is widely used in cloud services, online audio/video streaming, and online news portals.

merchandise sale

This is another innovative approach. the owner can sell goods in his free app.

many e-commerce companies choose to create applications to sell products such as toys, t-shirts, etc. they can use the app to sell the products by implementing email marketing standards.

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In order to encourage versatile categories of app publishers to adopt this monetization strategy, Amazon recently announced a service popularly known as merchandising that allows app publishers to showcase their work and promote it in the right way.

in-app purchases

in-app purchases are those made directly from the apps. In-app purchases are implemented to access advanced and powerful features to make user interaction much faster and more powerful.

In simple words, in-app purchases help app owners to sell their virtual items in an easy way.

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According to forbes, apps that are loaded with the ability to make in-app purchases generate the most money for app owners. the trend is expected to dominate in the coming years as well.

both UK agencies and other third party advertisers are now keen to spend their maximum share of the advertising amount on in-app ads. which is why, both help to acquire the maximum commitment, thus it can be said that it is the highly effective approach to earn money.

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free additional sale

According to a mobile app development company, freemium upselling can be defined as the process where users can download the apps for free but have to pay for additional or premium features. These kinds of features and other android app development services can be used through in-app purchases that have been infused.

custom ios and android development services come with many options to develop free apps and owners are using these kind of tactics to earn money and attract users.

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transaction fees

well, this can also be described as the best way to monetize your apps. app owners can charge transaction fees for making the digital transaction as digital as possible for users.

For example, a mobile app can be infused with an option to sell products to users for which app owners can charge fees. publishers can start by charging a very low fee for each transaction that is made. going this way can help homeowners earn a considerable amount of money without investing much.

end result

Well, with abundant app monetization models, app owners can definitely make money from their free apps. In the niche of custom iOS app development, there are many ways that can help you figure out the right way to make money from iOS apps as well. App owners can also hire an app developer to get substantial insights into ways they can make money from their apps.

The above headers are really helpful to get the most out of your application, if they are implemented in the right way. hire an app developer in case you are looking for a more sophisticated solution and also a digital marketer who can lay the groundwork for making money in all the right and justified ways.

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