Best Way To Ship Drawings

13-07-2016| Did you just finish a drawing and now you need to send it? you’ve never done this before and are wondering if there are packages for this type of shipment.

As a precaution, you asked your postman and noted bitterly that he can’t answer this question. I know, I know the feeling of uncertainty and frustration… but don’t worry, I have the solution for your artwork to be sent safely.


1/ cardboard tube

For easier and cheaper shipping, I prefer to ship my artwork on paper neatly rolled in a cardboard shipping tube (especially for sizes larger than a4).

tube carton transport document

2/ Why send a rolled drawing?

because in an envelope (even with bubble wrap or thin cardboard), the paper is not necessarily well protected. traveling flat, it remains brittle and flexible, and can easily wrinkle or bend. Using a cardboard transport tube can hold the paper roll without bending it and protect it during transportation.

matériel creation expédition dessin oeuvre

3/ packing materials:

  • my artwork on 2 brown kraft paper (graphite pencils, pastels, markers, charcoal)
  • sheets of glassine or “glassine” (acid-free archival paper)
  • 1 cardboard shipping tube (64 cm long, 8 cm diameter)
  • 1 packing tape


4/ step by step:

here are my 2 drawings to send. “2 baigneuses”, pencil and gouache on kraft paper, size 50×65 cm.

Before inserting them into the tube, I put a sheet of glassine paper on each drawing. Semi-transparent and slightly glossy, this acid-free paper protects your artwork (pencil, pastel, watercolor) from rubbing during storage or shipping.

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expedier dessin art

Carefully protected with glassine, I now place the designs on top of each other and roll them up tightly.

Tip: You will notice that the glassine paper is a bit larger than the sheets of my drawings. do not forget that inside the tube the paper rolls can slide, move and possibly damage the edges. With this trick, the glassine will be the one that receives the impact and not the drawing.

rouler dessin envoyer tube art

and now, I fit everything into the tube before carefully closing with plastic caps.

tube carton expedition

ready to travel!!!

tube carton transport

Personally, I always add adhesive to hold the ends securely to prevent the tube from opening during shipping.

tube carton envoi

5/ tube quality:

  • cardboard transport tube
  • economical and practical
  • large selection of tube lengths and diameters
  • quick release by means of plastic caps interlocking.
  • shock absorber
  • carries, protects and preserves creations on paper (available in plastic)
  • suitable for carrying drawings, prints, photos, maps, posters and other documents (a0, a1, a2, a3)


6/ good to know:

  • a + b/ cardboard transport tube + lid > to avoid some postage fees because the tube may roll.
  • w/ tall shipping carton > high stability allows for easy storage, no postage fees because no non-rollable.
  • triangular shipping box d/ > the shape allows protection of large documents or paper illustrations, since it cannot be rolled .
  • e/ to send small drawings (size a4 or less) > cardboard envelopes are usually sufficient. If you don’t have a cardboard envelope, use the so-called “sandwich” method of placing your drawing, between 2 sheets of thick cardboard, inside a paper envelope.
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