How to import a vcf to gmail

In the business world, It is necessary to always be able to retain contact with your associates, colleagues, and customers at all times. The vCard files have the .vcf file extension and are used to save contact details such as name, email address, phone number etc. VCF is the description of Virtual Contact File. It is possible to store a number of contacts and also one can import multiple vCard files to Gmail. If the user has multiple VCF contacts files, then he can merge them into a single file. Importing Contacts file to Gmail saves your precious time. So this article describes in detail about how to add vCard to Gmail efficiently.

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Instant Solution: One can also checks to convert vCard files to a healthy PST format using SysTools VCF to CSV Converter tool for safety purpose against any corruption.



User Query:

I wish to combine my contacts lists. There is a mess of overlap but not hundred percentage match between the work server list and my Gmail personal list. After some days, I found a way to export all vCard out of the work Outlook account. Now, I have all of them in a folder on my desktop. I wish to transfer all of the vCard into Gmail. Having opened up the proper page on Gmail online, I have found the place for importing a contact. When I opened up the folder with my multiple contacts, I found that I cannot highlight more than one vCard to import into my Gmail contacts. Is there any way to import multiple contacts files to Gmail?

In the above query the user wants to import all the contact files from his old email account to a new email, such as Gmail. The contacts are saved in vCard. But here he facing issues in exporting multiple vCard files to Gmail in one go. The vCard files contain helpful information for the contacts such as the name and address information, email addresses, phone numbers, logos, URLs, audio clips and photographs. Therefore to import multiple VCF files to Gmail, follow the procedure given below.

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Method to Import Multiple vCard Files To Gmail

To perform the conversion process manually, you need to merge all your vCard files into VCF file format using the command prompt. After that, you can import that converted file to Gmail.

To follow this procedure, first you need to save all the .vcf files into a folder within the C: Drive. Consider an example, assume that if the file is saved with the name MyContacts inside the C drive. Then follow the steps to export vCard to Gmail:

Step 1: Open Windows Command prompt by pressing Windows key + R, type cmd and press enter


Step 2: Now enter the following command cd C”MyContactsand press enter to make sure that the directory is pointing to C drive.


Step 3: After giving the path location typecopy /B *.vcf all_in_one.vcfthen press enter button to continue the process to add vCard to Gmail.


After typing the above command start combining the multiple .vcf files into one single file with name “all_in_one.vcf”, this file contains all the information.Step 4: If the above steps are done or finished, then you can view “ 1 file(s) copied” after some seconds.

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You can exit from the command prompt by typing “exit” and press enter button.

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Step 5: Now from the C drive you can open the MyContacts file and it will be huge file because it contains the whole information.


To import this created vCard file to Gmail please follow the steps below:

Step 6: Open the Gmail account. Click on “Gmail” and select “Contacts


Step 7: From the Contacts window, select “More”–>”Import” then the Import Wizard is opened.


Step 8: In the Import Wizard window, choose the path of all_in_one.vcf file.


Alternative Solution to Import Multiple vCard Files To Gmail

The manual method described above can import contacts into a Google CSV file. However, there are some limitations, as it can be a long and difficult process for beginners. To overcome all these shortcomings, we recommend using an automated solution, ie the VCF to CSV ConverterTool. With this utility, you can easily import contacts from vCard to Google CSV format. Apart from this, the graphical interface of this software is quite simple and even a novice can easily access it without fear of losing data. It is compatible with Windows 10 OS and the below versions.

First, you have to convert the VCF contact file to Google CSV and then import the Google CSV file into Gmail

1 – Convert VCF file to Google CSV Format

Download VCF Converter Tool select on Add file to upload VCF.

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Hit the Radio Option for the Google CSV file, and Select the “Browse” tab.

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Click on the Export button


2 – Import Google CSV File into Gmail

Now you need to import the CSV file to your Gmail contacts and to do so, log in to your Gmail account to which you want to import the CSV


Next, Click theContacts box


Click on the Settings icon and Choose the Import option

After this, the Import Contacts Wizard will pop up. Click on the Select File button. Click import


This article helps you to export multiple contacts from Virtual contact files into your Gmail account in single click. Using the command line procedure user can easily import multiple vCard files to Gmail without any data loss.

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