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Most of us have a Google account, and if you’re reading this, you probably have one. Although you can easily change your Google account profile picture, deleting it is not as easy as you might expect. In this guide, we will walk through the steps required to remove the display image from your Google account.

remove google account profile picture

You can remove your google account profile picture on both web and mobile devices. We’ve also added steps to delete your image permanently, so read on to the end and make sure you don’t miss out. Without beating around the bush, let’s start with the steps.

remove the displayed image from the google account on the web

1. visit and go to the “personal information” section in the left side menu.

personal info google account

2. From here, scroll down until you see the “Choose what others see” section. just below this, click the option titled “go to about me”.

about me google account

3. the about me page displays all of your basic information. alternatively, you can click this link to go directly to the about me page, thus skipping the first two steps. click on the profile picture section to continue.

profile pic page google

4. finally you will see a ‘delete’ button to remove the profile picture from your google account. Please note that your profile picture is visible on all Google services and removing it from here will remove the picture from all Google services that previously displayed your picture.

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remove profile pic final step

remove google account profile picture on mobile

Before starting the process, make sure your google contacts app is on version 3.38 or higher. If your phone has old version of contacts, please update the app from google play store.

  1. open the google contacts app and tap the avatar in the top right corner.

view profile info google account

2. now you will see the list of google accounts on your phone. Locate the account you want to remove the profile picture from and tap their profile picture preview.

option to change google pfp from phone

3. from the page that now appears, tap the delete button. and that is. You can easily remove the image from your google account with these three steps.

remove pfp from phone

note: the easiest way to remove your google account profile picture is through the google contacts app. although you can change your current profile picture from the about me section of the google account accessed through settings -> google-> manage your google account, you can’t delete it. If you’re not using Google Contacts, you can follow the steps above for desktop in a web browser of your choice from your smartphone.

permanently delete google profile picture

removing a profile picture does not automatically remove your image from google. you can find all your old profile pictures in the album archive. Here are the steps to remove image from album file:

1. open the google albums file and click on the “profile photos” folder.

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google album archive

2. Open one of your old profile photos, click the vertical three-dot menu in the top right corner, and choose ‘delete photo’. you can also download your old profile picture from here if you want. a copy of it.

delete old dp google account

3. google will now ask you to confirm the image deletion as it is permanent and you will not be able to restore it “delete” to permanently delete the image.

confirm deleting profile picture

remove google profile picture in easy steps

So, that was our quick guide to help you remove your profile picture from your google account. If this helped you, check out how you can set up automatic deletion of your google account or even remove google from your life. Also, if you’re sensitive to your profile pictures, check out our linked article to see how you can hide your WhatsApp and Telegram display picture.

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