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With dozens of apps and countless services you sign up for, it’s all too easy to fill your gmail inbox with irrelevant spam and marketing emails. between them, you might miss one or two important emails from the list. that’s why it’s important to organize emails into folders and subfolders. gmail calls it tags and you can easily create and manage them in your gmail inbox.

create subfolders in gmail

Most of the techwiser team members have created several labels in gmail. but they are never enough. Let’s say you’ve created a label called finance and assigned invoices and other emails to it. even after that, the finance folder can get cluttered with too many emails, and this is where subfolders come into play.

for example, you can create invoices, bill payments, purchase receipts and other relevant subfolders in gmail and manage them even more efficiently. you can create as many folders and subfolders in gmail. The company calls it tags, and it’s a must-have feature for advanced Gmail users. this is how you can create subfolders in gmail.

use gmail web

gmail does not support native desktop apps on windows and mac. you need to trust gmail web to get things done. it’s a good tradeoff as you get a consistent email experience across operating systems, but within a browser. this is what you should do.

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First, we’ll show you how to create a tag and then a subtag within it.

1. open gmail on the web.

2. Sign in with your account credentials.

3. From the gmail home page, you will see all the default labels in the left sidebar.

4. To create a new tag, you need to click the settings gear icon at the top.

open gmail settings

5. Go to See all settings.

6. select labels from the menu above.

7. scroll down and you will see all default gmail labels. select the create new label option.

create a new label in gmail

8. Add a new Label name and click on Create at the bottom. From the same menu, you can also select a Parent label and add the label as a sublabel to it.

create a label in gmail web app

9. Go back to the Gmail home screen and you will find the newly created label on the left sidebar.

10. To create a subfolder in it, you need to click on the three-dot menu next to the tag and select add subtag.

add sublabel in gmail settings

11. It will open the same menu to create a label and you will have the parent label selected by default. Give the subfolder a name and create it.

When you add create and add multiple subfolders in one tag, it can be hard to tell them apart. Google has also thought about this situation. you can add color to a subtag. click on the main tag and expand the subfolders menu.

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add label color in gmail

Click on the three-dot menu and select color. You can choose from a bunch of pastel colors.

automatically send emails to a specific subfolder

You don’t want to manually send all relevant emails to a subfolder. it requires too much work and takes a lot of time. you can create a rule and automatically send certain email addresses or email subjects to tag. that is how.

1. Open an email you want to create an automation for.

2. Click the more menu and select filter messages like this.

create a rule in gmail

3. Click on Create Filter at the bottom while keeping the select email in the From menu.

create a filter in gmail

4. Enable Apply Label from the following menu and choose a Label.

5. Click create filter at the bottom and you’re done.

select label in gmail rule

From now on, whenever you receive an email from the same email address, Gmail will automatically send it to the selected label.

You can create dozens of such rules with different conditions and fully automate your gmail experience.

frequently asked questions

why do you need to use subfolders in gmail?

Subfolders allow you to properly organize your gmail inbox. if you’re dealing with dozens of emails a day, you can review the most important ones without being distracted by the irrelevant ones.

can you create subfolders in gmail mobile apps?

no, the ability to create gmail subfolders is only limited to the web. you can’t create one in gmail mobile apps.

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can you delete gmail subfolders?

yes, from the same gmail settings menu, you can delete gmail subfolders.

summarizing: create subfolders in gmail

if you are an advanced user of gmail, you should create tags and subfolders inside it. don’t forget to apply rules to automate incoming emails in your gmail inbox.

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